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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Take Note Guys

From time to time, we get requests to blog about men's fashion or redirection to men's fashion blogs. We don't mean to be mean but we usually just say 'we don't know'. And that's the truth: we know zilch about men's fashion.

Personally, I think guys look particularly charming in suits. But of course, I can't expect them to be in suits all the time, afterall overdressing is seriously uncool. So how should guys dress casually? The answer is, it's all very personal. Most of the time, guys seem to be in T-shirt and jeans, or maybe in preppy sweaters and vests. I'm not such a big fan of that look, but really, I've just never thought much about male fashion until I saw these photos of Orlando Bloom:

Yes, it's Orlando Bloom strolling on the streets. Doesn't he look like he's walking on a runway? Now here's a fantastic outfit. It's casual and put-together in an imperfect way. (The aim is to not look like Mr always-perfectly-groomed-Beckham.) And points for not wearing sneakers (as most guys I see seem to wear.)

Another good male fashion role model (just my opinion) for young guys is Logan on Gilmore Girls. I love how he wears T-shirts, maybe a sweater with a blazer or leather jacket. OK I think I just like Logan too much and shouldn't drag him into this post.

Oh, and just to clarify, this post wasn't supposed to let us oogle at only Orlando, (hmm or maybe it was,) but do you know how hard it is to find photos of guys dressed nicely in casual clothes? What do you think guys look best in?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Diorskin AirFlash Spray Foundation

Flicking through the new Sephora magazine (I really love that magazine) I came across the latest Dior AirFlash Spray Foundation and thought- wow how cool is that?!? It reminded me of this spray make-up collection I saw in Paris and even then I thought it was really awesome.
Excited, the other day my friend and I each gave it a try. Here's a tip: don't wear any mascara before application and pull your hair back- seriously! It got onto my hair (making it hard, hairspray style) and onto my mascara (we had to put another layer on to fix it). Anyway, to get an even spray (I was concerned about this at first) the trick was to spray in a "Z" down your face and then a "W" across. Afterwards, they used a brush to blend in the uneven bits.

The effect was impressive. It blended beautifully with the skin and created a smooth translucent layer that even the skin tone and all. The only thing we would disagree with the product description at Sephora is that it did not diminish the appearance of skin irregularities. We felt that it actually emphasized the pores on our face. Maybe we should've put on some primer I'm still considering it. Thoughts?

The OC -The End

So The OC finally ended two weeks ago. Who hasn't watched it by now? The episodes have been so ridiculous (more so than usual) in Jan and Feb that I was kind of glad they ended it. Thankfully, the ending was surprisingly good and satisfying.

In a rather typical Californian-style ending, there was an earthquake. No one got seriously hurt of course, and everyone still looked quite fab, like Summer here. Then there was some crazy, ridiculous story lines about Julie's undecisive marriage to Bullit, Frank and actually, no one. Yes, Julie became independent. The storyline was terrible but I LOVEd Summer and Taylor's bridesmaid dresses. They were SO pretty!! Afterwards, the Cohens had a new little girl and they move to live in Berkeley.
The happiest part of the season finale was the last few minutes where we saw the future. Julie get a business degree -we're so proud of her, seeing how she started off as a gold-digging wife. Summer and Seth got married (thank goodness -we did invest four years in them!) Ryan becomes an architect -I knew there was a reason I loved him more than Seth. He actually has brainss and some sense of responsibility.
And the most touching part? Definitely when Ryan walked down the memory lane -back from when he first arrived at the Cohen's house to those amazing, memorable few seconds when he aw Marissa while he was in the car. I loved those few seconds because she turned out to be such a big part of his life.
Sigh, I'm really really going to miss looking at the beautiful clothes. They were totally the best-dressed cast on TV.
The good news is, Josh Schwartz (the creator of the OC) is now working on his next project, Gossip Girl. I don't know how many of you have actually read the Gossip Girl series, and even though I feel like I'm past the age, I can't wait to see how it's adapted into the small screen!
Bye bye OC!! We'll miss you -at least Season 1 anyway.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Paris Fashion Week FW07 Wrap Up IV

Paris Fashion Week just doesn't seem complete without me rambling on and on about Chloe. So here I go. . .

The much anticipated first collection by their new designer Paulo Melim Andersson, this collection was exciting and definitely different from what we have come to expect from Chloe. Gone was the effortlessly cool girly girl and in stomps the angry girl in her fiery red doc marten platforms. Personally I am not sure I relate to this new angry girl persona, but it is definitely refreshing and not boring!

I love the length of the skirts, showing just the right amount of leg, and silhouette here. But I'm not too hot about these orangey splashes of red. . although to be fair, I'm not too hot about anything orangey.
And I thought that these prints and patterns were very refreshing, combined with Chloe's typical designs. And I'm loving the use of the thin gray belts here, it adds just the right amount of detail to the outfits!
The first two looks here are reminiscent of the old Chloe, which I still adore. But I am also loving Paulo's new interpretation of the shift dress here (right) with the open neckline and vertical stripes of silver and glam.
What I'm not loving so much are these. Maybe its the color choice, but I just don't like the first two outfits here. And the green shift dress with all that wash and beads just looks like something cheap one can grab off the stalls in Bali.

Overall, I still don't know how I feel about Paulo, I mean, can we really tell judge a book by its cover? We'll just have to wait and see if he's a hit or a miss. . .

John Galliano
Then there is Galliano, who never fails to amuse.
At first, I was appauled and somewhat freaked out by the facial expressions, make-up and overdramatic-ness of this collection. Some of the models look transexual too i.e. left, center. But if you look past the mismatched stockings/shoes and scary make-up, you'll see that some of the outfits are actually really quite gorgeous and wearable. The pink satin coat (left) and red coat (center) are just divine.
And the dresses. . . the peach (center) and black (right) ones here are exquisite.
Although in some cases no matter how hard I look, I just don't see it. The first one looks like an exceptionally well tailored red ball, the center model looks like she's wearing a blue version of Ron's hideous dress/gown to the winter ball in Harry Potter and the last one just looks skanky. I'm sure in reality they'd wear a black shift dress underneath and it'll look pretty. But right now, I just can't imagine it.

Vanessa Bruno
When I saw this collection, my first reaction was- I want them all! The outfits were all sooo wearable straight off the runway and completely chic.

I simply LOVE these winter coats/cardigans. Seriously, I'm not kidding. They're something that you can throw on everyday that will instantly make you the definition of stylish.
These chunky knits looks are perfect for a casual day out next fall.
Glam, chic, young and cool. Need I say more?

Photo Credits:

Grinning winner


Monday, March 5, 2007

Empire Waist Cardigans

Ever since trying on that blue/white striped empire waist cardigan with the flared sleeves at Reiss the other weekend, I've been thinking about this style of cardigans. On the one hand they look sooo great on the hanger, with the trimmed waist and flared skirts, like a pretty dress. But on the other, do they really look that flattering on person? Its a very thin line between looking casually cool and pregnant afterall.
I first looked at the selection at Vince, because I think that they have got the simple casual cool look down very well. And I REALLY like this soft gray cardigan here on the left. The balloon sleeves adds an extra feminine touch to the simple design. As for the black one on the right, I'm not too hot on it. I think the row buttons and the round neckline takes the cinch away from the empire waist.
Moving on, we have these cardigans from the queen of casual cool, Stella McCartney (left) and Edun (right). I think they have the idea right here: vnecked, one button for the empire waist with a flare.The trick to wearing these without looking pregnant is to pair it with a pretty simple low cut cami with slimming bottoms, like a pair of dark skinny jeans with pointy heels. To add an extra oomph, match it with one of those funky signature necklaces so popular this season. This will be especially complimenting with the vneck!Another similar style from Express (left). And I know that this white jacket from J Crew (right) is not exactly a cardigan, but the idea of the empire waist here is the same, although all the fluttering here IS a bit too cutesy.

But yes, definitely something to consider for your SS07 wardrobe!

Photo credits:

Paris Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup III

The FW07 fashion shows are over. Sigh, one less thing I can do online to procrastinate from writing essays and doing my seemingly-never-ending reading now.

Nina Ricci
LOVE LOVE LOVEd this collection. Yes, that' s my first, second and on-going reaction for Olivier Theyskens' first collection for Nina Ricci. OK, so maybe this collection wasn't entirely Ricci style, but everything was sooo beautiful. And it helps that white, black and grey is my fav colour combination.
I've always thought white clothes for Winter collections were trite and cliche, but these feel so pure and etheral, in a modern-clothing way.
The middle outfit is one of my fav outfits here. That long, black and white top looks so cool as a casual top, but it could also be pulled together as a semi-formal one.
Look at those shoes and ribbons wrapped around the models' calves, platformed ballet shoes -so pretty and girly!
And more of the famous Theyskens dresses. Love the black dress (right) -it feels so dark angel. So gorgeous! If only I can afford Nina Ricci!
Miu Miu
More of Miuccia Prada's this season fav, the fake classics. Some of the fake classics are... really not so flattering and weird (like the red skirt on the right). It took awhile, but I did find outfits that reminded me of the past studious Miu Miu style, like the cardigans with belt across the waist.
As usual, the accessories from Miu Miu interested me more than the clothes. Go to to check out their detail shots. The shoes are pretty and most definitely different -another thing to look foward to next shopping season.
Louis Vuitton
While this collection isn't as pretty as the SS collection, it feels older, more mature. I guess Marc Jacobs really wants to push the more mature look on us.
The outfit on the left is so artist and mysterious feeling. And that knit adornment on the jacket on the right is on a lot of other clothes in the collection. Honestly, it just looks weird to me.
Gorgeous, luxurious office clothes.
I love the dress on the right -the single coloured theme and feathers make the dress look more beautiful and grownup, compared to the artsy, cute one Sasha has on (on the left).
Photo source: Elle
Alas for now, we can just stick to planning our SS outfits!
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