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Saturday, March 24, 2007

In the past...

Going through some pics left on one of our cameras I was reminded of some past events that had totally slipped my mind.

A large part of my life is actually dedicated to being a Grade 3 teacher at The Tokyo Korean School. A few weeks ago we had a very exciting Korean Cultural Day. Living in 'Korean Town' and working for the school I have been lucky enough to learn and enjoy a great deal. I am particularly in love with kimchi (although my ulcer is not always pleased with that) and on cultural day I grew to love the color, vigor and excitment of the games, dqance and costumes.
Here I am looking particularly Marshmallow Man like in a traditional Korean hanbok.

A few weeks ago we went to listen to TOKYOMADE designer Seimani do his stuff on the decks.

A top night, great tunes, awesome atmosphere and some of the best and original veg and vegan food I have tried in Tokyo. Enjoy House in Ebisu is a must! Devine frozen margaritas too!

H&M M by Madonna

Having personally been unimpressed by the last few designer for H&M collections, I didn't really have much expectations of this M by Madonna collection either. I was only vaguely aware that it was even coming out this week! But then while shopping with my cousin at the new H&M store in HK (you will not believe what a crowd it was-and still is) I came across the collection and so took a look. And boy was I surprised. I actually LIKE the collection! Its simple, chic, elegant and totally wearable.

While people have complained that this is a boring and safe collection, I personally think that this is the best way to do it. For even though the previous designer collections have been adventurous and exciting, you ultimately cannot cheaply mass produce such garments without compromising the quality. At least with this collection, since the designs are so classic, there is less room to go wrong.
The classic white trench looks gorgeous. But alas, its such a hot item I did not see it at the store.
But mostly I am just loving the office looks from this collection. They are so simple, put-together yet very sexy and chic.
I adore these two all over white look.
And I absolutely LOVE this dress (left). I saw it in white, tried it on and it looked great and fitted BEAUTIFULLY. I almost even bought it, but alas, I didn't have anywhere to wear it to. For something more casual, the shirt dress on the right is also a great option.
For pattern, these two dresses are sophisticated and classy.
And THESE are the belts i've been looking for. Simple and versatile with just the right amount of detail and width- I'd like one of each please!

The best thing I like about this collection is that it doesn't look cheap. I'd wear everything I've just posted. My only concern now is that since its so widely publicized and sold, do I really want to risk clashing with every other girl on the street. . . . . .

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sampling Mascaras

If you have read my recent post in the Jane blog, then you'll know that I'm desperate for a new tube of mascara. I've got this habit: after I finish a product, I usually don't buy the same product. I either buy a (magazine or Makeup Alley) -recommended product, or try out new products on the market because you never know if there are better ones out there. So when BG and I were shopping yesterday, I tried out two mascaras which are quite new.
The first mascara was one by Shiseido Maquillage. I can't remember the exact name of the mascara and the official site is in Japanese so this is just from what the saleslady told us. The mascara had one one of those flat combs and it had a waterproof formula. It was supposedly a light, volume-enhancing mascara, although when pushed further, the saleslady also claimed that it was supposed to legnthen your lashes. She quickly curled my lashes and tried some on my lashes. The result? My lashes sort of clumped together and I looked like I had half the lashes I actaully had. Plus, they looked barely legnthened and only a bit volume-ised. I removed the mascara immediately and moved on.
The second mascara was the Projectionist by Estee Lauder, which I've been meaning to try out for awhile. I had my reservations because it was not available waterproof, but the 'High Definition Volume Mascara' ad looked so tempting so I had to give it a try. The saleslady curled my lashes, put on many coats of mascara base, and then many many coats of the Projectionist. She put on so many coats of mascara that my eyes literally teared up.
The result was kind of weird. It was obviously a good mascara as it did a decent job at lengthening and adding volume (I have high standards). And like the ad said, it certainly added 'drama' to my lashes -they looked very unnatural and coated up (thanks to the saleslady.) BG thought my lashes looked weird. I was unsure about the effects and it being non-waterproof so the saleslady said I should wait for a few hours. When I got home about two hours later, a tiny bit of mascara seemed to have already smudged around the outer bottom eyeline very slightly. So I guess that's a no.
The conclusion? Since I'm such a risk averse girl and practically every mascara smudges on me, it seems like I'm destined to stick with good-old-totally-waterproof Lancome. Oh well, I might as well try out the ever popular Defincils. What is your take on waterproof/ non-waterproof mascaras? Pls recommend me a dramatic, waterproof, smudge-free mascara if you know any!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Take on 3.1 Phillip Lim

In the past few seasons, Phillip Lim has been one of the NY's new 'big' fashion designers. People love his clothes because they're chic, girly but not overly so, wearable and don't look cheap. I've always thought his designs were pretty and loveable, but I wasn't too interested in them. Maybe because I can't quite imagine myself wearing clothes so mature. Afterall, I'm a somewhat fashionably-unbothered student -my outfits are usually just jeans and simple tops.
But a family friend/ 3.1-enthusiast recently asked, 'How could you not like Phillip Lim (more)?!?' That got me thinking and instead of looking again at the photos from his SS07 runway collection, I went onto his website, and looked through all the lookbooks. Wow. The lookbooks had the outfits styled much more realistically and they were heavy doses of fashionable, girly, young and romantic outfits. I especially loved the Spg '07 pt1 lookbook. You HAVE to go check the lookbooks out if you haven't done so already -I felt like I was drunk on all that prettiness, much like after I watched Marie Antoinette!

True, I still think that Phillip Lim's clothes aren't completely suitable for a 21 year old student (esp budget-wise), but I am definitely going to stop to take a look at his clothes next time I'm in a department store. Hey, it doesn't hurt to look right? Or perhaps when the summer sales are on in June......
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A stunning sunny day here in Tokyo today, the first REAL warmth of spring! Just gorgeous. I know there are a bazillion studies showing the positive impact of sunlight and warmth on human emotions and well being but sometimes we forget just how uplifting a pretty day like today can be.

So we have all fingers and toes crossed in the hope that the gorgeousness continues for our TOKYOMADE PINK PARTY in Inokashira Park on Saturday. A quick trip to the Emperor's Palace today did not give us much hope that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom this weekend but we won't let that stop us! Little do they know but we are going to rope all of fab designers into creating a magnificant sakura centerpiece. A make shift tree stump, plenty of sakura branches, a whole lot of tape, giant pocky and lashing of imagination - sure to be one huge preschool-like art project!

Tomorrow is the big bake off. Cupcakes for everyone (if you are quick!) and champaign to wash it down. If you are coming along be sure to bring some yummy things that you love aswell, like beer for example, I am not real good at catering to everyone's taste - will try though!

We will have camera at the back soon with some TOKYOMADE PINK PARTY pics and stories.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prada SS07: Fringe Accessories

I simply cannot ignore it anymore as a catwalk anomaly there for show, Prada fringe accessories are everywhere.

On the catwalk on their clothes, their bags.. . .

on more of their bags, on their shoes. . . on their ad. . .
and now even in their store. They've devoted a whole SECTION to these things!

I know that where Miuccia leads, we all follow. But this time, I fear that I will have to stay behind. Personally I am very freaked out by this phenomena, because I really really really do not like these fringe things. It reminds me of cross between Cousin IT from the Adam's Family and red indian costumes. As if THAT isn't creepy enough, now she wants us to carry mini cousin IT's around and wear him ON US?? Ah. . . please keep IT away from me!

Pink Party Still On

OK so despite the fact that these friggin' pretty pink flowers are playing hard to get and we may not see them in full bloom this weekend after all the PINK PARTY is still the place to play this weekend!! Let it be known that as I write this I am decked out in all pink sporting a mighty fine tissue paper sakura in my hair! Oh yes there shall be PINK. There is going to be so much PINK that there is a PINK party meeting scheduled for this evening at 7:30 @ Advocates Shinjuku Ni Chome to discuss how the pinkness should prevail. (I know, I know I can hear you Leila I need to stop going there...but it is close, convenient and the drinks are cheap What more could a girl ask for?) If you are unable to come to our little meeting this evening you can always leave your pink suggestions in the comment box.

As far as the pinkness goes thus far THINK > pink heart shaped helium filled balloons, pink hello kitty bingo, pink prizes, pink costumes, pink cupcakes, pink champaign and some giant pink pocky. Naturally there will be more PINK surprises and please please feel free to bring your own pinkness to add to the ??? what is the collective noun for a whole lot of PINK ???

So unless it buckets out of the sky, and according to this mornings forecast there is a 40% chance on rain on Saturday - we will be there in all our PINK glory. From noonish til lateish (until the champaign stops flowing!) Come and hang with us...more info on the bingo times SOON.


ps Oh and if you are a meat eater you have to bring your own, sorry only vegheads in this house. But the cupcakes will have lots of butter and egg I am sure and the edamame, fruit, veg and vegie dips will help the champaign and beer go down just nicely!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SS07 Trend: Permenant Hair Straightening

Straight hair was all the rage in the SS07 runway shows and the uber glamourous Oscars. Now we all know that the models and celebs have professional hair stylist straightening their hair with brushes and straighteners. But how could normal people like us get such perfect straight hair? Most people would buy hair straighteners, like the much-beloved T3. But we also know that using hair straighteners all the time (admit it- so many people are guilty of this!) is not great for your hair. OK so my point is, here's another idea: permenant hair straightening.
Japanese negative ionic hair striaghtening (don't know the proper name) was very popular back around seven years ago. I did it twice, once when I was fifteen and the once when I was sixteen. I loved it -it made my hair seriously shiny, easy to manage, there were never knots (believe me my hair was long), and my hair looked perfectly blew-dry 24/7. And to my surprise, the hair striaghtening didn't seem to dry out my hair (I almost never found split ends.) Oh how I miss those days. The only disadvantage was that during the first month, my hair looked dead -shiny, but limp. Thankfully, my hair got more volume after it grew out a bit.

How long did the straightened hair last? It depends how much of the straightened hair you cut off. For example for my second time, I didn't get a proper hair cut (I just trimmed it myself) for two years, and so my hair looked somewhat naturally straight for that second year.
However, here's just a little warning: some people may have side effects. I have a friend who got her hair striaghtened and some of her hair fell off. But I also had another friend whose hair was originally wavy, had a wonderful time with straightened and frizz-free hair for eight months.

Anyone planning to have fun with this straightened hair trend this spring/summer? And if you've had permenantly straightened hair before, did you have a good or bad experience?
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sienna Miller Looking Pretty Again

We liked Sienna Miller when she rocked the boho chic style back in 2004/5, but her fashion choices were just... bleh last year. This year though, she's been out and about getting publicity, promoting Factory Girl and she has definitely made a comeback style-wise. Given, most of the photos I've seen of her are of her in events which she seriously got dressed up for, but I thought it'd be fun to take a recap.
Sienna attending parties in Chanel. She looks amazing in both dresses, but I esp like the green one.
The black dress fits her so well. It's such a classic yet not boring cut. And that studded clutch def adds a bit of edge to the outfit.
Sienna looked really elegant and cool (and practical) at Sundance in this grey trenchcoat.
At one of the many Factory Girl premieres. This dress is simple, but I'm not sure the cut looks that great on her.
Sienna at another Factory Girl premiere, but this time she looked pretty in this white dress (head-to-toe in Burberry.) I love the details of the dress, like the silver strands that move with her -they totally add life to the dress.
These shift dresses look absolutely fabulous on her. The left photo is of her at the UK Factory Girl premiere. I love that dress: the beaded sequins, and the black hems that balance the overly-cutsy feel of white. (I read somewhere it's vintage Balenciaga.) That black dress on the right is also so perfect for a night event.
A simple outfit for the CK In2U event. Now this is one outfit we can take notes on because it's actually achieveable for us normal people. It's very 'now'.
OK, onto some more 'casual' outfits. Of course, Sienna's casual outfits are not quite your average casual outfit nowadays.
Sienna out for lunch in the simple dress (left) and out for a night out (right). Love the night time outfit. And note the double thin headbands -very 'in' at the moment.
Not a big fan of this daytime look. It just looks too... formal and dressed up, unless she was attending some formal tea party.
Sienna is more glamourous than boho these days, and she certainly looks glam here. Styling tips for a cold night: wear a sweater under a coat. Sounds like a no duh advice, but most ppl usually freeze on a night out instead of wearing layers.
Ahh, if only designers sent clothes to us like they do to Sienna!
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