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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Latest Women fashion trend for 2010/2011

Latest Women fashion trend for 2011

The Hermes penchant for leather, and high quality leather at that, makes collections like these hard to imitate, which is certainly part of the charm. These looks are classic yet daring. They stand out for their luxuriousness. In Spring 2011 the traditional equestrian themes get a reworking with Gaucho like influences. But perhaps the most surprising thing is Gaultier’s inclusion of a fresh take on leather harness accessories a more refined evolution of the fetish fashion trend.

Latest Women fashion trend

There’s nothing quite like a sharp 3 piece suit as a female dandy look. The best way to pull it off is with some feminine details, and a touch of whimsy. In this case the deep blue denim shirt with rolled sleeves and open collar adds the whimsy and avoids corporate boredom. The bangles and handbag add the defining female touch. The collection’s inspirations are rooted firmly in nature, with garments made up of butterflies, sheaths of wheat, masses of pheasant feathers. The types of pieces that fashion editors worldwide will be clamoring to work with. Then of course there’s the shoes and accessories: statement pieces well worth snapping up.

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We were short on examples of the burgeoning look. Barely a week later and still with 2011’s fashion off on the horizon, we’re no longer short on looks and continue to be thoroughly impressed as to how well the fashion forward are wearing the look. The label’s spring 2011 offering under her hand is brilliantly ornate, fantastical, thematic as we’d come to expect of the late designer. There are places where the collection doesn’t reach the same level of coherence or refinement as it would if McQueen himself were behind it, but it’s necessary for Burton to bring her own style to the house.

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