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Saturday, September 15, 2007

New York SS08 Fashion Week Wrapup IV

I've always thought that SS08 was a loooooong time away. And yet, here I am writing about the ins and outs of SS08 fashion already. YIKES! That means graduation and the real world cannot be far behind! On the bright side, I guess I can start getting some ideas on the oh-so-important question of what to wear to graduation... Anyway, back to the fashion shows:

Zac Posen
I can't BEGIN to comprehend what dear Zac meant by
"Days of Heaven, the Shakers, and the wheat fields of the Great Plains," but the "wheat field" and "great plains" does pop out at me and strikes me as interesting, as I'd never dream of using those words to describe Zac.
First impression upon seeing the opening look (far left) was.... uh, the musketeers? The outfit that resembled Orli's costume in Pirates of the Caribbean (center) did not endear me to the collection much more, as much as I love Orli. And finding the dress (though nicely shaped, right) which looked like he stuck a model into a bundle of hay, did not help....
But for the most part it was actually a very soft, breezy and elegant collection. These outfits makes me want to go to a wheat field and spin around under a cloudless sky and just enjoy nature. And trust me, that is no easy feat.
My absolute favourite part of the collection was of course the dresses. I especially love the soft grey dress (right), with the elegant draping and the gently swaying skirt.
Then there were these dresses that are sharp in color but soft and romantic in cutting that is destined to grace the red carpet.
He ended with a series of dresses in this silky, textured blue/green material. Besides the one dress on (left) that looked like she was wearing a very stormy cloud on her shoulder (maybe a little cinching at the waist there?), I rather liked these dresses, especially the last one (right). It looked like they were nymphs walking out of the stormy sea.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren's 40th Anniversay collection reminded me why I loved RL so much (I remember thinking the last (or last last) collection boring). This collection embodied everything we love about RL with a sprinkle of new elements.
It started off with classic black/white pieces that were elegant, well tailored, ladylike with just the right hint of fun. The floral printed dress (center) reminded me of Chanel back in the 20s, elegant, fun and flirty. And I loved the simple but elegant style of the black dress (right) so much that I picked the white version of it and another similarly styled black dress when I was picking pictures to blog about before realizing how repetitive that would be. The cutting is just so modest yet sexy. Oh and don't you just LOVE those hats straight from the romantic movies back in the days?
The name of the look that involves top hats, polka dots, sharp cutting and black and white colors escapes me right now (magician like? tux?), but I liked it. Very clean but fun. And I thought the striped jacket over the floral dress with the hat (far right) was just genius. Print mixing for me never works out well.
Then there were some fun pieces: floral printed dresses (though not my favourites), equestrian inspired looks with a spice of neon colors and pretty sharply colored pieces.
Absolutely adore these classic RL dresses. Simple and clean cut. And that purple is both SO RL (the purple label....) and this season. And that sharp striped jacket over the soft ruffles of white dress is just the perfect contrast.
Gorgeous gorgeous dresses......

Image Source:

I can feel it

Sent to me by my sis in London!
Pure genius (or Genesis)

This is exactly how I feel about Cadbury's too!

(an old pic of my sis and i enjoying a little too much christmas cheer)

Cheers Karla, hope London is everything you imagined it would be but so much cooler!


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Tokyo Long Weekend Happenings


It is a three day weekend here in Tokyo and the sun came out to celebrate! A steamy Saturday set a precedent for what looks like a spectacularly lazy weekend in the city of lights, but as usual there are endless events, gatherings and special treats on offer.
Here are just a few suggestions:

DJ Emma will be spinning musical treats for all to enjoy at Ageha tonight. Sure to be an Ageha spectacular with lighting by Aiba and a special performance by the Ultra Girls.

Sunday night @ The Pink Cow in Shibuya is the FLO Union Media Lounge, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, animators, film makers and live projection performers.Check out the Pink Cow's Cowlandar for more details.

Not to be missed, the Shibuya Girls Collection 2007 Autumn/Winter will be on show at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba this Monday.

For us personally Monday equals a hoop dance class followed by a gathering of all of our gorgeous friends in Yoyogi park with good food, great cocktails and fine music. We love picnics!

Have a gorgeous weekend and be sure to keep us up to date on what is happening in your city! What are your top tips for the weekend?

Friday, September 14, 2007

3 day weekend!

I am super duper lucky cos I was blessed with the happy gene but for those of you who are not wired the same way I have the answer!

There is so much to be happy about, it is a three day weekend!
ps I love Chris Crocker

Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Bags 2007

I feel like I've written this post before, but school bags just seems to be one of those topic that no one ever gets tired of. Probably because we're all always on the lookout for that perfect bag that is stylish yet still practical for daily wear, and the definition of stylish changes every season. So lets start.

Luckily for my wallet, my tastes and definition of style varies little over time (some may even call me boring). So for me, the perfect bag for school is still the tote. This year I've gotten even more classic and have switched from my printed Coach tote to this classic black nylon Prada tote. Coach is still high on my list, but the one I had was suede and just a little too seasonal for me- I may bring it back out come winter. The black Prada one on the other hand would last me all year, rain, snow or shine, AND it is easier on my poor lopsided shoulder than the Coach. Another similar choice to the Prada that is cheaper but just as classic is of course the Longchamp bag. I'm aware that this has been on the "list" year after year now, but what can I say, some things never change.

Just because it is still high on my list, I'm still going to include a Coach tote here. And to spice up the tote mix a bit, I'm going to throw in this lovely Kate Spade creation, simple but elegant.

Going a little funkier, I am loving these bags from UO(left) and Top Shop (right). The print makes it retro and the color makes it versatile. Plus, its big and very shoulder wearable. I hate those bags that I can't put on my shoulders!

Something trendier, I am sure you've all seen the Prada messenger in magazines everywhere. The first thing that pops into mind when I see this style bag is- school! I wonder if my mom has one hidden away somewhere that I can "borrow"..........for a similar plain, lightweight messenger bag that is more affordable, there is my other school bag brand favourite- Le Sportsac (right).

And to get the best of the two worlds, there are these bags from UO. I am especially loving the electric blue (though I think the site calls it purple??!) messenger bag. its sooo this season! Anyways, I'm off. Have a stylish school year everyone!

Ps. The Prada tote is also great for work. Flights. All occasions really:)

PPs. I think you're right and next time I am going back to my old hair salon. Even with the DVD player, it doesn't compare to new salon doesn't compare.

Image Source: Coach, Saks, Kate Spade, Longchamp, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop and Le Sportsac

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Draw a Caricature, Lose a Friend

I'm not nearly as good a caricaturist as some of the other people on this blog, but that doesn't stop me. Here are a couple colleagues who probably won't talk to me after seeing my drawings.

New York SS08 Fashion Week Wrapup III

New York Fashion Week is over! OK, so instead of going through a few shows like I usually do, I'm picking the outfits that I liked from Marc by Marc and Philosophy. Why those two collections? Not because they are particularly directional or Nina-Ricci-stunning, but because they are contemporary, young and affordable (if you only buy a few pieces.)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
I think this is the first Marc by Marc show that I didn't like on first sight. Usually I adore the way accessories are piled on seemingly randomly and the cute clothes. But this time, the clothes were just really colourful -and I mean lots of colour in single garments. This collection was definately not my taste. These three were practically the only looks I liked.
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
I've never paid too much attention to Philosophy until I noticed that the Co-ed dept of a department store I like sells it. I never seem to find anything I want on the racks but hey, I'm sure I'll find something someday so I'm keeping note of the runway collection.
I really like the dress in the middle but really, where would I wear it to? But the subtle black patterns are such sooo pretty!
The red beaded dress on the right is so cute, short and slinky. It would be such a fabulous flirty cocktail dress. Sigh, I'm already looking foward to next summer!
OK so here's a tiny issue BG and I are now thinking about. Our hairstylist recently started working for another hair salon. BG's not too fond of the new salon -it's not as comfortable and she liked the hair technicians at the old salon. So the question is, should we follow him to the new salon or stick to the old salon and change stylists? OK, like I said, not significant at all but just something that we are mulling over in the last few weeks of our summer holiday.
Image credit:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York SS08 Fashion Week Wrapup II

More about NY Fashion Week...
Marc Jacobs
Woah, this collection was a bit unexpected. I've always imagined a lot of Marc Jacobs' normal typical clients liked cute, funky and clean-cut clothes, which is why this collection of sexed-up clothes surprised me. I'm not really loving the underwear theme or the random slits up the skirt or belly-baring tops, but a lot of individual outfits were pretty cool.
Looks like black sequins will still be 'in'. The dress on the left is so cool -I really like the deconstructed black sequin dress with the nude slip under.
The outfit on the left reminds me of Miu Miu FW07. Anyways, you can see a lot of body parts which are usually covered up.
The dress on the left is so pretty! I'm still not sure how I feel about the daywear though (like the one in the middle.)
A lot of putting-together of pieces. The thing with MJ is that even though just by looking at these photos, my first instinct is to dislike the red outfit (left,) I can imagine it looking cool and funky on certain people in real life.
3.1 Phillip Lim
Looking at Phillip Lim's clothes always makes me feel so sad and happy -Happy to see such girly, chic clothes, and sad to know that I can't afford any of them!
Love love love the cocktail dresses! They're so perfect for people in their 20's.
Everything here just looks so cool and chic, (although the outfit in the middle could do without that weird necklace...) Got to try that all-white with trenchcoat look some time in the future!
And more pretty eveningwear.
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez is a brand that I actually really like the designs of, but I never notice it much in shops or think about it much because it's a) not suitable for my age yet, b) doesn't advertise much. But everytime New York Fashion Week comes and I see a new collection, I just cannot help looking over the collection many times. I love the clean, structured cutting and colour palette.
There was a lot of office clothes and simple, structured clothes.
And then there were the cocktail dresses which I LOVE. Take the dress on the left, I love the way the sequins are placed -it looks like black and purple were sprayed on. And I love that shade of purple of the dress in the middle and the way the fabric is draped. I want!
Image credit:

Carrie Bradshaw meets Sayuri


Kanoko Japanese Handmade bags are some of the finest quality contemporary designs using traditional Japanese fabrics. Exquisitely styled, superior quality and unique designs make these one-of-a-kind bags highly sort after. We are lucky to have 3 new designs in stock.

Chou no furu yoru is the most devine piece of fashion beauty. It's Carrie Bradshaw meets Sayuri aura is a breathtaking view. Chou no furu yoru is Japanese for butterflies falling from the sky.

Tokyo Hoop Stars

tokyo hoop

It's official the boy is a hoop star!

We were excited to get an email from our funky hoop instructor Justin congratulating us on our debut on the freshest online source of all things hoopy: Magazine have found their way to our new Tokyo Hoop Stars blog and we were spinning to see they have taken a snippet of our hooping post and added it to their fresh daily dose of hooping info.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Miu Miu: Satchel in Nudo

So this Miu Miu bow bag has probably been overblogged by now. But in the last few weeks, I can't help but feel that I am seeing it absolutely everywhere. Maybe its because I've had it for a year now and I just become more alert when I see it (like when I become instantly alert when I hear the msn alert tone), though this has only been a recent phenomena. So the first thing I'd like to conclude is that, yes, the satchel style is here to stay at least for another season. It is still in the stores and no, it is not on sale.
The next point I'd like to make is that I am LOVING the new color they have it in called Nudo. I'm seeing it in the streets everywhere, this brown yet greyish color is just gorgeous and perfect for this fall/winter. The greyish tint makes it even more easy to match with outfits than my brown one. It kind of reminds me of my new Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nude Palette, brown with a greyish stone tinge. Bring on the greyish brown this season!

Image Source: Barneys

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brazilian Festival

This weekend in Tokyo was simply stunning, usually is after a typhoon. Clear skies, bright blue, a beautiful breeze and just balmy enough to hold onto that Summer feeling.

After a fab shopping expedition which ended with many things gold and sparkley for a certain Foxy Brown , we headed on over to Yoyogi Park to get a taste of Brazil. The annual Brazilian festival was alive and shakin by the time we arrived.

Not content whith sipping Brazilian beer and taking in the BEAUTIFUL sites we got up nice and close to the stage for some sweaty booty shaking. The crowd was so alive and animated, aside from the obvious Tokyo buildings off in the distance we were happily wrapped up in the South American spirit. The smiles, the moves and the beats.

Best of all we got to meet the outrageously gorgeous Julie, of JulieinJapan fame.

Today was all about hooping. A 2 hour class followed by a 2 hour roadside chat with our fabulous trainers Justin and Mario from Hoop Store Tokyo.
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