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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guys and Skincare

In recent conversations with guy friends, I've noticed that more and more guys use skincare. But right after admitting they use skincare, some people's reactions are like, err but you're a guy! Really people, we're in the 21st century. People in our generation are generally fickle and vain. We're into taking loads of photos every time we go out with our digital cameras that have ever-increasing mega-pixels. Who can blame guys for using skincare when we girls spend so much on similar things?

I think it's actually cool when guys admit they use skincare. I mean, at least they care enough about their hygiene and skin condition to buy and use it daily. That actually requires money and effort. While there's obviously something wrong if a guy spends more time than you (girl) getting ready to go out, guys using skincare should not imply they're gay.

All this aside, I do love talking to guys about skincare. One guy was telling me how much he loved H20+'s products because they are all oil-free (which I totally connected with because I thought the same back then,) and one guy was recommending me an eye product. Skincare's such great conversation topic!

So girls, next time a guy admits he uses skincare, don't give him a weird look! And guys, do bother!

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Rainbow Hoops

An action packed day filled with hooping, rainbows and an overload of glitter!

In the 38 degree Tokyo heat today it wasn't just my hoop that was getting a workout!

Today was the 6th Annual Tokyo Pride parade.

We braved the scorch and trekked close to the start of the parade so as to get prime position for pictures, poses and pouts!

Tomorrow night will be a fantastic and no doubt feathery party here in Tokyo. More pics to come...

Friday, August 10, 2007

My mum is a Geisha

I had blindly dismissed the Katsura Studio as a load of touristy garbage.
How wrong I was!
Having seen adds for the Geisha transformation and photos of friends I had never thought seriously about the process of turning an everyday tourist into a fine Japanese princess.

Simply fascinating!

While mum was being taken care of by the super friendly, highly skilled and professional staff at the Katsura Studio in the backstreets of Harajuku, I scanned the walls of Geisha pics. Falling even more in love with the place when I spied a photo of Dita Von Teese as a Geisha.

I wanted so badly to play with the makeup in the fully stocked studio. I wanted to fondle the fabrics and try every one of the stunning wigs!

becoming a Geisha for a day is definitely a worthwhile and exciting experience for any one interested in make up artistry, Japanese arts or fancy cosplay.

I so badly wanted to be painted and pampered, alas I did not inherit the ways of the Geisha.

And while mum was being made up, Masao and Mark made a new friend!

and played a little...


Even more meeting victims.

I'm starting to feel like a one-trick pony with all these caricatures...I'll post something different next time, promise.



Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Most Expensive Handbags

You'd think that the birkins of the world were already expensive enough, but no, savvy designers just keep on coming up with even more extravagant creations to top the last one. Topping the Forbes list of the most extravagant bags in the world this year was not the Hermes Birkin*gasp*. The honor this time around goes to Chanel (ah the ever business savvy Karl), with this "Diamond Forever" bag worth $260,150USD. This limited edition classic Chanel shoulder bag (there is only 13!) is made of alligator skin with 334 diamonds (3.56 carats) encrusting the iconic Chanel C's set in 18-carat white gold. From the picture it doesn't look too different from a classic Chanel bag (you'd think that the 334 diamonds would look shinier and more impressive ), except for the alligator texture. And personally, I don't see the attraction of alligator skin. Admittedly, this one doesn't look bad with its creamy color and the subtle texture. But in general, I don't like alligator skins because it resembles too much the actual animal and that creeps be out no end.Coming in second is the super luxe version of the Birkin, the "Crocodile Birkin" at $120,000USD. Similarly made of crocodile skin (I really don't see the attraction with crocodiles), it too has a diamond encrusted clasp set in white gold. Though this time there are 10 carats. Hm...why is this less expensive than the Chanel one? Clearly this is the better bargain (if there is such thing as a bargain for such super luxe bags), especially since there are only 2 of them in the world. It wins hands down with size, rock and exclusivity!

If money were no object, which one would you prefer?

To save me from paraphrasing the rest of the article, check it out yourself at!

Ichigo Seijin

The Summer love is filtering through and we are being filled up with new products, new designs and new designers. These are some of my fav things at the moment. A new original Japanese character has been created - Ichigo Seijin (Strawberry Alien). We saw the extraterrestrial at the last design festa and were taken but its unique and colorful appearance. We finally got a shipment of the new character including these phone straps, tshirts, pen cases and book covers. Digging the Buddha alien in his state of Nirvana - very zen!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Search For a New Facial Scrub

Last summer when I went to the States, I bought a bottle of Peter Thomas Roth's well-known Botanical Buffing Beads. I've wanted to try it out ever since BG was recommended and bought it at one of our favourite department store (Lane Crawford,) and I figured 10USD for a decent-sized travel size bottle was well worth my money.
After using this oh-so-famous facial scrub, I have to say I'm not overly impressed or disappointed. (Although really, how does one tell if a facial scrub is good or not?) Recently, my trusty little bottle of PTR mysteriously disappeared from my bathroom so I figured now is the perfect time to try out a new scrub. But figuring out which new one to buy is taking me way too much time; so much time that my skin is now peeling after I apply foundation from the lack of exfoliation! Making a list is the only way to move foward:
One of the first scrubs that I have considered is Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub. I love the concept of fruit enzymes. But after the saleslady tried it on my hand, I didn't like that it didn't seem to have enough particles. Then she recommended me Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub, which I felt was a bit too harsh for weekly use. It felt like a scrub one would use at facials maybe once a month.
Then I checked out Origins, where the saleslady recommended one of their top products, Modern Friction. It's a rice-based scrubs and is supposed to be superb. However, I didn't like the packaging -a tub just doesn't feel as hygienic as a tube does.
Finally, I checked out the comments on MUA and found that Lancome's Exfoliance Clarte seemed to be getting great reviews. The description on makes it sound like a great basic scrub. Perhaps I'll get this one tomorrow?
Which scrub do you like -do share!

The Caricature(s) on the bottom right is a of a professional caricaturist named Joe Bluhm. I got to meet the guy at this year's Comic Con and bought his awesome book Rejects, a great book of caricatures and the stories of how his drawings were rejected by his clients because they were so...what's the word...horrifying? In all honesty, they are all great and the people who rejected them must have no idea what a real caricature is and were probably expecting a cute-icature or something lame. Anyways, as I bought the book, he asked me if I wanted it personalized...I said "sure!" Then he bagan drawing me right then and there, kind of caught me off guard. So this is what he drew:

A good likeness if you ask me (and anybody who knows me), but not nearly as extreme as what you will find in the book. Pick it up if you get the'll get a good laugh out of it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'll Color it Next

Tory Burch Flats

Catching up with my friend in NYC, she asked me if I'd heard of Tory Burch. I said, "Yes, don't they sell clothes?" since I vaguely remember the brand as one of those frequently shown on the OC. She said, "I think so, I guess it hasn't spread to HK yet, but they sell these flats that is currently all the rage in the States and being the poser that I am- I just got some!" Intrigued since she usually doesn't follow the raging trends that closely, I googled it up and found the Tory Burch Reva flats.
At first glance, I didn't really like them. Especially the big metal clasp in the front, which HG very aptly describes as being a wannabe of the Roger Vivier buckle- which I don't particularly like either (although I hear that the taste for Roger Vivier develops over time). But then I tried imagining them in real life and on my feet (a very big stretch of the imagination) and realized that I could see myself wearing it as a cute variation of the classic flats. Because they're really not much different from all the other variations of flats that we all love, think Tods and Ferragamo flats with their metal pom poms and buckles. The Tory Burch ones just happen to have a slightly bigger clasp (the slight ruch at the back makes it even more Tod-like).

So while I don't see what especially makes it special and all the rage (it certainly doesn't seem all that popular with celebs as I could hardly find anyone of interest wearing them online), I do see its charm. After all, we can always use an extra pair of flats to walk around in. And in the spirit of brightening up our wardrobe, might I suggest choosing more colorful and texturized versions of the Tory Burch flats like these? One can only have so many pairs of black flats and besides, I don't see these flats as a style that will last you a lifetime. They're more one of those in the moment things. So have fun with it while it lasts!
Image Source: Tory Burch

Monday, August 6, 2007

Colour Up Your Wardrobe

As an over-cautious young shopper, I buy way too much classic/ black and white clothes. Not that there's anything wrong with having a simple, classic style, it's just that we're only young once and this is THE time to experiment with pretty, colourful clothes. Sometimes it's just fun to liven up our wardrobe a bit. With everything on their final final final sale, why not take the oppurtunity to liven up your wardrobe? (See, this is how I have been justifying my friend's and my shopping purchases in the past two weeks. Makes sense doesn't it?)
After lowering my standards and making myself think 'colour', I ended up buying this super bright top from FCUK. It doesn't look great in the photo, but it flows well with body movement, the V-neck is great and it's length is perfect to go with skinny jeans or short-shorts. Believe me, it definitely looks better in real life than in this photo.
The brand that came up first when I thought about colourful tops was T-Bags. This is mostly because I spend way too much time on, but it's also one of those brands some people look nice in though I know I'll never buy. (The brand name is now also unfortunately associated with that ugly dude from Prison Break in my brain.) Oops, too much rambling about T-Bags. My point is, these two tops aren't really the simple tops I'm into these days, but they do look pretty and machine-washable for clubbing nights or summer days out, don't they?
The other brand that came to mind was Diane von Furstenburg. Unfortunately, almost all of the summer collection has been sold so I can't really find photos to show for, but I'm sure we all remember DvF as the brand to get colourful wrapdresses. They're always great for livening up one's wardrobe while keeping things classy.
OK so I'm not sure you get my point, but my point is, you're young and it's summer so liven up your closet with colourful clothes while everything is on sale!
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