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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes Palette

As some of you may realize by now, I'm a bit of an eye shadow palette junky- especially Bobbi Brown ones. Its probably because a) I just can't control myself and my love for eye shadow palettes since they look so pretty and b) BB is the beauty counter I visit most often on account of my eyebrow plucking appointments. But thats another story. So anyways, when I found out that they had yet another limited edition eye shadow palette coming out following the footsteps of the Chocolate Palette last year (which I love and still use), I simply HAD to try it.

WHAT makes this palette different from the chocolate palette (besides the fact that one cannot buy the chocolate palette anymore anyways cause its limited edition)? They certainly look similar enough at first glance and that is what I asked him too. Turns out, on closer examination, there are a wider variety of colors (with a few very pretty shimmers) that makes for an more interesting combination of looks- and I agree.Instead of just brown, the look has a more of a greyish tinge to it, which makes it really great smokey eyes at night i.e. like the model above. Check out the BB website for instructions on this looks. And yet its also great for a more casual day time look- I know, because that was what the make-up artist tried on me.
He used the first three shades from the top on my top lids, the first one as base, the third one as the first layer and the second one at the outer edges of my eye blended in near the crease and as an eyeliner. He then used the third one on the inner corners and the sixth one on the outer corners to line the edges of my bottom lid. This sounds really complicated, but he IS a make-up artist and when applied subtly its a great casual look- I LOVED it.

So naturally I bought myself a palette. And if you're interested too, I suggest you not hesitate and go out to get it now before it sells out. Last time I checked, the counter I was at only had 20 more palettes left- and its only been out for a few days!
Quick note: The staying power is also amazing. The eye shadow is still on after a shower and needs to be taken off with make-up remover. Usually it comes right off with water.

Friday, July 6, 2007

tortured housewife

It is not very often that I get the urge to clean and when I do it usually means there is something on my mind!

So as the man of the house worked ie chatted to an old friend on the phone while in his office...

I dug out the 40's housewife garb and got to work, scrubbing and soaking.

Fortunately for me, whatever it was that was on my mind soon dissipated and I was lured by thoughts of powerful tequila cocktails.

Just as my foremothers would have, I gave into the call of the grog and what started as a productive afternoon of cleanliness, has finished as a steamy evening of loud music and a slight headache. I best take a bex, put my curlers in and have a bloody good lie down.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Haute Couture FW07 III

Roland Mouret
I have to admit, when I first saw the subscription email from Net-a-porter announcing that I could watch RM's first runway show online and pre-order the clothes, I wasn't at all excited. I mean ok, the Galaxy dress was huge and looked amazing on the celebs who wore it, but really, it's not like I (or probably most of you out there) has actually worn the Galaxy or have even seen one in real life. Plus it was a formal and mature-looking dress. So really, while I think Roland Mouret is a great designer who sadly lost his brand name, I wasn't exactly anticipating his new collection. But when I first clicked into to see the collection, I was in awe. I LOVE the collection. It's modern, clean, pretty, and is a good mix of lux-casual and lux-cocktail-ish.

The first dress already got me in love. It's black and white, and has such a young design. As for the 2nd outfit, I'm not a fan of hot pants, but that jacket is fantastic.

I really like the long coat on the left too. You noticing a pattern? And the outfit on the right -it's very French chic.
The outfit on the left -another outfit I love. The jacket is to-die-for, and that white skirt is so modern and cute. The dress on the right is called the Moon dress, which is kind of like the Galaxy 2.0.

Most of the outfits are black, white and blue.

Although I'm not too sure what I think about these finale dresses. I just don't like them as much as the dresses earlier in the show.

And of course, I've ogled at the Christian Louboutin ankle boots through all the photos. I suspect Net-a-porter will be very happy with the sales that will be generated from this collection! I want!!!

Armani Prive
For a couture show, this sure was a long show. Actually, it felt more like a ready-to-wear show than a couture show. Anyways, this Armani Prive collection is certainly different from the previous ones. For one, there was so much colour! From what I remember, the previous shows were mostly of black, white and silver. In this collection, there were surprising bursts of super bright colour.

Seriously, the tailoring is just amazing -look at how perfect the jackets are!

I didn't expect these dresses to be in an Armani Prive collection -look at all that colour. I wonder how much that flowery shawl will cost!

And here is more amazingly tailored clothes. Do you feel the rock'n'roll vibe? (This collection is supposedly inspired by rock'n'roll people.) I'm thinking this collection is more rock'n'rich.

Now these two are very Armani Prive outfits. The white dress on the right in particular feels very made for the red carpet.

The dress that I thought stood out in the collection is the finale dress (right picture.) It sparkles and it's got an original shape. It's mega-glamorous. I wonder how heavy it is though?

The only complaint I have is that the collection was too long and didn't connect together as well as it could have. There were just too many silhouettes fit into one collection.

What did you think of the new RM collection?
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See these bulging bags of TOKYOMADE goodies? They could very well be yours! To WIN and WIN big is super easy. All you have to do is send us your steamiest, silliest, sexiest or most serious summer Haiku poem and you could be the winner of one of two HUGE TOKYOMADE summer prize packs!

Here is the deal:

- Jot down a Haiku poem. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that usually consists of three phrases. The first phrase contains 5 syllables, the 2nd contains seven and the third phrase has 5 syllables. Haiku traditionally have a seasonal word, but for our competition there are very few rules so feel free to make it as mixed up and contemporary as you like. The only rule is it must have three phrases with the 5-7-5 syllable format. For more about Haiku and a ton of inspiration go HERE (this is our fav, rockin' haiku site), HERE and HERE!

- There are 2 ways to enter your poetry:

1. Send us your Haiku via email, especially if it comes with some fab photos, drawings or other art forms (in which case it will definitely be displayed on our blog and possibly win our hearts!) - contact (at) tokyomade (dot) com

2. Leave a comment on any of our blog entries, include your original Japanese haiku as a comment (but be sure to leave your email address with us so we can contact you if your a the lucky duck!)

- You can enter as many times as you like with your original pieces. You have until August 6, 2007 to get your haiku to us.

- We will announce the winners in the week following the close of the comp. The winners will be notified and a super cute TOKYOMADE prize pack filled with pieces we sell on TOKYOMADE as well as some summer goodies we have picked up from our Tokyo shopping adventures, will be sent their way!

- Be sure to join our Tokyo Fan Club for updates!

- All Haiku sent to us will be posted on our blog, with your permission, so please be sure to include your name - real, false or stage.

I think that is about it. Your time starts now! Get drafting, can't wait to read your luscious phrases.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. But for now here are a few we just whipped up to get you in the mood and kick this comp off!

Oh Tokyo boy
So shy and yet so stylish
Why don't you come here?

Busy sushi chef
Your hands must get so tired
Wow your knife is sharp!

Carp in the river
Mosquitoes everywhere
Yes, summer is here

Good luck!
Happy Haikuing

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Haute Couture FW07 II

Kudos to Riccardo Tisci for a fabulous haute couture collection. It only gets better every season. This collection was modern and stylish, with just the right amount of details to make it haute couture. Hm.... I think I said something similar last time about Tisci's haute couture collection must be his style.
I was captivated by this collection from the very first outfit (left), with the exquisitely beautiful jacket with the very feminine flutters and the furry poofy skirt- stylish, girly and fun! And then he takes us to stylishly cool, with that stunning (alligator I think) jacket with white fur peeking out.

This grey shirt kind of makes me rethink my position on frills- it actually looks nice here! And outfit on the left- thats just classic.

Tisci's evening collection was just goooooorgeous. I love all the drapings of the fabric and how the dresses manage the models to look elegant and gorgeous without showing much skin at all (as most evening wear are). Sigh, I just ADORE the white dress with the structured top and swirl with the flowy skirts!
One thing I didn't like about this collection was the leopard print bit and the more casual bits that one expects to see in the RTW collection.

While I love the idea of how the Chanel Haute Couture show was held outdoors on a garden pathway at the Parc de Saint Cloud (you should check out the video for more on the whole backdrop) I have mix feelings about the collection. At some points, I want to applaud Lagerfeld's genius and at others, I wonder what he's thinking.
The whole collection focused on detailings on the side seams of the outfits, which is probably why the outfits look so flat on picture. But I do like the idea of putting the details elsewhere and I can see how outfits like these two here would look exquisite in reality. Note also how the thigh high boots from last season remains prominent on the runway.
Maybe its the head thingy that is distracting my vision, but these two outfits just don't look very flattering. Although the one on the left is certainly water proof...These are the times when I'm wonder what he's thinking, and that maybe its just me whose being too conservative and not fashion forward thinking enough to see beyond the obvious.
And these are the times when I want to give him a standing ovation, because I just LOVE these two dresses. I can just imagine how the black dress will flow so beautifully in three dimension as the wearer walks and turn. And the white dress is just glamorous!
Again, love the elegant navy blue dress and wondering what is going on with the mesh materials and the feathers.
I can actually imagine some starlet wearing this dress on the left on the red carpet. Without the head thingy, it'll look gorgeous. But that white feathered wedding dress is just beyond me. I can't imagine anyone wearing it willingly to their wedding... even if it IS Chanel!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Haute Couture FW07 I

It's the week of the tres grand and fabulous again! Ever since reading The Beautiful Fall, I now really see take haute couture a bit more seriously, although I still think it a bit as a historical art form.
Christian Dior
60th Anniversary! It sounds like we're always throwing events like anniversaries more as pr events than actual meaningful events, but this is Christian Dior. A lot of super/ big models walked for the show, including Gisele, Linda, Helena, Raquel etc. And this is probably one of those shows which looking at the photos (like we are now) is very different from actually being there. The show was held in Versailles -can you imagine how amazing and wonderland feel the show must have been?
Think back to the New Look, one of the looks that revolutionised fashion. OK, the outfit Gisele has on isn't exactly the same as the New Look... And I really like the pink swirl in the middle of the dress. Unlike the typical rose (which lots of other designers like putting in the middle of their dresses,) this swirl is like a blob of paint on a painter's palette.
These two dresses are so glam, etheral and pretty without being overly puffy or exagerated.
I love the outfit Irina's wearing on the right. It's just so pretty and haute-casual (if that makes any sense.)
Dior's super grand dresses.
And even more. I think these dresses are so amazing (think of all the work put into one dress,) but somehow these huge dresses don't seem to connect together as they usually do. Maybe the variety was too large?
These two dresses-fierce!
The dress Lily Cole has on here is probably the one that really caught my eye. I don't know if it's the dress or the shimmery purple eye makeup Lily has on, or the way the different shades of purple seem to create contrast at the perfect areas, but the whole image is just SO captivating. Loves this image!
And if you still can't get the message, the collection was influenced by various painters. OK, I have to admit, I don't think this show was perfect. To me, the SS07 show and collection seemed more perfect and amazing. But still, happy anniversary to Dior!
Ann Valerie Hash
The clothes seem casual and trend-influenced, but it's still worth taking a look at them. The message? White, black and bold colours all the way!
Photo credit:

inside out

This is how I feel on the inside. Isn't it funny how our outsides are so different?!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Lately walking on the streets, I've seen an uncomfortable amount of people wearing these:

Yes, by "these," I mean Crocs. There is even a whole colorful store in the best shopping district in Hong Kong devoted to the distribution of these Crocs.
I know that Bush has been seen sporting these recently, but he's hardly the icon of fashion and trends now. So WHY would the general population be seen in public wearing these, when they are not boating or doing outdoorsy things as they were originally designed for? They are certainly not flattering no matter what angle you're looking from.

But according to the Crocs site, these are the reasons why:
  1. Really soft, super comfortable, molds to your feet: well people are certainly not wearing them because they look good

  2. Barely there, weighing only 6 ounces: flip flops are barely there either...

  3. Vented so air passes through, keeping feet cool: again, so are flip flops

  4. Non-marking slip-resistant soles: a valid point

  5. Bacteria and odor resistant: thats certainly a plus seeing as how it looks plastic

  6. Ultra-hip Italian styling: It may possibly be Italian styling, but ultra hip?

  7. Port holes allow water and sand to pass through: and thats a good point because?

  8. Can be sterilized in water and bleach: well if it allows water and sand through, it'll obviously allow water and bleach through.....

  9. Easy maintenance, just wipe clean: it does look plastic...

  10. Orthotic molded foot bed for ultimate comfort and support: Is this the same as #1?

Basically, comfort, support and practicality are their selling points. So unless you are boating and doing outdoorsy things in which case these shoes may be practical, please, do NOT wear them around in public. There are just as comfortable and more easy on the eye options out there, like flats, sneakers, flip flops and *gasp* (even) birkenstocks!

Photo Credits: Crocs

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