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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet the Robinsons

So I haven't watched an animated movie in a long time. Not willingly anyway.
But this time I really wanted to watch this one, because the trailer was just absolutely brilliant.
I love the idea of boy genius with his wild imaginations and inventions and future scenes of fly cars (just like the Jetsons!) etc. But what really made the cut for me was this scene that they showed when the dinosaur says that his head was too big and his arms are too short. That just made me burst out laughing and so I simply HAD to go watch it. So kudos to the trailer production team- you deserve the big bucks!

The actual movie did not disappoint. It was just what a Disney movie should be- funny, inspiring and heartwarming. Lewis is a boy genius who builds this machine to bring back the memory of his real mother who'd left him on the doorsteps of this orphanage.
And of course for every movie, there is a villain. This one happens to be the "guy with the bowler hat". .
and his "sidekick" Doris from the future. They steal Lewis's invention and tries to pass it off as their own and thereby changing the future.
But of course there is the kid (Wilbur) also from the future that chases after the villain. He takes Lewis to the future with him in this cool time machine. .
. . where Lewis meets Wilbur's eccentric family, the Robinsons and has a grand adventure where Lewis eventually learns to "move forward," gain confidence in himself and saves the day.
I loved the quirky family, especially the grandpa who always has his head on backwards and Uncle Art the pizza delivery man who dresses like a superhero. The movie was both heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. I definitely recommend this for a fun watch for family and friends.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Any Publicity = Good Publicity?

We've always been told that any publicity is good publicity. But really, who actually wants bad publicity? (Wait, I just remembered Spencer, the why-wouldn't-Heidi-dump-him and publicity-seeking a-hole from the Hills. Nevermind.) Remember back in Tom Ford's Gucci days, he supposedly freaked out when he saw Victoria Beckham wearing his designs. The story (as spread by numerous media and the book, Fashion Babylon) is that he called his Gucci's London PR to find out who had put Posh in the outfit. When the PR told him that Posh had bought it full price at the Gucci shop, he screeched, 'Well, somebody stop her!' Even though I'm indifferent to Tom Ford, one can't help but feel sorry for him. Afterall, which designer would want his designs to be worn by people who he deemed as eww?

I've always thought of Prada as a foward-thinking, intelligent and artsy-feeling brand. Which is why it must have been a sad, sad day for Miuccia Prada and her PR team to see her lovely design worn by the unstylish likes of Britney Spears. (Although props to Britney for looking better these days.) That pink handbag is totally mismatched with the dress and the cowboy hat just makes me think the dress is some bad mix of ethnic and Texas ranch wear. And does the dress even fit her properly in the first place? Poor Miuccia must be so traumatised! But then again, Miuccia thinks in mysterious ways -whoever knows what she thought of this?

In my mind, celebs like Nicole Richie, MKA Olsen, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth, Kiera Knightley and even Lindsay Lohan are excellent, positive PR. People like Paris Hilton are sort of neutral -some people love her style and some hate her style. As for Britney, well, she's sort of in the neutral to negative territory, isn't she? I suppose Miuccia can take comfort that Britney at least didn't flash her undergarments or private parts while in the dress. Now that's got to be a plus in Lalaland.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Harajuku Girls for a Day

What does Finland and Japan have in common? You can Wikipedia all you like, but you are probably going to end up with the same answer as us...not much! Well atleast that is what we thought but it seems as if we were oh so very wrong.

The answer is Harajuku Girls! While we are not entirely sure that any 'real' Harajuku Girls exist in Finland, we have definitely spotted some Finnish Harajuku Girls in Japan. We even have the pics to prove it!

Inspired by some of our personal favs; Kera and Fruitsthese girls were on a two week Tokyo pilgrimage when we spotted them on a sunny corner in Harajuku.

In awe of their popularity and intrigued by their inspiration we just had to stop for a quick chat and photo op.

Decked out in Takuya Angel, a much loved Harajuku label, one of the students confessed there really wasn't any kind of street scene quite like the Harajuku one in Finland. A bit of Cosplay here, a bit of dress up there but no true scene to speak of. Both students surprisingly spent a hard earned fortune on their dress ups, on a much dreamt about Tokyo shopping spree.

Surrounded by the rest of the Harajuku crew, not content just to shop and watch, these cosplayers were rewarded for their audacity with endless requests for photos and the chance to be Harajuku Girls for a day.


Cleaning Routine

Coming back from a night out, the thing I dread most is washing the make-up off my face. I am very anal about having remnants of make-up on my face in fear of break outs, so I try really hard to make sure everything is off. Here is what I have to go through:First off is the eye make-up, which is the most painful to get off. I use Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Make up Remover, first on cotton to get rid of the mascara, eye shadow and some eye liner. For mascara I put the remover-soaked-cotton on top of my closed eye and gently wipe downwards to try and get the majority off without losing too much lashes (I already don't have that many!). It generally gets really messy and I hate it- is it any wonder that I don't wear mascara all the time? THEN to get rid of eyeliner, I soak a q-tip with remover and gently run it along the eye-lined areas that are especially close to my eyes. Nevertheless its still quite tricky to get rid of eye liner under the upper lid and in between the top lashes for me.
THEN I wipe my face with this gentle Sebium H2O purifying cleanser until no more color (from foundation) comes out. Next I use my usual gentle Cetaphil face cleanser to clean my face just in case. And FINALLY I put wipe on some toner and put on moisturizer and call it a night.
Oh and did I mention before this I will probably also shower and wash my hair to get rid of all the smoke smell? Its a looooong painful process that takes me around an hour or more, but I still do it. Now if only I have a cure for my smokey smelling clothes. Especially my cashmere cardigan, its all smokey now :( . . . . I thought they banned smoking indoors in america?!?!?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some quickies from today drawn from pictures taken at a Tattoo convention.
Well, I've decided to change my blog name...turns out there was another blogger using a very similar name, and though he never contacted me about the similarities, I decided to change it anyways. So here is a new post after a very long absence. Drawn from watching loops of old TV shows a co-worker of mine those classic faces! Enjoy.

Zara SS07

First of all I have to say I am a HUGE Zara fan so excuse this somewhat biased and overly-enthusiastic post. OK, so I love Zara -it usually sells clothes that are totally fashionable and right on the mark. But the great thing about Zara that I like above all the other high street stores is that Zara's high end 'inspired' clothes don't look like cheap and cheesy copycats. The clothes look classy and expensive when in fact they're very affordable. The first time I saw Zara's SS07 collection was when I was on family holiday in Barcelona (where quite frankly, there were no other shops worth looking at so you can imagine how long my sister and I stayed inside Zara.) Zara's SS07 collection is totally loveable and wearable:
See what I mean? Seriously stylish. Sidenote: Zara always has clothes which are very Marni-ish, like in this picture.
When in Zara, look out for its silk tops and dresses. They look much more expensive than they actually cost and are the way to go to look classy. This dress (and similar ones) are available in other prints. The only reservation I have is that it is very obviously from Zara, plus you could easily clash with someone you know.\
And here's a beautiful silk top. Such a pretty summer top for day (and possibly night) wear! I'm currently considering buying similar tops (from Zara).
This Gucci-inspired dress is what I mean by 'on the mark' fashionably in a classy way. I read in a recent article that this dress was sold out within hours of selling in the the Oxford Street store. It's also available in other prints and colours. How I wish I bought one now (or at least tried it on since I'm not sure how it would look on a short person)!
And finally, there is of course officewear, which Zara has tons of.
I bought a black, double-breasted jacket from Zara last fall and absolutely adored it. However (just to balance this post out), there were two problem:
1. Loads of other people have bought the same or almost identical jackets. I'm not one of those people who are crazy about unique-looking clothes, but this is a problem when you're walking around a tiny campus and every other girl has the same jacket on.
2. The buttons are sewn on very losely so be careful! One of my buttons fell out and since Zara is a high street store, no extra buttons were provided and now my jacket looks wonky. *hopes someone in Zara'a HQ reads this!*
What do you think of Zara's SS07 collection? And any thoughts on Zara in general?
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Monday, April 9, 2007

SS07 Trend: Bell Sleeves

Ever since seeing them done oh-so-prettily at the Burberry Prorsum show I've been in love with the bell sleeves.

They just so perfectly compliment the rounded collars, adding the perfect feminine, girly touch to their staple trench.

I love it so much that this spring break, I had to get my own (more affordable) version of the bell-sleeved trench, from a small boutique in HK. Loosely fitted apparel are not usually my thing, but I am definitely coming around to loving it. The trick is to pair loosely fitted clothing with fitted ones to create a balance. For example, with this jacket, I usually wear a fitted long sleeved tee (since the jkt sleeves here are three-quarter so it peeks out) with my skinny jeans and it looks very cute! Something similar to this would be the empire-waist jacket I showed by J Crew in the Empire Waist Cardigan post.

Other bell-sleeved jackets in the stores to be considered with a more fitted shape. There is this short one from Development (left) and this long one that is more simple and subtle from Nanette Lepore (right).

Flicking through Marie Claire UK (April 07), plenty of bell-sleeved dresses also showed up. I am loving how the sleeves here gives this Gucci dress here a more playful and flirty touch.

This one by Tara Jarmon, with the light fluttering bell sleeves is fun yet sophisticated at the same time.
In the stores we have this dark eyelet one from Diane von Furstenburg (left) and this simple electric purple one (right) from French Connection, which I think is also perfect for the mod look this season.

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SS07 (Non-)Trend: The See-Through Bags

The one runway-shown trendy thing to not touch (or even think about) this season is the see-through bags. Honestly, this is such a weird, uncommercial thing for the designers to come up with. I imagine even the most attention-seeking lala-landers will not adopt this bag (although you never know.) And how did the designers all come up with them together? Were see-through bags a thing of the 80's that I'm not aware of?

Dolce & Gabbana has always tip-toed on the very thin line of high-class sexy and tacky (or perhaps it's just both), so I suppose see-through bags showing up a lot on their SS07 runway wasn't too weird.
It actually looks nice to have things outside the bag. Strange.
What is odd is that even Karl put these PVC bags in Chanel. Don't buy this bag unless you're a rich, spoilt, Chanel and Juicy sort of tween.
OK, so I suppose this Fendi bag looks decent enough in this picture and it's not as transparent. But don't let the pretty design fool you because it is still see-through!

Fortunately, most high-street stores have stayed away from producing 'inspired' versions. Unfortunately, a few high-street stores did.
Top Shop has these colourful PVC bags. I can't decide if being coloured makes them more playful and fun or tacky.
Nine West has a more proper-looking handbag version of a see-through bag.

My point is I just don't get these bags.

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