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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Raw Food and Funky Fashion

Life as a supermodel has been fun so far but it is not all runways and photo shoots... ;)

On Friday night I skipped happily along to Veggie Paradise in Yoyogi Uehara for the Raw Food meet up . This time it was not a raw food potluck it was a divine five course RAW dinner prepared by Yuki, visiting vegan chef Caroline Ishi and the Veggie Paradise team. Mouthwatering stuff! If you have not been to Veggie Paradise I highly recommend it. Gorgeous, open atmosphere, friendly vibe and of course scrumptious raw food to feed every cell of your body with goodness.

This weekend is Design Festa at the Tokyo Big Site. We spent yesterday happily bumping into many friends and finding new greatness to love. We are just about to leave for another day full of Design Festa fun.

Hope you are having a great weekend. What is happening in your part of the world?

My Orient Watch

Can you remember the first watch you ever owned?

I was given a watch when I passed my Primary Six Entrance examination. It cost a hefty twenty Dollars. It was an Orient watch and I wore it until the day I got married, a total of 14 years more or less. It then became part of my collection of special watches.

At the time of choosing the watch I did not know much about the Orient Watch Company Limited (オリエント時計株式会社)which is a Japanese watch company, established in 1950. Unlike children of today, they would have a lot of product knowledge. I just asked my father to buy a watch with a blue strap.. And he bought one at a price which he thought was reasonable for a secondary school girl. My mother was delighted and thought that no watch was better than that. I treasured this watch.

Recently I read that "the Orient Watch company traces its roots back to 1901 and the horological marketing of its founder, Shogoro Yoshida, in Tokyo. For many years, Orient was number three in the Japanese watchmaking triumvirate of Seiko, Citizen, and Orient. However, Casio, riding on the heels of the quartz revolution begun by Seiko in 1969, quickly supplanted Orient with watches that were marketed primarily in the United States, but which were also popular in Japan and Asian markets. Nevertheless, Orient stayed the course with a conservative design philosophy and a marketing strategy that has largely ignored the US in favor of Japan and other Pacific rim countries, the Middle East, Russia, and South America. Orient Watch is the only manufacturer, among the big three, to dedicate themselves to mechanical movement watches.

Today, Orient has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Singapore, and Brazil, and offers a wide range of watch designs and styles, including mechanical, quartz, and light powered (similar to Citizen’s Eco-Drive line). Seiko Epson now owns a controlling interest (52%) in Orient.

In 1985 Orient and Seiko established a joint factory. Orient produces a wide range of automatic and quartz watches ranging in price from reasonably inexpensive (about 50 USD / 50 euro) to very expensive (7000USD). As of 2006, Orient Watch has the largest Japanese mechanical movement production exceeding Seiko's and Citizens combined production figures. Through large scale production, the value offered by their watches are considered one of the best in the industry. Orient Star and Orient Star Royal are the middle and high-end brands, with the Royal Orient being their flagship line.

Mid-priced Orient watches are perceived by enthusiasts as offering excellent quality and value for money. Orient manufactures its own movements, which is quite unusual because most manufacturers outsource this aspect of their business. Unlike Citizen, Orient does not sell their movements for OEM production.

Orient watches are not as popular in North America, but appear to be popular elsewhere in the world. North American purchasers can find Orient watches on the usual auction sites. Orient Star and Orient Star Royal watches are quite hard for North American purchasers to find." (wIKIPEDIA)

This watch had a few adventures. But the best one was how I lost it and got it back in London.

I must have a fantastic slip of mind when I washed my face in a London College wash room. By the time I realised that I had lost my watch I was too far away from the college. I went back the next day and wrote a note for the janitor. "Lost a childhood treasure - Blue strap - Orient Watch. Please return to Mr.......". He must have photocopied the note and pasted it every where possible. Three weeks later the janitor called me. I got my treasure back.

A lone Chinese girl, working full time in Oxford Street, got back her treasure!!

I was touched by the person who found my watch and returned it. But I never got to thank him/her. Here i am, saying thank you. I returned to visit the janitor very often while I was there - to talk about Sarawak, Malaysia, Asia and the Chinese in general. He was kind person, a good listener, and someone who talked about climate and the changes of seasons. And then I would wave a slow good bye wave and then almost suddenly with a quick step, I would be off to catch my train for Hampstead.

That's one part of the 70's of London I remember and treasure. I would sleep with my watch ticking, ticking, ticking the minutes of my life away, against my ear.

Very often I wonder if there are enough kind people out there to return lost items.

How many kind people will return lost husbands? lost children? lost sheep?

Dried Prawns or Ha Kang

Ha Kang or dried prawns are important in Foochow cuisine. However it is not like salt which is used in every dish. It can be optioned out by choice and taste by the cook or a family member who does not like its taste. One can be allergic to dried prawns too. However, it is also a common knoweldge that too much dried prawns may not be good for our skin.

Dried prawns are of course made from fresh prawns, specifically those from the sea. It is indeed a multi million ringgit business for Sarawak and it involves a big chain of personnel, from the harvesting of sea prawns to the cleaning and sun drying of the product.

It used to be poor man's food according to my Malay friends in Kampong Nangka ,Sibu. But she said that nowadays, a kilo of the best, straight dried prawns can be as much as 100 ringgit!! such a delicacy can only be appreciated by aficiandoes.

In Mukah or Belawai, or even Kabong, fresh prawns are de-shelled by the dainty hands of women and then sun dried carefully. So this makes it very expensive. The bigger the prawns the better the dried prawns. The best dried prawns are made from the freshest of the prawns, not just any left overs, as some people have previously believed.

Foochows use dried prawns in several signature dishes.

The Lunar Fifth Month festival which commemorates Chu Yuan's death, sends Chinese and most Foochows on a frenzied day of dumpling wrapping. We Foochows have a meaty dumpling which requires dried prawns, two slices of soy bean sauce soaked belly pork, a big slice of dried mushrooms,and chestnut, all marinated in sesame oil and sometimes oyster sauce.

Dried prawns, soaked and pounded fine, will enhance any dish like leafy vegetables, the bean family and soups. whenever a recipe calls for fresh prawns, dried prawns can be used as a substitute.

The Foochows are not fond of sambals which require a lot of dried prawns. But dried prawns are important in the making of Foochow Yam or Taro Cakes, and spring rolls.

We Foochows have a Foochow Vermicelli dish which calls for dried prawns. The dish is very much improved when there are dried prawns in it. Besides, dried prawns also improve Bak Kui, the Foochow rice sticks.

We used to watch very carefully the check points at airports. Most Sibu mothers when visiting their children overseas, if foreign customs permits,they would secretly put a huge packet of well sealed dried prawns in their suitcases. An understanding smile would be exchanged with another mother who is also from Sibu and also bringing a huge packet of dried prawns. Once the check point is cleared, the two mothers would heave a sigh of relief and perhaps become friends after that!

Foochow mothers have been known to go to great extent to bring or even smuggle huge packets of dried prawns to the UK or Canada. But foreign customs are getting smarter and any way, dried prawns (although dark with age and exposure) can be bought in most supermarkets overseas so these mothers need not risk their lives to bring dried prawns for their beloved children.

This write up only shows how much mothers love their children. Don't get me wrong.

Too Much Skin

Now that the weather is finally warmer, everyone has been taking their summer dresses out for a stroll in the sun. And its nice. Adds a lot more color and shape to the monotonous winter hues in the streets.
Unfortunately for me though, I've also been seeing a lot of skin. Too much skin. Maybe I am just conservative,
but it really is not a pretty sight. A girl in class the other day was wearing a thin cotton summer dress with a very low v, very similar to the one shown above from UO. And for the three hour duration of the class, I could NOT stop staring at her chest! I am not being perverted here, its more like how people are drawn to look at a car wreck even though they know its going to be gruesome. The dress was just so LOW, it looked like her chest was going to spill out any minute with one of her wild gestures- and I don't think she was wearing a bra!

Personally I don't really have this problem because a) my chest is non existent b) I don't have a dress like that because I think it is too low cut, it doesn't fit me well and there is not a bra I can think of that will work (and going bra-less feels weird) c) even if I DO have such a dress, I'd probably wear something like a laced spaghetti strap underneath. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with a dress of this cut. It can be very flattering on the right body shape. What I AM trying to say is that should you be wearing one PLEASE be aware not to expose too much skin. I don't mean to be a prude, but it is just not sexy or in any way aesthetically pleasing. Take in the straps. Wear something underneath. Anything.

And while we are on the subject of over exposure, if your summer dress happens to be super sheer like the one above, please remember to wear a slip or under-skirt underneath. We don't need to know what underwear you are wearing or the shape of your legs under the dress.

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Mandy Moore Sexy Actress Wallpapers

Mandy Moore Sexy Actress WallpapersMandy Moore Sexy Actress Wallpapers

Mandy Moore Sexy dressingMandy Moore Sexy dressing

Mandy Moore beautiful girlsMandy Moore beautiful girls

Unbeknownst to Him, Mario Batali Finds Himself in the Clutches and the Cleavage of a Food Blogger

Miss XaXa with Molto Mario himself, at last night's book signing in the Chicago area.

From Mario's disquisition in, "Why I Hate Food Bloggers":

I do not really HATE anything or anybody, it takes too much energy to hate, and I would rather dog someone/thing sotto voce to the large audience than spend a lot of time hating them/it. But blogs live by different rules. Many of the anonymous authors who vent on blogs rant their snarky vituperatives from behind the smoky curtain of the web.

Uh, er, uh, er....

Zoestyles at Kera Shop Shinjuku

Zoestyles fashion range created by Japanese designer Takada San is the funkiest look on the streets of Tokyo this season. Recently featured in Kera magazine and selected to show in the Shinjuku Marui Department store, Onejuku, the uniquely styled jackets are spreading style and individuality.

A while back when Zoestyles came to TOKYOMADE, Masao and I had some fun taking pics of the latest styles. I got to do my best model impersonation and Masao donned his photographer hat. The photos turned out pretty well for a quick shoot so when Masao told me that Zoestyles might use some of the pics I was happy to share them.

Remembering about the Onejuku showing while strolling through Shinjuku yesterday I decided to take a peek and see if I really had become famous! ;)

I was actually a bit overwhelmed with seeing my image throughout the department store so of course I forced Mark to archive the event by taking some silly pics.

At Design Festa today we stopped into the Zoestyles booth for a quick chat and I thanked him intensely for giving me my 15 minutes of model stardom! I always dreamed of being a model for a funky fashion label...

Friday, May 16, 2008


Resty, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Reni, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Monica, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Mona, Artis Sexy Indonesia

Miranthy Hakim

Miranthy Hakim, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Miranthy, Artis Sexy Indonesia

Mila Amelia

Mila Amelia, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Mega, Artis Sexy Indonesia

Malvin Shayna

Lilis Suganda

Lilis Suganda, Artis Sexy Indonesia


Lia, Artis Sexy Indonesia

Hanny Agustin

Hanny Agustin, Artis Sexy Indonesia

Fitri Kurnia

Fitri Kurnia artis Indonesia sexy

To the Victor Go the Spoilers

Ever since Season 2, our pal Lesley at Eater LA has been the undisputed Queen of Spoilers, and this year, possums, the crown sits ever more comfortably upon her locks. Once again, she has come up with the season finale spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Sexy Action Wallpaper of Cheryl Tweedy

Sexy Action Wallpaper of Cheryl TweedySexy Action Wallpaper of Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl Tweedy Sweet girls picsCheryl Tweedy Sweet girls pics

Cheryl Tweedy celebs sexy photosCheryl Tweedy celebs sexy photos

"You have chosen wisely": Or Why 'Last Crusade' is the Best Indy Picture

There is a certain style of illustration that appeared in the boys' adventure magazines of the 1940s - in those innocent publications that have been replaced by magazines on punk lifestyles and movie monsters. The illustrations were always about the same. They showed a small group of swarthy men hovering over a treasure trove with greedy grins on their bearded faces, while in the foreground, two teenage boys peered out from behind a rock in wonder and astonishment. The point of view was always over the boys' shoulders; the reader was invited to share this forbidden glimpse of the secret world of men.
The following excerpt is from Roger Ebert's 1989 review of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, my favorite Indy film. What strikes me about the opening to Ebert's review is that I was like those 'greedy grins' and as the treasure trove of my first Summer blockbuster unraveled in front of me I soaked up every pulp-tastic moment the film offered. Of course I didn't know what pulp was in 1989 (except of course that icky stuff I didn't like in my OJ), and the grin didn't appear on my bearded face (although it does now just thinking about the film), but rather, I was as young and green as Young Indiana sitting in the only good theater Salem, OR had to offer in 1989, I became mesmerized by the action and the comedy and the rats and snaked and skeletons and tanks and Nazi's and Holy Grail's. Yup, that was a lot for a seven year old kid to remember...but I do. I remember it all. And it was at that moment that I became obsessed with film.

I would return with my brothers at least four more times to see the film, sometimes waiting in a line that wrapped around the building. There was really only one good theater in Salem and 'back then' (I swear I'm not that old) a film would play for months, because there wasn't another equally huge blockbuster waiting to open the next weekend. You were allowed to let the film linger in your imagination and on lazy Summer afternoons when you were tired of replaying the scenes in your head (my favorite at the time being the one from the library where they search the catacombs of Venice to find a missing tablet) you could take a bus down to the movie theater and not worry about the film being bumped because they need to use five of their ten screens on the latest Narnia movie. But I digress, why is it that I love Last Crusade so much more than the other Indy films? I think most of it has to do with what I explained above, the nostalgia factor plays a large role, but also now being older (and bearded) and wiser about film I can see a film that seemed like a lost art -- the last of its kind as the cynical cinema of the 90's was about to take over the movie theaters -- where fedoras and whips didn't seem goofy and Nazi's chasing after the Holy Grail didn't seem silly. It was big time movie making in its purest form.

What makes Last Crusade stand head and shoulders above the other films is not just the set pieces and exciting action sequences (especially the tank scene, which, allow me to be seven again, is totally bitchin'), but also the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, who plays Indian's father. The way Spielberg treats this relationship is something right out of those mystery books I used to read as a kid: "Encyclopedia Brown" or "The Hardy Boys." In these novels kids go out and meddle in the business of thieves and con artists eventually bringing them to justice, all the while the parents, usually, sit at home and wish their kids the best of luck. It was the perfect form of escapism for a seven year old boy as through these characters there weren't any adults getting in the way of your business. You, as a kid, were allowed to do adult detective type work. Watching the film now (and perhaps when I was younger) I noticed this distanced, yet still loving, relationship between father and son.

In addition to this great familial relationship, there are some familiar faces from Raiders that return here. The machine-gun-like dialogue and back and forth between Indy and his father also exists between the hilarious Denholm Elliott as the aloof Dr. Marcus Brody and the jovial Sallah is back, played wonderfully by John Rhys-Davies. The supporting cast is important and gives the film that 1940's feel, where there was as much emphasis on the supporting characters -- and usually the most memorable characters sprang from these groups of misfits -- and their interaction with the stars of the film. Spielberg wisely gives Elliott and Rhys-Davies equal laughs while sharing the screen with Ford and Connery. This too had an impression on me as I was able to see the importance of an entire cast. It wasn't just Indy that I was glad to be (re)visiting at the theater that Summer, but also the entire supporting characters.

Surely chemistry between actors isn't enough to elevate a film, many of whom think is a lesser retread of Raiders, as the best of the series? Ah, but you would be wrong. Where Raiders and Temple of Doom seem most memorable to me for specific scenes -- whether it be melting faces or monkey brains -- Last Crusade's story remains vividly ingrained in my memory, and admit it, the drinking-from-the-wrong-cup scene (and the crazy skeleton Julian Glover turns into) is a lot cooler than a melting face, especially when the knight guarding the grail (played by Robbert Eddison) quips: "He chose poorly." Everything from the opening with young Indiana to the placement of the fedora on his head as we transition to an older Dr. Jones. From the library in Venice and the underground filled with rats, to the exciting boat chase and the zeppelin ride where Indy and his father escape via a plane connected to the zeppelin or when they are shot down by 'enemy fire' in one of the more comically inspired scenes of the series. How about the book burning where Indian comes face to face with Hitler? What about the hilarious scene where Indy and his father are tied together in a chair in a burning room, revealing one of the more inspired moments of the film (Connery's naivety is perfect and gets one of the bigger laughs as they make their escape from the Nazi castle). Or the rousing and unmatched ending with the last guardian of the holy grail (and the awesome series of tests Indy has to take to get there). All of these are wonderful scenes, moments that outshine anything from Raiders or Temple of Doom, and they are all connected and given more weight because of the connecting storyline involving Indiana and his father.

All of these moments and images have stayed with me over the years, because as I states earlier, this was the first Summer blockbuster I had ever seen. It would lead to a life of becoming obsessed with film as I subscribed to Premiere magazine and Entertainment Weekly, in hopes that I could learn more about what went on behind the camera, not to mention when the next big movie would be released. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was the catalyst for my intense interest in movies (which lead to my intense interest in, if I may be pretentious for a moment, film) and shaped what kind of movie-goer I would become. It has moments that remain exhilarating and hilarious. Even after five viewings in the theater I remember buying the video right away and watching it every other week. I was crossing a threshold and growing up. The Hardy Boys were being replaced by the more grizzled Indian Jones, and for the first time it wasn't just the action that was keeping me entertained. I started to remember the film for the scenes of dialogue and interaction between characters. Now instead of reliving moments of action in my head, I was memorizing pieces of dialogue. Looking at the film today, Last Crusade still seems to be the one Indy film where it is evident that everyone is really savoring the banter and enjoying every moment on screen together.

When I see the trailers for the new film I am not disheartened or worried they will ruin something they should have let die with Last Crusade; rather I am antsy and anxious. I can hardly wait. I feel seven years old again. For me, the film has already succeeded. There's not a moment in Prince Caspian or Lord of the Rings or any Summer blockbuster to have come out since that can match the escapist spectacle that is the end of Last Crusade (I mean come on, when he throws the dirt on the invisible bridge and he has to take the leap of faith...that rules!), and neither of those films can match the wit or pacing of a scene like where the tank rolls through the desert. Harrison Ford's facial expressions (not to mention Connery's premature eulogy when they think Indy has gone over the cliff with the tank) are pitch perfect in their comedic timing and the use of pantomime works better than most action pictures cheesy one-liners.

Last Crusade is filmed in a traditional style that would be construed as 'boring' by todays standards, and leads me to wonder what people will think of the newest installment. In a time where facts and realism are so important for many movie goers, you have to wonder if the days of Indy are long dead. This is one of the main reasons I am so looking forward to the new film. It will remind me of (and please forgive me) a more simpler time, where one movie played on one screen and stayed in theaters for half a year. Where a film didn't have to be labeled as camp if it decided to reference 1940's mystery magazines and pulp novels. Today every kind of escapist film gets labeled as postmodern or camp or is said to be making a statement about some kind of bygone era of Hollywood. In 1989, as a 7 year old, that meant nothing to me. I am looking forward to Crystal Skull because it will make me feel that innocence again. It will remind me of a time before I had seen the uber-referential Pulp Fiction, and a time before I knew who Frederic Jameson was and what his essays on nostalgia and postmodernism meant.

In this post 9/11 world where cynicism and nihilism (elements I like in certain films, don't get me wrong) seem to seep into every weekend movie releases, isn't there a need for someone like Indy more than ever? I cannot wait for the wry humor, the exhilarating action sequences, seeing the fedora again, the iconic whip, Cate Blanchett in that black wig, and more than anything I am looking forward to the escapism, to the nostalgic joy ride I anticipate the newest film will take me on, where I will plop down in my seat and grin greedily with my bearded face as I remember all of the memories of my last experience with Indy in the theater.

*This entry is part of the Indiana Jones Blog-a-Thon created by Ali Arikan over at his blog Cerebral Mastication. Check out the rest of the Blog-a-Thon entries here.

Famously Scarred and Bemeloned Padma Lakshmi Thinks the Sweetest Melons Have Markings on the Skin

Amuse-Biatch Photoessay: Cheftestant Pleads for Help After Being Trapped Inside One of the Glad Family of Products

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANTM Cycle 10- Spoiler!

Its hard to believe that it has already been 10 cycles, but it has. And frankly, I'm surprised I still watch it. It used to be exciting and fun. But after 10 cycles, it has become repetitive and tame. Its hard to keep it fresh. We all expect extreme makeovers, awesome custom designed houses, cool photo shoots, fabulous prizes and exotic destinations. I guess its just habit and for lack of anything better to watch. So yes, spoiler alert.
After ten rounds, the talent pool in America must be getting thin, because I swear the quality of the girls just seem to get worse. One girl, Kimberly, managed to make it into the house and ended up quitting during the first elimination because she doesn't get the whole designer thing and wasn't interested in fashion.... um hello, wrong industry? It was unbelievable. And really, how can ALL the girls screw up their Covergirl commercial in Italian when 9 seasons of girls before them have done it, if not perfectly, at least passably?
Looking pass the comparison though, it was not a bad show. There was just enough drama between the girls to keep it interesting (with alarm clock episodes, passport dramas and lots of ganging up) and the photo shoots continue to be fun to watch. And Rome was nice. I want to go around in a segway too! But is it just me, or did they already go to Rome? Didn't they do a photoshoot at the Colosseum once, in the season where Shandi was in and she had that whole thing with the Italian guys?

They made an effort to spice things up though- and it was good. They got rid of the legendary style icon, Twiggy and replaced her with the legendary supermodel, Paulina Porizkova (even though I've not heard of her until now). It was a good move. She has Twiggy's grace and elegance but she also has Janice Dickenson's bluntness. It was hilarious (and so true) when she told Dominique that she looked like a transvestite. Plus, I was SUPER SUPER SUPER impressed that Versace deemed them worthy enough to sponsor. It is not quite an official Versace show, with dresses from last season, but its still quite a step up for ANTM.
Behold the newest America's Next Top Model- Whitney a *gasp* plus size model! I do think that it is about time a plus size model won and Whitney is not a bad choice. She is very gorgeous and well proportioned. And out of all the plus size models who have ever graced this show, she is the most confident about her full size figure and never had those rather annoying "oh no, I feel so depressed because I feel so fat compared to the other girls here" moments. Also, she did have the best Covergirl shot and did a good job on the runway (comparatively anyway, her walk was a bit too jaunty for my taste).
As much as I applaud them for finally choosing a plus size model to win though, I honestly didn't think Whitney deserved to win. Besides the last haul, she did not consistently do a good job. In fact, I thought she was quite mediocre and I really don't see any improvement in her photos. Does her model face not look the same towards the end of the competition (right) as she did at the beginning (left)? I also did not see how her personality got any less fake (one of the judges biggest criticism of her- and I agree) in the end either.
I thought Anya (who came in second) deserved to win much more. Her accent was a bit annoying at first, but in the end, I grew to really like her personality, its always very optimistic and infectious. She also consistently did a good job, winning loads of competitions, and taking really great model-y photos (very effortlessly too!). Her only downfall was her Covergirl photo and her runway walk, which was really not that great. Talk about bad timing.
Some of her more amazing shots. On a side note, I thought the idea to take photos underneath a plastic screen with water was really stupid. You can hardly see the model. They just look like blurry blobs. What's the point? And the photo shoot with the raw meat was just really disgusting. I'm not even going to post a picture of that.
Who goes into ANTM without a passport anyway, knowing that they will need to travel abroad? I was surprised she wasn't eliminated just for that. Fatima had her moments, and I do admire her for going through so much in her life (being a refuge and having underwent genital mutilation and all- talk about too much information!). But most of the time, I thought she played the victim a bit too much and she reminded me a bit of that very vacant looking model from last season (Ebony?). Admittedly, she does look remarkably like Iman and did improve in the competition. But looking at her last photo shoot, where she got extra frames (right), she didn't improve quite enough....
I was surprised Dominique (the transvestite), made it so far in the competition. That girl in the competition (remember Jade?), the only thing going for her is that she REALLY wanted to win and she tried REALLY hard. She really did improve a lot throughout the competition. This last photo of her (right) actually looks cool. But she really didn't have much talent. Even after the makeover, she looked old and unmodel-like. She can't dress for her life. And she is kind of strange with her alarm clock thing and habit of referring herself in the third person.
Some of my favourite girls were Katarzyna (left) and Lauren (right in green). I did not find Katarzyna boring and lacking in personality at all. I thought she was really likeable and really pretty! And as for Lauren, she really did take lovely photos. I kept on waiting for her to make a miraculous improvement on her absolutely tragic runway walk, but it just never happened. Doesn't she looks SO cute in that green coat in the jet setting photo shoot? She is the only one that pops out for me in this picture.

Amis was crazy. Aimee had a great makeover. She looked lovely with her straight bangs and auburn hair color. I don't usually comment negatively on people's looks because I know that beauty is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder and all that, but did anyone else thought Marvita looked really scary and wondered how she ever made it onto the show at all? No matter what angle I look at her, I just don't see it. As for the rest of the girls.... they were not terribly memorable. I think I have the show figured out now though. Up until the last four girls, it was really obvious at the beginning of each episode which girl is going to be eliminated, because they'd focus more on them at the start about their struggles and all. When Amiee got eliminated they focused on her struggled with being too young. When Katarzyna went off, they emphasized how she had no personality.

I wonder what they will do next time......they can have a competition for America's Next SUPER Model soon and have all the current "Top" models compete!

Image Source: CW

Hazeline Snow

Old Look

New Look Hazeline Snow

Replica of Hazeline Snow as part of burnt offerings for dearly departed ancestors.

Do you know that Hazeline Snow has been around for more than a century?

My mum and her sisters in law and most of her friends are more than 75 years old now and all of them have been using Hazeline faithfully and perhaps the only beauty product, as much as they have used their brand of toothpaste. And their good skin is proof of this simple regime of skin care.

In fact, according to the most recent Hazeline Snow advertisement,in Malaysia , "it is a familiar household name and has been trusted over the generations. Most consumers like its cooling sensation and its mildness."

"Since 1999, Hazeline has been uplifted. Its range of products is now
enhanced by science to be specially formulated to suit your skincare
needs. Hazeline extracts only the best of nature to give you gentle yet
effective skincare solutions that protect our soft, smooth skin, naturally.

Hazeline brings out the best in nature for beautiful skin."

I used it as a teenager, and now, I continue to use this marvellous and simple cream. It is very convenient to use and can be carried around too in a handbag. The coolness of this cream comes from an active mint extract. This in turn helps reduce facial oil. I do not need to use any foundation or compact powder in the day time.

Furthermore many of my former students (then it was not a norm for boys to look at beauty and cosmetics counters) would be advised to use Hazeline snow to help remove dirt and grime to unclog pores and thus reduce and prevent pimples. They used to tell me that the cream did work for them.

Today, most Foochow ladies who use Hazeline Snow claim that it is a very good home moisturizer and a skin lightener for the whole family even. While some even claim that the fragrance from Hazeline snow is enough and they do not even have to buy expensive perfumes. One man had told me that his favourite scent is Hazeline snow (which is actually a mint extract). That's a nice and humble comment from a good man.

Personally I do agree that Hazeline Snow has come to mean a lot to many men and women in Sibu especially. When my friends and I spent a lot of time in the sports field we would use this cream to prevent sunburnt. More than 30 years later, the cream advertises its sunscreen properties. Actually it is a very cooling cream for the face after a long period of activities under the sun too.

But I have also found out in many homes is that even babies get a bit of their mother's Hazeline Snow when they had their nappies changed! Mums do know that this wonderful cream is gentle on baby's skin too.

Many Foochow mothers also use it to treat simple kitchen burns. So it is indeed useful to have a bottle at hand in the kitchen.

Unknown to perhaps many, Burroughs Wellcome a British pharmaceutical Company established in 1888 in Mumbai (Bombay) began producing Hazeline Snow in a rented premise at Worli , Mumbai in India in 1888!! Thus perhaps it was the Rajah Brookes who brought the first bottles of Hazeline Snow to Sarawak!!

And to end this blog I would like to share one of the latest findings I made - filial descendants are even able to buy replicas of Hazeline Snow for their dearly departed.
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