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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shorts For Winter

The whole shorts + tights + ankle boots thing is a huge trend this season (a follow-up of the super-mini-shorts trend from the summer.) Some magazines even claim it's the new mini-skirt, which I'm not too sure about but I'm a fan of mini-skirts much more than of shorts. Anyways, so I've seen a lot of girls in London wear this trend -at school, in the supermarket, shopping... While I can totally understand it's a huge trend, I'm still amazed by how many ppl are wearing this combination. Why? Becuase dude, it's cold out there. Like seriously cold. And with this look, it's a very thin line between fashion victim and cute/ cool.
But if you really like this trend, then make sure you wear 'dressy' shorts. And you might want to stick to basic colours. Here are some that I like from Top Shop:

Checkered shorts -They're casual and preppy. Plus I've always thought checked things look better in winter than summer.

Silky-like shorts -Silky-looking things always make the item look classy, expensive and perfect for a night out.
Velvet shorts -These are also very wintery feeling and give off that going-out vibe. They're very girly so they're probably not suitable for everyone's taste but if you're a girly girl...

High-waisted shorts -While I could never pull off anything high-waisted, I've seen some Londoners try them on at Top Shop and they look really cool. Imagine these shorts with something as simple as a white T-shirt (tucked in) and platforms. Cool huh? (Although I think they'll look better without tights.)

What are your thoughts on this trend? Have you been wearing it?

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Crocheted Cheesecake

some crocheting, my 2nd attempt- gifted to Mychau :-)

Hoot Is What We Aim For

Dave Duchane

Thursday, November 15, 2007


practicing with my sewing machine...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Freshly Squeezed

this link contains the cover and intro

this link contains ACT 01: sketches and studies

this link contains ACT 02: photographs

this link contains ACT 03: student work

Design Festa - Your Questions Answered

Design Festa Vol. 26 is being held this Saturday (Nov 17) and Sunday (Nov 18) and we have been getting a few questions, so we answering them all right here, right now!

When is Design Festa?

Vol. 26 is this weekend, November 17 and 18. The event space will open at 11am and close at 7pm on both days.

What is your booth number?

will have a two mat booth at space C0066. We have been designing and building, sprucing and decorating all week so please come and celebrate with us! At least stop in and say hi!

What is Design Festa?

Design Festa is an International art event. It is the largest art event in Asia. This year there is forecast to be about 6500 exhibitors and a whopping 52 000 spectators.

Basically, if you are a first timer to the event you can expect aisle after aisle of booths built and decorated by artists, designers, creators, makers, painters, drawers, dancers, singers, djs, crafters, activists and lovers of life. You can also expect 51 999 other buyers, lookers, scouts, photographers, drifters, artists, shoppers, friends, family and lovers of life to be filing through the aisles in search of treasures in many forms.

Aside from the booths filled with color and creation there is also an outdoor space for the musicians and their fans, a large catwalk and stage, a performance art space, film space, short shorts showing and a large food and bev area.

Where is it?

Design Festa
is held at the Toyko Big Site. A spaceship like structure that is better known as an International exhibition center.

How do I get there?

Well that all depends on where you are coming from but it is usually a pretty relaxing train ride.

The closest station to the Tokyo Big Site is Kokusai-tenjijo Station. It is about 25 minutes from Shinjuku or Tokyo station, an hour from Narita airport and about 50 minutes from Yokohama.

You can jump on the Saikyo or Yamanote at Shinjuku station head to Osaki station (160 yen) and change to the Rinkai line to Kokusaitenjijo (320 yen) and be there in less than half an hour.

I find the easiest way to check all the times and routes is through the Jorudan website.

Check here for more access info.

Here are some extra special tips we thought might make your day(s) easier...

- If you are catching the train, buy your return ticket when you get to the station. You will thank us for this tip when you bypass the mass of people lining up for tickets to get home. You can breeze straight through the ticket gates, because you were a smarty pants and got yours early.

- There are coin lockers outside of the display area.

- It is a little walk from the station and being near the water it can get quite cold and windy (I know, I know I sound like my mum but this is important comfort factor info). Once inside the event space it almost becomes too warm. Consider locking up your jacket and any extra baggage (emotional or otherwise) it is way too stimulating and often crowded to carry any extras. Plus you need all hands free to fondle the goods and plenty of bag space for all of your purchases.

- There are plenty of bathrooms both in and outside of the event space.

- Design Festa provide a plastic (ugh) bag and event guide upon entry, while we are trying to keep our Earth gorgeous and green both of these things will probably come in handy but might we suggest that you bring your own cloth bag from home for all of your collections. You do collect A LOT of flyers, paper, stickers, business cards and the like, not telling you what to do, but please try to take only what you think you will need and truly use. Carbon neutrality is sexy!!

- There is a Tully's and conbini just before you enter the Tokyo Big Site through the main entrance on the Kokusaijijo station side, should you need to refuel after your train journey. The convenience store also has an ATM.

- If you are thinking of staying late and having dinner with friends in the area be aware that many of the restaurants close to Tokyo Big Site close quite early. There are a few small cafes and a Saizeria (that is usually packed with starving exhibitors filling up on the drink bar and 299 yen carafes of house wine). Odaiba is not far away, a 10 or so minute walk beyond the Fuji Television building and you will find yourself at the Odaiba DECKS and Aqua City. Here is a restaurant guide for the Tokyo Big Site area, if you are still unsure.

- Design Festa is BIG and if you are hoping to take in as many booths and performances as you can you are best to start early. Take water and a small snack to keep you going. You could easily walk up and done each aisle systematically for a solid 9 hours and not see everything.

Above all, Design Festa is a place where you are sure to find a new treasure, meet a new friend and be greatly inspired to do that thing that you 'have been meaning to do'.

See you there!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

scrum meeting

one of the scrum meetings i had everyday....

Paul and Joe Boots

I know that the main focus of a lookbook of a fashion collection is the clothes, but upon looking at Paul & Joe's latest lookbook, I could not help but stare in fixated horror at the model's feet. Maybe I am just not fashion forward enough, but upon seeing these boots (almost everywhere in the lookbook) all I can think of is ugh!
Maybe in a few months (or even weeks) time, I will find them cute and want a pair. Who knows how fashion evolution works? I mean, without the slouchy thing, the shape of the pointy toe is perfectly rounded and the heels look just right. But right now ,at this moment, the slouchy thing (which I assume is the CENTER of the design) just makes models look like they have swollen ankles to me- and that is never attractive.
I tried looking at them from different angles, but still- nothing. Maybe it is also the awkward height of the boots as well, making them not quite ankle boots but not quite tall boots either. Only a model with super long legs like that can carry it off (I should know since I stupidly bought a pair of such awkward height boots last season and I am still trying to figure out how to wear them....) without looking short with their legs sectioned off like that.
So what is the verdict for these $825 Peper Suede Paper Bag booties? Fashion forward? Or should it be stuffed into a paper bag?

Image Source: Paul & Joe and Shopbop

Monday, November 12, 2007

Top Ralph Lauren Picks

In anticipation of Ralph Lauren's private sale, which takes effect online this Thursday 9am eastern time through to Monday 19th Nov, I decided to do a little feature on some of my top Ralph Lauren picks this season. I mean, the sales are going to be pretty good, going up to 40% off with an extra 15% off already reduced price items on Thursday by typing in "NOV15", so better make the most of the opportunity! First thing that pops into my head that I want from RL- dress shirts. Especially blue/white stripey ones like these two. They are just classic. It would be a great addition to my building work wardrobe. I wonder if RL considers these classic enough to fall under: "Up to 30% off RL Classics: cashmere sweaters(whopee!), polo shirts, oxfords, chinos and select Create Your Own items".......
Off to more interesting pieces, I also like these white dress shirts with an extra feminine touch. Especially the one on the left, the pleats are just right to make it look interesting, but not so much that it looks overtly girly.
Long cardigans are also just the thing this season. Paired with a printed dress shirt (left), you'd have perfected the preppy chic look. By itself, they are casual and cool (right).
And we must not forget this season's must have: dresses. These dresses above are both simple and elegant. The key of course is the belt. The one on the left with the badge and the collar is more casual and youthful. Except I'm not sure if it would look as good on me as it does on the model...what if I look school girl like? Its a thin line.
As the holiday season approaches, we have these very holiday feel sweaters with the snowflakes, plaid and red. Personally, I'd go for the red sweater and plaid shirt combo. Least then I can also wear it separately and besides, plaid is going to be fun this season.
Something dressier, there is this adorable bronze satin dress. I don't know why, but I have a huge affinity towards RL shoes even though they are not known for making footwear. This season is no exception. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these black ankle boots. They are high, but with platform, so I won't be in pain all the time. And the heels look sturdy. The toes are perfectly rounded. The black bow is just the right of detail to make it interesting while still keeping it simple. I just LOVE it. I can wax poetry about it all night. I WANT these!
And last but certainly not least are these jackets/coats. Coats and jackets are the best investment, because they don't change everyday so you really get good mileage out of it. They are the first thing people see you in when you walk in somewhere- so make sure you make a good statement with it. I am loving the stylish cropped jacket (left), which can be worn formally like this or casually, layering with jeans etc. And the long coat- it is just princess like with its perfect fit and flare!

So yes, don't forget to check out the RL private sale this Thursday!

Image Source: Ralph Lauren


This is how I anticipate my Tokyo commute to manifest each day

Thanks Frangipani

This is usually what my chariot looks like...

Thank the universe for pink iPods, big dreams and cute Japanese boys with big hair!

The Hoot Times #1

Tattoo-free awesome owl story ahead!...

Orphaned owls find new cuddly-toy mum

A group of orphaned baby owls snuggle up to a cuddly toy which has become their surrogate mum after they were found on the brink of death in the wild.

The tiny tawny owl chicks burrow in under the fluffy toy's wings to keep warm after they were separated from their own mothers.

The chicks, all aged between just four and eight weeks, faced certain death as they fended for themselves alone in the wild but are now recovering in an animal hospital.

A group of orphaned baby owls snuggle up to a cuddly toy which has become their surrogate mum after they were found on the brink of death in the wild

Two of them, brother and sister Oscar and Olivia, aged four weeks were brought in by a concerned dog walker who found them being clawed to death by a pair of cats.

A fluffy baby aged around six weeks called Thomas was taken to the animal centre by a member of the public who spotted him lying on the edge of a busy road.

And tiny eight-week-old Tamsin narrowly escaped a nasty end when she was discovered by a cyclist tottering along a popular bike path through a forest.

All four of the nocturnal creatures are now being cared for by experts at the New Forest Otter, Owl & Wildlife Park at Longdown in the New Forest, Hants.

Shiny Hoots Of Leather

Shane O'Neill


Although in reality I have all the time in the world, I am allowing myself only 5 minutes, in this hectic and crazy schedule that I have chosen to set free something that has been welling inside of me.

I got a call from a very special lady last night who helped me to remember that I have been so locked up in my own happenings (TOKYOMADE, Design Festa, new projects, school) lately that I have not come up for air once to appreciate some of the alternative greatness that is around me.

I choose my thoughts and I choose what I attract and create in my life. Starting today, it is my intention to make more time for the people that have helped me become who I am today. It is my continuous goal to give myself more time for hooping, dancing and all of the wonderfully relaxing times that bring strength to my body and mind!

I am truly grateful for the strength of my gorgeous friends who surround me and support me. Their understanding and abundance of love surrounds me even though we are far apart.

I love to talk with my mum and hear of her growing strength. I enjoy hearing of my sister's worldly adventures. I love them both more than they know for everything that they have given to me, the numerous ways they have helped me become me.

I appreciate every opportunity that Masao and I have to follow our shared visions and dreams. I am truly grateful for the energy and fullness that we bring to each other's lives.

Thank you

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leather Jackets

I have never really had the desire for leather jackets before, because I have always related it to punk, rock n roll and motorcycles- none of which describes me. But lately, with the the mix and matching of rock n girly and layering, I have had a change of mind...and now I really want one! They seem to be everywhere!
There is the more classic biker chic kind like this one from Alice + Olivia (left)- I love it! And then there is the more casual looking ones like this one from Mike & Chris with a combo of material giving it a sportier edge (Mike & Chris- think Rachel Bilson last year).
To make them more layer friendly, some designers also made these cropped biker chic leather jackets like these two from Sword (left) and Clandestine for DKNY (right). I especially LOVE the soft dove grey color of the Sword leather jacket. I can totally imagine it over a flowy black dress looking very cool.
Here we play with the fit and the neckline at Madison Marcus (left) and Adam plus Eve (right). Its interesting... but I got to say, not my favourite.
Going a bit more to the extreme, we have these girly-fied leather jackets with added feminine touches from Madison Marcus. I think the brown one with the frills (left) is a bit too much but I love the grey one with the ruffled neckline (right)- its perfect!

Sigh... too bad for me that leather jackets are about one of the most expensive types of jackets out there.....

Image Source: Shopbop, Shop Intuition, Elle

My Rainy Day Shoes

It's been raining quite often in London in the past two weeks and I just realised that I have no shoes to wear for those rainy days. The only normal shoes that completely cover up my feet I own are my Puma sneakers, which are all white. You can imagine that by the time I got to my class, the front of my sneakers had terrible dark smudges. So I realised I really need a pair of rainy-day shoes. Thankfully, while I was blogging about ankle boots a few days ago, I realised that patent leather ankle boots were my perfect solution!

Since I'm planning to use this new pair of patent leather shoes for rainy, everyday use, here were my criterias: (love lists!)
  • Easy to put on -because I'm always leaving my flat less than 10 mins before lectures start and rushing out of the door.
  • 1-2.5inch-high heels -because flats are too low and 4-inch high heels are too high for me to walk quickly and comfortably around in. Unfortunately, most of the shoes out there these days are 4 inches high.
  • From the high-street -because my budget can only afford high-street shoes, and my conscience wouldn't feel as bad when they get dirty and ruined by the black, watery London streets.
  • Style-wise, they don't have to be super trendy but they have to be modern and somewhat stylish. I do go to school in the city afterall.

With ankle boots being all the rage this season, you would think it would be easy to find a pair, but it certainly wasn't. For example, Top Shop sells a pair for around 75 pounds (which is a bit too expensive,) and Office has a not-very-pretty pair for 60 pounds. Fortunately, my absolutely favourite high-street store, Zara had a pair that fit my criterias, together with the curved, Prada-inspired heels. (You can't really see the heels in this picture but they're there.)

Excuse my numerous posts about ankle boots if you're sick of them. I'm just excited I finally got a pair of rainy day shoes!

Latest Craftings

my latest crafting... the top rabbit was sewn mostly by machine (took me forever to figure out how to set the whole machine up... but now that it's all set up- i'm hoping that i'll craft even more :-) i'm so glad i got one for my bday)

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