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Saturday, August 23, 2008

free janmashtami wallpaper

Downlaod Free janmashtami Wallpapers on The Festival of Janmashtami Birthday of Shree Krishna We Hindus Celebrate Krishna Bhagwan's Birthday with lots of Enthusiasm. Today on Krishna janmashtami we are offerring krishna ashtami / Krishna jayanti /gokulashtami / janmashtami wallpapers to send on Orkut Scraps . All these janmashtami wallpapers can be send as Orkut Scrap for free just by saving the particular Wallpaper on your Desktop. Bolo Krishna Kanhaiya Lal ki Jay !

Download Free janmashtami Wallpapers
Photo :God Krishna Playing Flute , Black Background

Download Free janmashtami Wallpaper
Photo : Makhan Chor Lord Krishna

Download Free janmashtami Wallpaper
Photo : Hindu Lord Shree Krishna with Radha

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How to reduce incidences of heart attacks

At any age one must be fully aware of the importance of exercise.

One of the musicians I most admire. Sir Paul McCartney. He had a secret(?) heart operation?

Exercise for cardiac rehabilitation.

Keep slim!! One has to really work hard for it. But it should not stress you if you have more rounds and curves. Just try your best and be comforted.

Your heart when the surgeons operate!!

Many years ago, the people of Sibu were terrified of heart diseases which would come "too suddenly" and without warning. When a person died of a heart attack his relatives would say that probably he had eaten too much "pork leg" or he liked the belly pork too much. What else could be blamed for a person's death?

We all now know today that death comes as a result of so many causes ,natural and unnatural. Expected and unexpected. And some folks live long lives and others very short.

In the 1950's and 1960's little was known about cholesterol,healthy diet,and good health practices. Very sadly my grandfather,my own father and several uncles succumbed to heart attacks besides many others in Sibu.

Over the years doctors practise preventive medicine by helping the public through health talks and even workshops. Dietitians,nutritionists,and other health practitioners became popular occupations . And then the onslaught of direct selling catapulted the society into a frenzy of food fads and crazy expenditure on food supplements.

Aerobic studios sprouted up every where.

Beauty and slimming salons for ladies and even men were established.

The various sports fields became teeming with young and old of different shapes . They virtually walk for health.

All these are the washback of a more affluent lifestyle.

The usual care , which is really very simple ,we must take in order to prevent heart diseases:
1. Eat simple food with less meat,salt ,sugar and oil.
2. Live a stress free life
3. Avoid too much alcohol and smoking. Better still if you can abstain.
4. Avoid late nights and having too many worries.
5. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
6. Have annual health check ups.

We have to be very thankful that general hospitals in Sarawak have up to date facilities and there are so many good resources for cardiac patients. The Kuching General Hospital has one of the best , if not the best,cardiac units in South East Asia. 4 years ago,today,I was on the operation table for a by-pass. It was quite a normal,run of the mill operation,but it was scary indeed.

My rehabilitation was a wonderful experience because family,relatives and friends and even strangers rallied around. I had the best rest (6 weeks) I ever had in my life. All the days which followed the successful operation made me feel how wonderful it is indeed to be alive! I have renewed respect for everything around me. Perhaps God has also granted me a new demeanour - I have become slow to anger and would like to keep it that way. It does not matter if people think that I am a pushover. I smile even more. And I am still very thankful for all the flowers,fruits,visits,prayers and advice given. I have a thankful heart and I hope for keeps.

We all know that not every one can survive a serious heart operation.A famous surgeon once said," It is my hands that operate a patient. But it is God's grace which cures him."

When God gives us life, we must learn what is our purpose on earth. this reminds us of the Methodist School Motto - Seek,Find and Serve. Our society continues to need people who can serve well. And in order to serve mankind well we must remain healthy.

Heart diseases continue to be one of the top killers in our society. But the good news is medical practices and good public health care with support from the media and education department and other government organs have helped to prevent an increase in heart diseases.

"There is no film. There is nothing, nowhere."

This is part of the Movies About Movies Blog-a-thon hosted by goatdogblog. You can read the rest of the entries here. There's some really good stuff there, check it out.

The words in the header are uttered by Guido (Marcello Mastroianni), the director of a movie in a movie by Federico Fellini, and they set the audience up for the films main theme: that through the darkness and uncertainty of not knowing what's to come, we can look to our memories and it is this nostalgia that can lift us up and break free the chains of reality we are immersed in everyday. For Guido there is "nothing, nowhere" at the particular time he speaks these words, but as the film progresses we see a man change; dwelling on past childhood memories, rites of passage, male fantasies, and the value of life itself, Guido doesn't just represent the obvious self-reflexivity of filmmaker Federico Fellini, but also the audience. Fellini is inviting us to partake in this explication of past memories like Guido does, and if we the audience give ourselves to genuine contemplative moments, then we too can change and that there is life to be lived. Something, everywhere. 8 1/2 is that rare film that is a masterful film about a film, but it has the ability to penetrate the screen and creep into our psyches and affect us like no other film can; but like all film hopes to do. That is the power of film, and the power of 8 1/2.

8 1/2 was the moment when director Federico Fellini was starting to hear the jeers from the ultra-serious Italian neo-realist crowd. Having his roots in neo-realism Fellini made a stark departure from the grounded realism and Truth many Italians and film critics found in films like The Bicycle Thief and the Fellini penned Rome, Open City. When Fellini broke free from the shackles and limitations of neo-realism (emotionally it's a great movement and there are some great films there, but it's pretty aesthetically dull) with his brilliant La Dolce Vita all bets were off. Then came 8 1/2 and most critics and lovers of neo-realism thought Fellini had completely lost his mind.

The film shows Fellini's own frustration with the film industry as is masterfully displayed in the famous opening dream sequence. Right away Fellini is telling the viewer that this is a self-reflexive film. We are introduced to Guido while he is being asphyxiated by some kind of gas and trying to kick out the windows of his car, when he suddenly appears outside floating above his car. Guido then floats through his world and eventually above a beach (which we are given the information for later in the film) only to be pulled down by one of his associates (a producer, no doubt representing reality and the decisions Guido must make) who have a string tied around his leg. As Guido struggles to break free from the rope the producer tugs harder and Guido falls, then he wakes up.

The effect of this opening sequence is twofold: from a strictly aesthetic standpoint it's some of the best visual work (all the dream sequences are filmed beautifully, they are also the most fantastical moments of the film) Fellini ever did, showing that he was done with the neo-realist approach to filmmaking. The other effect the opening scene has is the self-reflexive nature of the scene. Since Guido is Fellini it can safely be interpreted that this must have been how Fellini felt while not only making 8 1/2, but any movie after the extremely popular La Dolce Vita. Fellini is telling us that the life of filmmaker working with all these movie producers and people employed by the studios is the same as the opening scene. The obscurity vs. clarity polarity is obviously there with the asphyxiation scene (studios wanting something creative from you even if you have nothing to offer them, another theme of the film), but also the fact that Guido is able to soar in his dream just a little bit, but when he flies by his set (notice how it's for a science fiction film) towards the producers on the beach, they want him down; who surely believe that you can only allow a creative force (like Fellini) so much time in the day to dream things up. A frustration that pulsates throughout the film as the need for decisions and deadlines weigh heavy upon Guido the only thing he can do is think about his childhood while everything around him in the present (the film, relationships) crumble.

The other scene I want to talk about is the origin of the moment where Guido probably decided he wanted to make movies. There is a flashback to Guido's childhood triggered by the password "Asa Nisi Masa" which Fellini explains in an interview is a game him and his friends used to play where they would add the suffix -si or -sa to the first letter of something they wanted to turn into a coded word. In the film one of Guido's friends tells him a story that if they don't utter those words at night before they sleep a picture on the wall will come to life. The correlation of making pictures move and making movies is brilliant and one of the best scenes of the film. If you break down the word further like Fellini explains it then you find a kind of password like Welles' "Rosebud". "Asa Nisi Masa" becomes anima meaning soul or force, but also some of the repressed female characteristics that can be found in men. This is portrayed in the brilliantly wild and funny Harem scene where Guido has all of the women from his life waiting on him hand and foot. It's as if he has them bottled up in his psyche, they are a major part of who he is.

The film excels on the deep interpretive level, no doubt, but it is also just a joy to savor all of its beautifully imagery and the amazing musical score by Nino Rota. It's a film that can lift your spirits by the sheer brilliance of which it was made, yes there are a lot of underlying themes, but more than anything its a film about filmmaking that excels in everything a film should be; which is important since everything we're watching is about what we're watching. The art of the film about a film is often lost on many filmmakers today who are too interested in the easy satire or in-jokes (Fellini was funny too, he kept a sign on the camera throughout 8 1/2 that read: "remember this is a comedy.") of Hollywood, but with 8 1/2 Fellini is interested in something much deeper.

No other film about filmmaking has as much depth as 8 1/2. Here is a man who is seeking all kind of cure methods while he's ruining relationships, meandering on the set and delaying the film (the scene where he is being forced to talk about what the movie is about is hilarious), a man who would rather contemplate on the past then do anything about the future of his film. And this is the point of the film and what makes it the best film about filmmaking. When Fellini was asked what he wanted with 8 1/2 he said he wanted to depict the "three levels upon which our minds live: past, present, and conditional." As a film professor I had once pointed out, notice how Fellini isnot the future, but instead the possible, the potential, the fantasy (think about the end of La Dolce Vita, it's not what his life will be like if he leaves the beach with his dream girl, it's all about the potential, the could of the situation is deafened by the breakers that drown out her voice).

Fellini's major films are more surreal, expressionist, postmodern. Some fault him for this, calling it willfully exhibitionist and aesthete. So the quote I threw in the title of this post makes the film sound nihilistic and teeming with the postmodern nonchalantness and irresponsibility that many of Fellini's detractors accuse him of. That is often the mistake with postmodern art, be it film or literature or whatever, the knock on it is that postmodern art is too nihilistic and doesn't care about the future. This assessment couldn't be more wrong, because the people who do postmodern art correctly understand what it truly represents: that through an explication of our past we can change how we are in the here and now. The future is always in question with postmodern art, much like it is with Guido and his film. He can't answer questions about the future of his film because he doesn't know what the future holds. Why let the future rule your life when you don't even have control of what's happening in the present? And this is what's at the heart of 8 1/2 and postmodern film and literature: how can we change the now to a better now. Yes, the film is exhibitionist (as is evident in the wonderful screen test scene where the theater acts as a confessional), but it's never exclusive; the invitation is there for us to be contemplate on life like Guido in the movie theater watching screen tests.

The above quote in the header suggests that there is something beyond the screen that is more important. 8 1/2 is a perfect example of how a film can use its techniques and moments within its story to evoke past memories -- nostalgia that makes us feel good about the present, the here and now. By exploring our past histories we can uncover newfound truths about ourselves we never knew; opening up parts of our anima, our soul or driving force, we never thought were possible. And isn't that the most wonderful and ultimate goal for all film, to move us and provide us with those moments of reflection?

As mentioned earlier 8 1/2 is the greatest film about filmmaking ever made; I also find it to be the greatest film ever made. It resonates with me the more I watch it. It's one of those rare films that excels at both being about as aesthetically perfect as a film can be and having a powerful and poignant narrative that never grows tiresome. This is the power of the film: like a good epistle or contemplative prayer by the great Thomas Merton, I can return to 8 1/2 numerous times because both its aesthetics and its narrative put me in a deep state of the contemplative. And isn't that the goal of most films? To resonate with us so deeply and on such a personal level that it becomes almost a religious text for us; opening up new worlds of personal discovery and epiphanies that help us learn from our past so that we can become better people today.

8 1/2 contains the power of a film that is, on the surface, a self-reflexive exercise by Fellini who threw everything on the screen for this movie, even having some fun with film criticism as the critic in the movie is the catalyst for the death of the film; but beneath its surface lies an invitation for the audience to think about our own pasts, think about how we treat the ones we love, and how to be an original thinker in a world that wants you tied to a string so at any given moment they can pull you down from your moment of reverie. It was about five years ago that I accepted this invitation when I sat down and watched 8 1/2 for the first time. Watch it by yourselves first, then watch it with friends -- freeze framing certain scenes and discussing the power that lies in each frame; this is a film of tremendous power and poignancy, a film filled with beautifully lighting and cinematography, a film that has some pretty funny satirical comments on the movie making business, and more than anything it's just an entertaining, wonderful film experience, unlike anything you have likely seen or will ever see after. It's the greatest film about filmmaking, yes, but it's also the greatest film of all time.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: “Oh” No, She Di’n’t!

You know, possums, sometimes strings of words form sentences, and sometimes those sentences are so beyond the pale in meaning, so utterly absurd, that it seems they must be ransom notes composed by Dadaist monkeys using back issues of Life & Style and the Pennysaver. To wit, take this example from People Magazine’s “Caught in the Act” section:

Sandra Oh, smiling big over the nude scene in Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater. She sat next to Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn, who watched the hippies while eating an ice cream sandwich.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Mail Bombs...

Hi Guys,
So I'm in the worst airport in the world, Washington Dulles, and there is little to zero internet access!!!
Yeah, it sucks. I have an hour and a half layover, and it's already taken me an hour to get online!!!
Thankfully stellar intern Adriana pitched in, taking over Mail Bombs today! I have a few minutes to post a few before boarding. Let's do it!
Prisca says, "I love your site and wanted to know if you can help me achieve the look below..."
"...Gabrielle Union is my style icon and I want to know if you could help me find her shoes in the picture below or a cheaper alternative (I am a diva on a budget lol)"
Adriana found you can get the look with the following items:
1. Double Knit Slim Ruffled Halter Dress, $139. 2. Jayanna Side Lace Sandal, $129.
Next, Cheryl from LA says, "I must know who made these shoes..."
...they're hot!"
Adriana to the rescue! She says, "Cassie is wearing a version of these Pierre Hardy Metallic Strappy Platform Lace-up shoes..."
"...These are from Hardy's Fall 2008 line and are currently only available to pre-order. They retail for 850 Euros (or a little bit over $1,200)."
Next, Soraya says, "I recently saw this jacket on Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, can you tell me where I can find it??"
"Its fierce and I would like to incorporate it into my post grad school wardrobe."
Adriana says, "Blake's purple-striped crested blazer is from Ralph Lauren's Spring 2008 RTW collection..."
"...It might be tough to still get in store but visit Ralph Lauren's Web site to contact them or find a store near you."
Lastly, Dee says, "Where's the best place to get fresh water pearls? My budget is $100-200."
Adriana offers, "Surprisingly, one of the best places to get freshwater pearls is a reputable moderate department store (like Macy's), as their jewelry departments tend to have lots of quality designs in this organic gemstone. Here are some stylish and affordable pieces:"
1. 14k Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $175. 2. Multicolored Freshwater Pearl Strand, 72", $150. 3. Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace, $70.
Adriana, you're a lifesaver!
Hope that was enough Mail Bombs fun for ya:)
I'm sure my hotel abroad will have internet access. Hopefully I'll be able to update regularly while I'm away:)
Until then, Cheerio, Bisous...

Food-Porn Friday: “Marie Antoinette”

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam Wallpapers Mallika Sherawat Rahul Bose

Download Free wallpapers of Bollywood Movie Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam starring Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat , Actor Rahul Bose and Comedian Paresh Raval.

Wallpapers of Movie Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam
Photo : Mallika Sherawat in special costumes

Wallpapers of Movie Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam
Photo : Mallika Sherawat , Rahul Bose , Paresh Raval

Wallpapers of Movie Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam
Photo : Mallika Sherawat in Dance Pose

Wallpapers of Movie Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam
Photo : Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose

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The Classic Denim Mini

Recently I've been in a major fashion slump, meaning that I've been recycling two outfits over and over again for the past few weeks. In fact, my fashion slump has been so serious that I've resorted to wearing my sister's denim mini skirt.
Yes that's right -a classic denim skirt. It's not even one of those trendy A-line minis, which are oh-so-trendy this season. And I'm so lazy that I just wear it with my current love, an American Apparel V-neck shirt. While the white tee and denim mini combination feels very juvenile to me (-it's very high school isn't it?), it's also strangely very comforting. With fashion trends coming and going faster than ever, it's just getting tiring and frankly, not very exciting to keep up with it all. I mean, I adore Zara and H&M for its fast fashion and prices but since I am stuck in a fashion slump, nothing seems more charming than a plain, casual outfit that is the tee and denim mini.

Right now I'm trying to find a denim mini to buy. A problem with the denim mini is that I'm finding it really difficult to find a denim mini which is of a decent length. It's not like I'm asking much -I just want one that ends around or slightly below mid-thighs. But in the shops tha't I've been to (-ok, basically only Top Shop,) all I've seen are mini minis. How do people even move around in those? BG tells me that America Eagle Outfitters makes pretty good denim minis (see image.) But since I don't live in the States, I'm hoping the next time I go to H&M or some other casual shop, they'll be selling some decent denim minis!

Image Credit:

Intern Style File: Brandy

So I'm not gone quite yet, but there's a lot of preparation (and packing) to do before an overseas trip! Thankfully Adriana stepped in today with a Style File on a bit of an unusual subject...
Let's see how she did!
As she prepares to release her fifth studio album, it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 15 years since Brandy’s first single, “I Wanna Be Down,” dropped and became an instant hit. Brandy’s fashion sense has a fresh, youthful energy about it, and it’s been fun to watch her look evolve as she’s grown from teen pop star to multi-talented R&B icon.
Brandy’s initial style mirrored that of most any teenager in the 90s: shoe boots, baby tees, back-pack purses (was I the only one who forgot she took Kobe to her prom??)…

…and, of course, she rocked the signature Brandy braids!
As Brandy moved into her late teens/ early twenties, her style took on a new mature, flirtatious edge and we began to see her in more bright colors, fitted pieces, and short hem lines:
...And with the birth of her daughter, Sy’rai, Brandy entered full-fledged womanhood--all too evident in her fashion choices. Remember the flapper dress/gladiator sandal outfit she wore to the 2002 MTV Music Awards (two months after becoming a new mom?). She definitely made headlines...
These days, Brandy prefers a look that incorporates playfulness, function, and sophistication. She chooses red carpet outfits that accent her waist and slender frame, and feature earth tones and “statement” accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets...
Her casual look still leans toward the youthful, and like any girl who’s young at heart she seems to prefer graphic tees and long loose hair, along with other laid-back pieces to complement the look…
…yet she definitely knows how to dress for a party or chic affair:
It’s been a treat to watch Miss Norwood grow up!
Get some of Brandy’s looks with these pieces:

Alice & Olivia Wool Jersey with Belt, $395. 2. J.Crew Beaded Waterfall Necklace, $150. 3. RSVP Taupe Petra Boots,$136. 4. Bebe Diagonal Draped Tunic, $69. 5. Tiger Graphic T, $11.
Great job Adriana!
Do you like Brandy's Style?
PS A bit of throwback Brandy flavor, in case you forgot:
I did the dance to this for days...

You need to give it up...

And I'm still drooling over the guy in this viddy...

Food Stylings: Swiss Milk

“I, at last, got to settle the score with Switzerland….And their cheese? It sucks.”—Anthony Bourdain

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VH1's Glam God + Pleasure Principal by Janet Jackson!

*Check out VH1's new show 'Glam God'...
...featuring Vivica Fox, Phillip Bloch, and Fashion Bomb friend Indashio (middle)...
...he's the bomb! Tune in tonight at 10pm!
*Janet Jackson unveiled a new lingerie line she dubbed 'Pleasure Principal'... WWD, she says, "“I hate when you’ve had on a bra all day long and you just can’t wait to take it off — every woman has experienced that...A lot of lingerie tends to leave those marks and be uncomfortable. This line is about detail, fit and comfort as well as beauty and making women feel sexy.” The line ranges from sizes 32A to 44G, and is mostly satin and lace. Slated to drop in department stores by late this year or early 2009, all bras and underwear pieces are affordable at under $40. [WWD]
*Check out the blog OmoWrites...'s written by Fashion Bomb superfan and fashionista Samantha Smikle (pictured left). Cute!

A feather in your cap - A study of plumed hats 1800-2008

(Picture : Chief Seattle USA). The city of Seattle is named after him, an American Indian Chief whose wisdom and speaking abilities have impacted the world.

Men and women have always been fashion conscious throughout the world and all through the history of mankind. And one of the most important part of a man or a woman's attire is the hat worn for ceremonial purposes or just a normal day out in the sun.

Photo by Rubber Seeds - An Iban Chieftain with feathers on his headgear.

Besides other ornaments feathers or plumes have been decorating hats or helmets for centuries.

Today I have a selection of beautiful pictures to just tell you that. No wonder when the English say " I got another feather in my cap!", they do not mean literally a feather in their cap. Instead they have something to be proud of.

Let me wish you lots of days with feathers in your cap.

A New Zealand Governor in full ceremonial attire.

A Cavalier UK in uniform which has been worn for centuries.

An Adjutant General's Cocked Hat.

Another ceremonial hat.

Stylish black felt hat with plume.

Sir Hugh Clifford of Pahang one of the Residents of Pahang. He had his plumed hat in his right hand in this portrait.

And at the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony lots of feathers were seen . China has lot of feathers in her cap for making the 2008 Beijing Olympics more than fantastic!!
Chang Yi Mou , the director of directors,has another feather in his cap.

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