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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bobbi Brown: Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Today, in an attempt to get my brows plucked (where I come from, BB has an absolutely fabulous eyebrow plucking service), I accidentally landed a make-up consultation at Bobbi Brown. So not only did I get my brows plucked, but I also got make-up done. And that led me to the discovery of the most awesome eyeliner: the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.
I must admit, as much as we all swear by the MAC pencil eyeliner (which goes on super smoothly), it still smudges and just goes away in a hour or two for me. Plus, its really hard to line the top lids, without it looking too obvious. So I was amazed when the very nice lady at the counter convinced me to this eyeliner. I thought it would be hard since its liquid and everything (and really, my make-up application skills are abysmal), but turns out its super easy.

Using the ultra thin eyeliner brush, we dipped it into the gel (black ink color), dabbed it onto tissue paper and just gently brushed it onto the roots of our lashes-not the fleshy bits as I'd originally thought. First from below the lashes (lifting the lids a bit) and then on the top. Then we blended and smudged the top line with dark eye shadow. And ta-da the eye liner is seamlessly blended and my eyes looked big and defined. This gel eyeliner is just fabulous.

In case you are interested, they also added a dark shade on the contours, pale pink blush (which is now on my list of wants, because since its sheer, it doesn't look too unnaturally pink at all. It looks really nice and pretty), shimmer brick all over (also getting close to be on my list, because the shimmer adds a nice touch. Although I think I'll shop around more for this) and this under eye highlighter thing (which intrigues me, so I'm going to look more into this and compare the effects of this and the Benefit eye highlighter thing). Aw. . .make-up is SO much fun!

New Blog

Leila Chan asked me last night "How many friggin blogs do you have?" To be honest there are probably more floating around out there than I care to remember. You know how it goes, hear about blogging, try it out and test as many blog providers as you can get your fingertips on...then go with the best leaving a trail behind you.
But if you must know...I think I have about 3 - sushizume, TOKYOMADE myspace blog and now a new one which I hope you all get a chance to visit (oh and you can join our tokyo fanclub while you are at it! just put your email address where it says 'tokyo fanclub' we have some fun and games planned for the fans)the TOKYOMADE blog. Come leave us a comment, tell us cool stuff, keep us awake!
There is definitely enough of me to share around and plenty of Tokyo tit bits to spill!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

London FW07 Fashion Week Wrapup I

To be honest, I haven't been too inspired with the latest FW07 offerings. They all look very dark, grungy and baggy- not quite my thing. But anyway, here's my assessment of this week's show.

Preen have always been simple and oh so casual chic to me.

But this season, besides these few looks that is cool and chic (albeit a bit boring), everything else looks either. . .
or like a bag lady.

Aquascutum on the other hand, was much more to my taste.

They had the more classic ladylike and simple pieces which I like.
And the more adventurous looks that are different but still very feminine and ladylike. Got to love the capes!

My favourite collection this week was Biba. While we may have seen some of these designs before, I am loving how they are flattering to the figure, feminine and fun.
The simple yet chic shift dress. The silk shirts. The tights. Who can get enough of that?
Perfect for casual, work to a night out!
Love Love Love it! She looks sooo cool and chic in that trench!

Photos credit:

Dresses For Valentine's Day

Obviously, people who have dates tonight should already have their outfits all planned out. But hey, I'll use any opportunity to ooh and ahh at pretty dresses. Here are a bunch of dresses I love and at least one should suit your different personalities, (unless we have very different taste; you're very quirky, hard to please, or very slutty.)

If you're a very simple girl and your date is during daytime, or you just like being casual, this tie-back dresses by Lux (from Urban Outfitters) is for you.

Since it is winter, long-sleeved dresses would be a good choice. Here are two classic LBDs -I really like the one by Marios Schwab for Top Shop (left), and the one on the right (by Top Shop) is just really nice and simple.

V-neck, empire-ish dresses are def the fun and sexy way to go. Go for a sophisticated one by Laundry by Sheli Segal (left) or go for a shocking pink one by Badgley Mischka (right).

Cute cocktail dresses, both by Mara Hoffman. Personally I like the black dress better -it's simple in a not-too-boring-way, young and can totally be reused in the future. But the red bubble dress is more suitable for semi-formal dinners.

If you want something pretty and delicate-looking, go for something like the Sue Wong dress (left) here. If you want something sleek and contemporary, I love this Graham & Spencer silk jersey dress (right).

And of course we have the lovely wrapdresses, which Lorelai wears all the time in Gilmore Girls. The dress on the left is by Diane von Furstenburg. For something less, err, wrapped up, this Catherine Malandrino bustier dress (right) is sexy without being trashy.

And finally, onto the expensive dresses. I absolutely love this version of the LBD by Marc Jacobs. It's fashionable, chic and flattering on the body, plus think of all those occasions you can wear it to. And that Vera Wang Lavender dress (right) is just divine. We can dream, can't we?

And yes, it is more than ok not to wear a dress to your date. Afterall, we are in the 21st century. Happy Valentine's Day people!

Photo sources: Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We did it!

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Lots of Tokyo love to you all on this lovely love day!

Grammy Award 2007 Fashion

Not traditionally the most fashionable awards of the year, there were still a few pieces that were worth taking a note of.
Like Beyonce's Armani Prive dress here, which I thought looked really interesting and refreshing.
She also got to wear two more dresses that night, which I thought was pretty nice. Although the brown one is not quite to my taste. But aw. . . . these dresses reminds me of her outfits on Dream Girls!
One of our favourites that night was Carrie Underwood in Badgley Mischka. That silver dress is just STUNNING on the red carpet and the black one is fun and cute.
Then there was Christina, who also had two dresses (the white one by Ungaro). I rather like her hair and make-up done in this hollywood glamor way, very elegant and sophisticated. Much better then some of her trashy looks. I was actually watching one of her old MV's the other day, Come on over(?), and she looked really pretty there too. Don't know what made her go for that trashy look. . .

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Another gorgeous red dress on Shakira by Carolina Herrera . Except I really didn't think that this was the best hairstyle for this dress. The hair is much more suited for her gold performing costume.Short shiny dresses on Fergie and Hilary Duff. Although not to my taste, I think the sparkly Badgley Mischka custom made dress suits Fergie. As for Hilary. . . I don't know what she was thinking with that Dolce & Gabanna. The Grammy's is supposed to be splashy and fun, but this one is just not. I nearly didn't recognize her. Maybe its the hair again, I really don't like this kind of hair style and I sincerely hope I won't be seeing anymore of it anytime soon.

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Much more elegantly, we have Scarlett in a simple black dress by Monique Lhullier and Petra Nemcova in a metallic mini dress. If you must wear a metallic dress, I think this is the way to wear it *coughhilarycough*.
Classically elegant, we have Mary J Blige and LeAnn Rimes in simple plunging V necked dresses from Michael Kors and Monique Lhuillier. I must say I don't notice her a lot usually, I wouldn't have attributed this style to Mary J Blige- a pleasant surprise.
Then I just wanted to comment on the lucky, My Grammy's Moment, winner Robyn Troup. Her dress was somewhat trashy looking with the hemline and all, but then again, this is her first performance. Ultimately, she's a gorgeous girl and that dress really shows off her legs, which I couldn't help my admire while she was performing. Oh and we are also super jealous that she gets to be in such close contact with Justin!

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Then there were the costumes on Imogen Heap and Nelly Furtado that just makes me speechless (notice I use the word costume).
Only at the Grammy's. . . . .

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ashley Wears the Turban (sort of)

I don’t usually say this, but I knew it! So practically every style magazine has had an editorial or two featuring this season’s supposedly hit item, the turbans courtesy of Prada, or at least turban-inspired headbands. It’s also understood among everyone that the turbans are artistic to look at in photos, but not really THE item we will be wearing this summer. I had guessed that if there was anyone who was actually going to wear the turban, it would be one of the Olsen twins. I actually thought Mary Kate would be the first to wear the trend, but Ashley was just spotted wearing a turban-inspired headband last week. Huh, turns out Ashley is a bit more adventurous than I thought.

I absolutely hate this turban trend. But to give Ashley credit, the turban-inspired headband looks decent enough on her, although it sort of ruins that whole rock chick feel from her clothes. Perhaps a short (but not flash-your-butt-short) dress would have complimented the headband more? Just my opinion. Anyways, as unique and trendy as MKA are, let’s just hope they won’t feel the need to wear a complete turban.

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