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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tokyo Look Book

I blogged about this over at the TOKYOMADE blog, but I think this book most definitely deserves two posts!!
The Tokyo Look Book is a new and colorful collection of images snapped on the fashion packed streets of Tokyo. Created by Philomena Keet and Yuri Manabe, this Japanese fashion smash up offers a peep into the style culture and the people who work it. It also includes interviews with some of Tokyo's top designers and shop owners.

Well worth adding to your funky book collection and nicely priced on Amazon.

To get you in the mood here are some links to a few of the fab designers that splashed their unique brand of street style around at the Japan Fashion Week 2007

H.Naoto with their street goth collection.

Hisui has some super shiny pieces that we would love to get our fingers on.

Mercibeaucoup linked to Issey Miyake kept the kawaii theme happening with pink bunny hats and white star shaped afros.

Mint Designs with their funky, spacious shop in Shibuya.

London Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup III

London Fashion Week's finished. Now all the fashion people are in Milan, but here are a few more London collections. On Thursday, BG talked about how she liked the Matthew Williamson and Erdem collection. I'm going to blabber on a bit how I don't quite love some of the collections: (Please note that this is just my taste. I'm in no way saying these designers have no talent!)

House of Holland

So I've decided maybe I don't hate those neon-coloured, slogan Tees that much. They're just annoying. Before this collection, I didn't know exactly what to expect. Afterall, he couldn't possibly do endless collections of slogan Tees. And even though I knew I wasn't going to like it, it was more terrible than I expected. The clothes are just so colourful in a trashy way. I know House of Holland is all about being worn to parties, but why would one want to turn up to parties looking like that?

Louise Goldin

Louise Goldin is supposedly this runway season's new London designer to lookout for. Since a few of the online reviews seemed to have liked this collection, maybe it's just me who didn't really get the appeal of these clothes so I'm really not too impressed. Maybe it's because I'm too much of a realist and can't imagine wearing these clothes in real life. Oh well, what did you think of this new designer?

And to finish this post with a pretty collection: Giles
Such a pretty collection! Giles has really improved since he first started. A lot of the dresses from this collection felt very 'fancy tea party' to me.

The techo, tie-dyed looking silk dresses are so pretty -the blue, the purple, the swirl of colours. And look at the dress in the middle, it looks like a painting of purple clouds (together with the white-ish chiffon underneath.)

And finally, the artsy dresses. I love how Giles (for the middle dress) combined artsy, cutout pieces with the simple mid-sleeved dress on top. It's a totally wearable simple dress without looking boring!

Next week is Milan Fashion Week -can't wait to see the Prada collection!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


more of the same from me.

London Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup II

As HG pointed out, London fashion week is always fun to look at, but a great pain for those of us who want to try and imitate the look. Or maybe that is just me...But anyway, lets look.

Matthew Williamson
Matthew's show is one that I always love to check out every season, because one can be sure that it is going to look fun and colorful. This season is no different. The clothes are colorful, fun, chic with a hint of tribal vibe (aztec prints?).

I love how he mixes the prints/colors here in these outfits and it still looks so perfectly put together and chic. I'd never be able to do that no matter how much I study unless I buy the whole outfit off the mannequin.
I especially love this outfit on the left. The simple pairing of plain top with printed shorts, and just a hint of mix 'n matching with the scarf is so me. Note the very colorful sneakers on this runway paired with everything, even dresses, which one wouldn't usually think to pair them with. Looks sooo comfy! Though I wonder if one can pull if off if one doesn't have legs as skinny and long as these models.
Then he has some tie-dyed outfits, which kind of reminds me of Prada and Miu Miu this season. But I do so like black, white and pink. And I absolutely adore pairing these flowy printed tops with structured blazers (right). Again, so me. Blazer is my uniform.
I am STILL looking for the perfect shift dress this season. You'd think with all these lovely creations sprinkling the runways the last few seasons I'd find one by now. But no, they just keep coming on the runway tempting me..... esp like the black dress with the printed trimmings.
Lastly there were these beautiful, flowy, colorful dresses. The printed one here on the right is soo Matthew Williamson!

One of the brands I've been keeping a lookout for ever since I saw some of their collection in the Harvey Nichols catalog. This collection is the epitome of British casual chic cool for me.
I love the shape of these dresses, which are so different. One is structured and the other one is all flowy and free. And the stripey print adds structure to one and gives the other a illusion effect. So cool.
Casual cool outfits.
Its so cool how he put bold white stripes over the delicate floral pattern of the silk dress. It makes for a very sharp contrast.
Sharp design to match the bold colors on top of the silver grey. Gives it a slightly futuristic edge.
And these last four are my absolutely favourites. They are just so chic, classy and feminine.
Just LOVE these dresses in their soft, feminine effortlessly cool way.

Ps. Remind me to get bold colored footwear next season!

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Sex And The City - Movie

It is on for young and old honeys. The ladies and their boys are back in the city and no doubt sexin it up! Filming for the movie version of our all time fav TV series began in New York today! Although I can't get my hands on any storyline hints it appears Big is holding on, Smith and Sam are still together, Steve and Miranda are going strong and Harry and Charlotte got news of a Chinese baby in the final episode so we could be in for some super cuteness.

I very rarely watch any TV but this is the one series that we have watched over and over again. Masao bought all the dvds when they were released, no buyer's remorse there. Mum and I spent much of our Summer together watching S and the C inside away from the Tokyo heat. So we are excited to see what is going to happen in the movie.

Off to speculate and debate what our fav ladies will get up to in the movie length version!

According to ETonline the film is scheduled to be released on May 30, 2008.

Thanks dlisted

UPDATE: She is pregnant! CHECK IT

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

London Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup

Woo it's London Fashion Week! LFW is always more of a fun, just-for-looking week of photos for me, but the clothes are always so young and creative, (though argueably and unfortunately not as practical and commercial.)

Even though I don't remember ever seeing Luella's clothes in real life before, I've always love the Luella vibe -that preppy, punk, fun vibe. This Luella collection, to me, seems very influenced by last season's collections of other designers such as Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Prada.

Luella's clothes usually has some really British feeling, like these little flowery prints. I love how she managed to make such otherwise grandmotherly flowery prints look preppy and cool.

And more British preppiness. Isn't it so unfair how the Luella models make huge black spectacles look cool?

The little party dresses are so cute and fun.

Christopher Kane
All I can say is, totally unexpected. Who would have guessed that Kane's new collection would have no tight-fitting, PVC or leather little dresses? This collection is made of lots of light material. I'm still not sure what I think of it. There were some outfits that I liked and some I absolutely hated.
For example, I absolutely hated the snake prints, which was extremely prominent in this collection. Even more ugly than the snake prints are the one pieces that have the snake print plus another type of print, like the middle outfit.
Out of all the outfits, these four outfits were the only ones I liked. I would love the dress on the right (although potentially in another colour.)
The snake print in small doses, like in the dress on the right, actually looks ok and much more tasteful.
Jonathan Saunders
Such clean-cut clothes for a British designer! These dresses would be so great for office, dressy events if you want a bit more than the standard little dress.
Most of the time we really just take black and white clothes for granted. Just take a moment to look at the way the black and white lines are on the dresses, then you can appreciate the design more!
Gosh, I really need to see these clothes in real life. Writing this blog is excellent encouragement for me to go to nice English stores like Selfridges and Brown more!
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SAIAS - LADE and TOKYOMADE Collaboration Event

sunday afternoon flyer1

We have joined forces with the ever so hip LADE clothing boys and will be putting on a very special Sunday afternoon show right here in Tokyo.

You simply must come!

When? Sunday October 21, 2007
1pm - 9pm

Where? And Zone (lounge/bar/cafe) Shinjuku Tokyo

What? A fabulous Sunday afternoon showcasing some of Japan's coolest and most talented indepedent artists and designers.

¥1500 gets you in the door with a free drink and rumor has it that there may even be some hoopalicious entertainment not to be missed! Special guest DJ mixing up the grooves and LIVE painting by LADE's TiFdyL! Of course the focus will be on the amazing creations on display and for sale. Your chance to fondle the goods that we usually keep safely tucked away on TOKYOMADE. Save your pennies, buy some original art and fashion pieces and consider your Chrissie shopping done!

We are super excited about this. The space is gorgeous, check out the And Zone blog (in Japanese) for a sneak peek at the lush surroundings. This event is a funky collaboration of some truly unique independent artists and creators based here in Japan.

For one afternoon only as a warm up to the biggie - Tokyo Design Festa in November. Look forward to seeing you there.

sunday afternoon flyer2

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Classic Burberry Trenches

Ahh the trench coat. The wardrobe staple that every chic girl in town has that never goes out of style and is perfect with everything, over jeans, suits, skirts and dresses. My friend had one last year when we were studying abroad in Europe and she wore it all the time for everything- perhaps beside a jaunt on a paddling boat in the river at Versailles where we could've possibly capsized- but that is understandable. So inspired, this fall, I decided to have a look myself.
Naturally if one is going to splurge on a trench coat, one should splurge it on a Burberry. You can't get more classic than Burberry. They truly never go out of style and will last you forever
- unless you have a sudden huge change in body shape, but that is unlikely. They are perfect for all ages. But anyway, just look how cool Gweneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth look in their Burberry trenches! I am especially inspired by Kate Bosworth updating the classic look with ankle boots, which we will still be seeing a lot of this season.
I always thought that for the classic, there only is one style. But turns out it is not quite as simple. So lets go back to the beginning and start with the very classic one: the hazelmere (or I think that is what they are called). Basically this is the trench coat that is more loosely fitted with a broader shoulder designed to be worn over a suit. This is one of the reasons I want one, because I can never figure out what to wear over my business suit in winter that will look appropriate, though to be honest, it is actually very thin and I don't think it would provide much warmth- even if it does come with an extra layer inside. I looked at ones with extra layers and they are very thin, even though they say they are made of wool, it will never survive a Chicago winter. Besides, it doesn't look very good if I wasn't planning on wearing a suit underneath (very loosely fitted) and I am looking for more versatility in my trench.
After that one... I lost the order of trench evolution. But anyway there is this harbourne, that stops mid thigh, which is less bulky and more fitted.
And then there is the Ivybridge, which is what Gweneth and Kate has on. This is also more slimming and goes almost to the knee, which I think is more classic and gives the body a more elongated look. Actually this is the perfect style trench out of the lot. The only problem is that the extra winter layer they offer is terribly thin (as I was saying before....) and it cannot fit a suit underneath, so its quite seasonal really. I could've sworn that my friend's trench had a thicker and warmer extra layer.... I'll check. I wish they had one that combined all my practical needs and didn't have to compromise the cutting.

But oh the less practical ones look so chic and smart on! I want one! I was thinking of this beige color since it IS the original color and we are going for classic here, but Gweneth and Kate looks soo cool in their black one as well. Oh the choices!!!

Photos: Burberry & Celeb Life

Tiny Azure SALE

Tiny Azure SALE

One of the most loved and sort after creators on TOKYOMADE, Tiny Azure is having a mini sale on a few of her dazzling pieces!

Be sure to check out her greatness and snap up the one of a kind original fashion accessories. They make devine gifts but so hard to resist buying one for yourself!

Yay for mini sales and yay for getting gifts early!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Awards Fashion 2007

Like the usual award ceremonies, all the actresses looked fabulous. But it's not often I feel that majority of the dresses worn were genuinely pretty like this time. All over the Internet, websites have Katherine Heigl as their front photo. Honestly, while I thought Katherine Heigl looked stunning (as usual) I just think she looked kind of like how she did in the past numerous ceremonies that she has attended so I wasn't overly impressed with her dress. Instead...
I LOVE the way these strapless dresses seem to be wrapped and draped so perfectly and elegantly around Kristen Bell and Ali Larter. The dresses and the look is so fresh. Kristen's blue dress gave off a lighter, weightless glamour, whereas Ali Larter's red dress feels glamorous and fierce. It's not easy to pull off these dresses without looking like they were just wrapped around in towels. Gorgeous!
Mary Louise Parker and Felicity Huffman both looked so stunning. That red matches Parker really well and she pulls off that fancy dress without making it seem fussy. Felicity's bold pink dress is such a sophisticated, fantastic shade of pink. And the dress is draped really great on her -it makes her seem glam yet relaxed.
Black dresses in general are the safe options. There are always celebrities who turn up in black dresses but there are only a few that don't look boring. Sandra Oh's dress may seem boring, but I really like the white chiffon detail in the chest area and the way the dress is so perfectly A-line. As for Rachel Griffin's vintage Chanel dress, it caught my eye that it looks so traditional and tight on the top and hip area, but flares out and shows some legs -makes the dress seem more modern doesn't it?
Not much to say for these two but you really can't deny that Heidi Klum and Teri Hatcher looked amazing. (Although something about Heidi looks a bit weird to me -maybe it's the hair?) And Badgley Mischka really chose the right spokesperson this season because this is one of the few times I think Teri Hatcher actually turned up to an award ceremony looking so pretty and elegant.
Doesn't Marcia Cross look amazing? She just gave birth a few months ago and she's already looking like her usual gorgeous self. As for Sally Field, she looks so fresh and pretty that it's hard to believe she's already 60. My mum saw her on TV and thought she was in her fourties! Sally Fields manages to pull off this strapless dress without looking like she's 'trying too hard' or making the red look 'old-ladyish'.
Oh poor Hayden Panetierre. Usually she's one of the young stars who you can count on to look absolutely stunning, but she just looked like a huge tent at the Emmy's. It's not only the shape of the dress, it's also that her skin colour looks almost the same dress colour.
I love Kyra Sedgewick in The Closer and it's not that she looks terrible in this dress, but the design and shape of the dress is just not very eye-soothing, like something feels weird about it. And Becki Newton, who I think is one of the most beautiful actresses on screen (and one of the few reasons I still watch Ugly Betty,) looked like a fussy mermaid in the grey dress. Maybe I just don't know how to appreciate that silhouette and all those layers.
Whose dress did you love/ hate the most?
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