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Saturday, November 27, 2010

VW Mini Gol Special Vehicle for Mini People

VW Mini Gol Special Vehicle for Mini People - VW Made a special vehicle for dwarf people. this kind of vehicle is far smaller from a normal vehicle.Volkswagen is building a low priced compact car named Gol in Brazil since 1980. This model gave birth to VW Mini-Gol in 2008 which is approximately 30% of the size of the original. Its compact yet lucid size is perfect for little people (5-foot or less).

There have been decent efforts in the past to provide dwarfs with decent means of transportation, but those were limited to modifying the cars to suit the purpose than actually building a new vehicle. However; the one here is a new paradigm.

To tell you more about VW Mini-Gol, the German manufacture has build only two such vehicles in Brazil so far and they’re used as show cars at auto events in Brazil. One such model has been put on display at Leisure Park Santa Catarina, Brazil and is one of the striking attractions. The VW Mini-Gol is all about two distinctive features: its powertrain and its size. It’s propelled by 5.5hp engine, can reach a top speed of 27km/h and is merely 2.25 meters long. Everything else such as seats, dashboard and the instrumentation do not receive any amendment, except the scale.

Here's another picture of this special vehicle for dwarf people named VW Gol.

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Overweight Twins Weight Loss Success Stories

Overweight Twins Weight Loss Success Stories - Here's another motivational weight loss stories for those who want to reduce their weight. the Twins from Belgia managed to lose their weights together. When identical twins Karren Fraser and Paula Muir decided to lose weight - one didn’t want to be bigger than the other. They had always done everything together and both refused to be left standing as the fat twin.

So they had an unusual race to lose weight. Mrs Muir decided she was going to lose weight the traditional way by diet and exercise - whilst Mrs Fraser decided on a more drastic course of action and had a gastric band fitted.

The twins have now managed to lose a staggering 22 stone between them. Mrs Muir now weighs a trim 12 stone, and Mrs Fraser weighs nine stone. Mrs Fraser, 46, said: ‘Paula and I have always done things together and not even our parents could tell us apart.

‘We both decided to lose weight and we were both determined to stick to it. If one had lost it and not the other, it would be like looking in a mirror and seeing what you could look like thin if you tried.’

The twins decided on their pact after the death of their father Roy in February 2007. Mrs Fraser said: ‘Dad was really worried about Paula and I as we were so big. We’d both struggled with our weights all our lives. We’d tried every diet going - the Cabbage Diet, the Cambridge Diet, but nothing had worked.

‘I weighed 22 stone and Paula weighed 21 stone and we were both size 24. We had always laughed it off , and even made it part of our personalities to be large lively girls, but when dad said he was worried about us, we decided we needed to lose the weight.’

Mrs Fraser looked on the internet and decided that her course of action was going to be a gastric band operation. She said: ‘We’d tried every diet going and had even taken slimming pills previously, but nothing had worked. I knew if I was going to lose weight, I needed to do something different.’

But there was one problem. Mrs Muir couldn’t afford the £3,500 cost of a gastric band operation like her sister. There was only one option. She had to lose weight the traditional way, with diet and exercise.

Mrs Fraser, who has two children Tara, 24, and Jake, 20, said: ‘There is a lot of rivalry between Paula and myself. Neither of us wants to be in the shadow of the other. So Paula decided that even though diets hadn’t worked for us in the past, she was going to go on a diet and keep up with me.’

Mrs Fraser had the operation in April 2007 at a hospital in Belgium and she managed to lose six stone. Then in July 2008 she had the band re-fixed and she has now managed to lose a further six stone. But not to be outdone, Mrs Muir decided she was going to eat the same size portions as her sister.

Mrs Fraser said: ‘Paula and I were eating tiny sized portions. It seemed weird after what we used to eat. My stomach told me I was full, but it was harder for her because she hadn’t had a band fitted. She wanted to lick the pattern off the plate afterwards. ‘I really admired her willpower. She was adamant that she was only going to eat what I did.’

Mrs Muir, a charity worker, who lives with husband Peter, 46, an engineer, in Whiston, Merseyside, and has three sons, Liam, 26, Layton, 25, and Dominic, 20, said: ‘I was really jealous of Karren when she told me she was going to have a gastric band fitted.

‘She lost weight very easily afterwards and it was much harder than me, but I wasn’t going to be left behind. We had made a pact to lose weight together, so thats what I was going to do. ‘For breakfast we had porridge instead of fried breakfast and we ditched the takeaways.

‘I started power walking too, to try and help shift the weight. For every pound that Karren lost, it gave me the incentive to keep going too.

‘She had the band to tell her when she was full, but I’d listen to her and when she stopped eating because she was full, I did too.’ Because the twins have lost so much weight they had to have operations to remove loose skin afterwards.

Mrs Fraser had a tummy tuck in April last year, and Mrs Muir had the same operation last July. Mrs Fraser, who lives with partner David Knight, 50, in Widnes, Cheshire, is now a slim size 10 and Mrs Muir is a size 12.

She added: ‘Its been hard work, especially for Paula, but we both feel absolutely fantastic now. We have got so much more energy. We just wish our father could have seen what we have achieved. He would have been so proud of us both.

‘It may have been an unusual way to lose weight, doing it as a race between us. But it was the way to succeed.’

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'Tis the Season

photos via fashiongonerogue

Katja Kulyzhka & Diana Rudenok by Jamie Nelson for Nylon January 2011

glam, chunky-oversized accessories
champagne glasses with red lipstick smudges
 tinsel, ornaments & parties
- the Holidays are here-

70's + leopard

second photo, via style

Chloe Sevigny

These are a few photos I had saved of Chloe & love -although I don't remember the source for the first one. I love the 70s vibe in the photoshoot, & the little leopard dress she's rocking. 

- Hope you all had a relaxing & indulgent Thanksgiving dinner with your families ! -

xo Maria*

The Many Faces of Wallis Simpson

"I am so anxious for you not to abdicate and I think the fact that you do is going to put me in the wrong light to the entire world because they will say that I could have prevented it."
~ Wallis Warfield Simpson

Some have described it as one of the greatest love stories, since the man in question was the reigning king of England, who chose to give up his throne for the woman he loved. The king was Edward VIII and he would forfeit all claim to the throne for American divorcée, Wallis Simpson, later to be known as the Duchess of Windsor. Many others would be less generous in describing their relationship since it caused quite the scandal at the time, creating a constitutional crisis for England and forcing Edward's younger brother Albert to take over the throne. Albert would become King George VI, father of the current Queen Elizabeth II.

Whatever one thinks of Wallis, she lives on as reflected in various films of the past

and she will be portrayed in four different dramas soon to be released...

Upcoming dramas featuring Duchess of Windsor

Previous films portraying Duchess of Windsor

Wallis and Edward (aka Her Royal Affair) (2005)
Joely Richardson and Stephen Campbell Moore

Bertie and Elizabeth (2002)
Charles Edwards and Amber Sealey

The Woman He Loved (1988)
Tom Wilkinson (Mr. Simpson) Jane Seymour & Anthony Andrews (as the Windsors)

Edward and Mrs. Simpson (1978)
Cynthia Harris and Edward Fox

[Edward Fox portrayed King Edward and his own brother James Fox
portrays Edward's father King George V in W. E.]

The Woman I Love (1972)
Faye Dunaway and Richard Chamberlain

Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough? on set of W.E.
photo: Brian Flannery/

Interesting to note: In W.E. Abbie's character becomes fixated on the Duchess of Windsor by working at Sotheby's and in November of 2010, at Sotheby's there is currently an auction of some of the jewellery belonging to the Duchess of Windsor (see more at Sotheby's website)

"The Duchess of Windsor's shoes and evening bags are beautiful items which were given to the late David Campbell, who was the Duke of Windsor's valet in the 1950's, and who passed them on to his young niece to 'play dressing up with.' ''She has treasured them for all these years and has now decided she should let someone else have the pleasure of owning them.''

Daily Mail: Bewitched by Mrs Simpson
"As Madonna makes a film about her life and her jewellery goes up for auction, Tony Rennell explains our enduring fascination with the woman who almost brought down the monarchy"

Daily Mail: Madonna is accused of rewriting history in Abdication movie

Wallis is all smiles in the following picture but don't you just hate
when you show up to a party and someone else is wearing the same dress?
The Duchess of Windsor talking to Aileen Plunket at a party in Paris in June 1966.
(Photo by Lichfield/Getty Images).

Amazing photo collection

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