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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Foto Model Sexy Cantik Sekali

Foto cewek cakep Model Sexy Cantik Sekali

Happy Birthday Barneys Girl!

So even though I said I'll be away for awhile, I just had to wish BG happy birthday with our traditional birthday post!
First off, a must-have for this season -booties! This lovely pair is by Christian Louboutin (thus obviously only possible for me to send her a pair via a blog post!) Booties are a bit last season and the new twist for the season are the peep-toe booties. But since we're both uncomfortable with peep-toe boots (imagine if it snowed,) this pair would be great!

As BG mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, she's been wanting a white coat. This coat by Mackage Elle is so cute and classic!

The Tudor Silk Dress was the first thing that caught our eye this season at FCUK. We love the folded bits at the top and the way the longer strips would move with the dress (we imagine.) This would be perfect for so many events -just think!

BG's been meaning to get a pair JBrand's Low Rise Cigarette Leg Jeans for awhile. We've heard great things about it and they look perfect to tuck into boots.

And a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs boots to go with the skinny jeans.
A pair of heels, again by Christian Louboutin (-can't resist!) They look painful to wear, but fierce!

BG is constantly looking into which eye cream to buy next. Dr. Brandt's Lineless Eye Cream sounds good on the Sephora website (as everything does,) but the reviews over at MUA haven't been great. Has anyone tried it? Leave a comment!

Marc by Marc Jacobs had a similar looking dress in gold last year -remember, the one Blair wore in the Thanksgiving episode! Since it turned out to be so popular, the people over at Marc must have realised what a sellable merchandise this style is and made another one this season! Make sure to at least try it on this season, BG! (Although I am worried that it would make one look old -not everyone can carry it off as fabulously as Blair did!)
I would, of course, include a bag from our favourite accessories brand, Miu Miu. Even though I know BG is not into vintage styles, this bag looks very comfortable to carry around and the size looks just right.
BG never gets enough of eye shadow palettes so here's another one. But I don't think she's got a black and white one yet so here's one by Laura Mercier.

The Sprinkles Cupcake Tower is SO cute! It's such a brilliant alternative to the typical birthday cake (though I'm guessing way more expensive.) Make a wish and blow out your candles BG -happy birthday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 10/17

This week has been a relatively uneventful week for the economy. Not so much for the markets though- that was more of a roller coaster ride. Over the weekend, Britain and its EU counterparts announced a bailout plan to directly recapitalize banks in exchange for stakes. UBS has already done that with a 6 billion franc injection from the Swiss government in exchange for a 10% stake and the unloading of 60billion in toxic debts. The market responded positively and bounced back up.

On Tuesday the US government followed suit and announced that they were going to spend $250 billion to recapitalize banks, with $125 billion going into 9 major US banks (whether they want/need it or not..or so rumor has it). This directly pumps liquidity into the market and takes effect almost immediately to "unfreeze" the market, and indeed the market seems to be thawing. Banks are lending to each other again at least (also helps with the government acting temporarily as the insurer like the FDIC does for depositors). This will save many businesses who rely on borrowing to operate. So why didn't Paulson and Bernanke come up with this before? I'm sure they did. Probably because back then (has it only been 3 weeks?), with the public being so against the bailout of "Wall Street" such a plan would not have gone by Congress really well....... I suppose now it is ok since Britain and EU have announced it and it proved to be positively recieved. Just like in fashion, where the European runway leads, the New York runway follows.

Of course, this capital injection does not come freely. Not only do banks have to give the government preferred shares, but they will be more heavily regulated and they'll have to limit their bonuses and "golden parachute" compensations. Effectively, banks are becoming part nationalize (and to think Thatcher had to privatize sectors in her days to boost the economy- now we're going the other way and nationalizing everything). JP Morgan has already announced a 30-40% slash in bonuses this year (incidentally their quarterly report just came out and they had a 84% drop in profit- better less than none or negative!). Rumor also has it that GS is dividing their employees into four classes. The top percentile gets cash bonuses, the third percentile get stock compensation, the second percentile gets nothing and the last percentile gets fired! That's harsh! Sounds like it is no longer quite so lucrative to be a banker. While this plan temporary stops the bleeding, it doesn't address the heart of the issue though. The auction plan is still underway.

On Wednesday, the market plunged another 700 pts again on fears of a looming recession (aren't we already in one?). Job losses are up and it is not limited to the finance sector. And it's been predicted that holiday spending increased the least since many years ago this year. On Thursday, oil prices also dropped to $70, the lowest in a year! Hopefully this means more sales and lower commodity prices for us. The DOW finished off over 4% higher for the week though. Maybe more people are heeding Buffet's (who claims that for the first time he'll be buying American equities with his own account) words and snapping up "bargain" classic buys in the market. Smart shoppers.

Mail Bombs: Tyra's Top, Chic Raincoats, Raven's Boots, Baby Shower Style

I'm piloting just for today as Mademoiselle Sulmers makes her debut in Paris. She sends virtual "Smootches!" along with a few Mail Bombs, below. Let's get to it!

Fashion Bomber Tonia asks, "I must cop this top Tyra is wearing. Can you tell me who makes it?"

Claire investigated and found that Tyra is actually wearing this modified Mara Hoffman dress from the designer's Fall 2008 line:

Next, reader India writes, "How can I find a dress like Kelis's???"

Claire recommends any one of these options:

1. Chaiken Mini Dress, $130 2. Tibi Shift Dress, $200 3. Taylor Eyelet Shift, $55
From Tolu we have: "I'm a college student looking for a rain coat (preferably hooded) that's cute and inexpensive. Any suggestions?"
Fall's a good time to get your rain gear on point. Here are a few ideas that hopefully fit your budget:

1. Andrew Marc Silver Hooded Rain Jacket, $135, 2. Aqua Cropped Waterproof Jacket (with hood), $42 3. Hilary Radley Belted Rain Coat, $90,
FB'er Tyi e-mails, "I would kill for the boots Raven is rocking! It's harder to find knee and thigh boots for thick chicks. Can you please help me out?!"

One of the go-to places online to find stylish specialty shoes is Zappos. Not only can you search by size, style, width, and color (all at once), but their inventory is endless and shipping is free (even if you decide to return your shoes). Check out these fabulous boot selections that accommodate fuller legs:

1. Bouquets Wide Calf Boots, $94 2. Stuart Weitzman Best Boots, $263 3. RSVP Elana Boot, $154
FB Mom-to-be Cleona writes, "My baby shower is in November and I have nothing to wear. I want a look that's cute and sexy that will still compliment my growing belly and figure. Any ideas?"
Congrats! As for baby shower outfits, I really like these pieces from Liz Lange Maternity for Target and Gap Maternity:

1. Gap Tie-Front Dress, $58 2. Liz Lange for Target Ribbed Empire Dress, $30 3. Liz Lange for Target 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress, $30 4. Gap Ruffle-Neck Dress, $78
Finally, Nicole asks, "I want to inquire about the sunglasses that Will Smith wore to the Secret Life of Bees premiere. I've looked everywhere and can't find out who makes them."

We couldn't find the designer, either, but here are some shades similar to the ones Will sported:

1. Yves Saint Laurent 2218S Sunglasses, $205 2.D&G 6016 Sunglasses, $139
That's a wrap for Mail Bombs!
bon weekend,

NYScene: Levi's Fall/Holiday Preview

Last night, after an incredible talk by frequent New York Times Style section contributor Caroline Weber on her Marie Antoinette book, Queen of Fashion (a must-read for fashion history lovers), at designer Charles Nolan's studio, I headed over to the Levi's Fall/Holiday Preview at the Levi's store near Union Square:

Hosted by Fashion Bomb sponsor Glam Media, The Fashion Bomb and some of your other favorite style bloggers got an opportunity to try on Levi's new fall styles amidst decadent champagne and cupcakes:

My favorite jeans hands down were Levi's Reissued 1966 Skinny Jeans from their Orange Tab line. Made from incredibly soft Italian denim, and with a slight high-waisted fit, they had that broken-in feeling that normally takes jeans about 4-5 washes to achieve. I copped a pair on the spot. I came thisclose to another purchase:
But then gave myself my own Hmm...check in the end!
I also got to chat with fellow fashion bloggers Ehmonie (from What's Haute), and Tracy and Tatiana from Lavish Magazine:

Premium denim, champagne, and fashion talk...not a bad night out!

Friday Video Fun

Just because...

Play this jammer before hitting the clubs!
Have great weekends!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Thanks John for preparing all of this :)

Hot! or Hmm..: Keyshia Cole, Mel. B., The Simmons Sisters

Quite a few Hot or Hmms this Thursday morning:

Keyshia Cole celebrated her birthday the other night in this zippered, cap-sleeved, pink Herve Leger mini-dress. Crystal studded jewelry and a sleek hairdo set off her sexy, feminine look. But not sure about that peek-a-boo bra, hmm...
Over at Tuesday night's MOBO (Music of Black Origins) awards in London, Mel B. and Estelle rocked two eye-catching looks. Mel B. rocks a futuristic pink silk dress with crystal accents and silver pumps, while Estelle sports a strapless, bubble-hem frock from Giles's Spring 2009 collection with black ankle boots. There are some elements of Hot but quite a bit of Hmm going on here. I do like that both these ladies frequently take fashion risks, though.

And Vanessa and Angela Simmons, seen here attending Crispin & Basilo's Spring 2009 runway show in L.A. earlier this week, are rep'ing their usual casual-chic style: Angela in a red satin number with a sweetheart bustline and a tutu skirt, Vanessa in simple leggings with a white tunic and cinched black leather belt. I feel more Hot than Hmm here but maybe I'm biased because I usually enjoy the Simmons sisters's young and fresh style.
Thoughts, FB'ers?
P.S. For those of you who asked which designer yesterday's Hot or Hmm (Beyoncé) was wearing, we're pleased to report that La Knowles-Carter was wearing a bodysuit from Etro's Fall 2008 RTW line.

Patricia Field for Marks & Spencer

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with Patricia Field's new line for English must stop shop Marks and Spencer
Slink into a bold backless sequin dress for 125 Pounds or look perfectly pretty in a prim red dress. Cute, but you know that exchange rate is killer!
Drool over the rest here.

Fashion News Roundup: Chanel in Central Park, More '90s Trends, Last Night's Red Carpet

WWD reports today that the long-awaited Chanel Mobile Art pavilion will open in NYC's Central Park this coming Monday, October 21. The pavilion features installations that revolve around Chanel's iconic 2.55 bag (below) by 18 different artists, and you'll even be able to buy limited edition 2.55s at the exhibition. As both a Chanel and art lover, I cannot wait to see this! Pics of the venue below, and get the full scoop over at
As we reported a few weeks ago, the '90s are back full force this fall and that means we'll probably see ALL of the trends (good and bad) again in some form, including these bubble-gum Doc Martens featured over at

I loved my black Docs when I had them back in the day but this might be a little too 90's...hmmm....
Over in Santa Monica, the 2008 Spirit of Life Awards dinner was held in honor of music executive Doug Morris's charitable work, and the stars came out in their best. Rihanna, Akon, Robin Thicke, and Toni Braxton all brought the fresh to the red carpet:

Rihanna can rarely do wrong fashion-wise, can she? Love it.

Aunty Cannot Read and Write?

Today there is no question asked when a young person is given a phone number . And furthermore it is even expected that he or she can remember up to 10 digits like 0168305678. But have you ever asked an illiterate person to remember your number? Even a simple four digit number?

Today every one uses the telephone and the mobile phone. But how does an illiterate person make a phone call? Perhaps he or she can read at least 0 to 9 but what about names? In Chinese? In English? Can he/she remember? Yes today you can still find some illiterate people. And they need help.

This situation brings me back to the olden days when I had to help my relatives to make phone calls. We devised various methods. One was just to write down all the important numbers and names for them in a little note book with certain symbols and the aunty for example carried that note book for dear life. We found that very useful and she could get just anyone to dial the right number. Most people were kind those days.

In connection with illiteracy the rotary telephone was more friendly than the pressed or touch phones. They were also easier because the person dialling could dial slowly and see the number rotating. Here are two of the old telephones that I really like from the long ago days:


And this is how one relative helps her illiterate mother dial the most important telephone numbers in her life. Like many old widowed ladies she often lives alone when her children travel on business. So this white board is indeed a useful method devised by her loving children.

You can figure out how she makes out the numbers and the loved ones she has to call.

Posted by Picasa

What method would you devise for your loved ones who cannot read and write should the problem arise? I know many famous dyslexic people who have personal methods of knowing what numbers to dial.(see another post on dyslexic people...soon)

Hey Beauty Queen, you're a Rockstar

Combine floral with steel, and chiffon with leather; people will tell you it's been done before and it will be done again. In my opinion, keep it going.

My own style doesn’t exactly incorporate the idea of “girly," however, I do develop the occasional crave to buy everything in powder pink. I love glitter and glam, but it's even better when you mix in some grunge, a little gaudyness (think Sonia Rykiel jewel studded bags), and a lot of black . Once you do that, you'll arrive at the whereabouts of what I'm drawn to.

I find that Balmain creates this fascinating balance between something macho but ever so complimenting to the female figure. Oh! Those studded heels!

And after seeing this magazine spread in Numéro, shot by Camilla Akrans, I want to dress like this everyday. So bring on the sparkles
and the studs. I'd love to hear all about your style, so let me know!

Image source:, Numéro 97 - Night Fever
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