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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hoop Change

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. Seems life is one long holiday for me. Who would have thought that a plastic circle could have such an impact on every element of life?


Let's start with the physical changes. I hear varying reports about the number of calories that hooping burns per hour and it is not something that I am really too concerned about. What I can say is that hooping has rapidly and drastically changed the shape, feel and strength of my body. As fat has been dissolved muscle definition has been enhanced, this does wonders for self confidence. Clothes that I probably would not have felt comfortable wearing a few months ago are now so loose I cannot wear them. The great thing is though I am not skinny by any means, I have a lot of meat on my bones it is just that that meat has become more defined and solid. I have to be pleased with that. All thanks to the hoop.

Hoop Dance performances require me to steer away from the jeans and t-shirt look I was used to, to a tighter, shorter version of everything. I have had the standard body conscious moments in the past, not feeling entirely comfortable with what was going on but I can say that much of those concerns have been spun off. There is something about wearing fishnets and metallic hot pants in public, not something I would have ever done in the past, that causes a fight or flight mechanism to kick in. You either rock it or stash it away in the cupboard. Hooping has helped me to rock it.

The spiritual benefits of being a hooper. Whether we want to believe it or not the fact is that life is a reflection of what you put out there. I can offer up a million and one examples of situations that have occurred due to the manifestation of thoughts and positive actions. Since having hoops swirling around in my life, everything about my existence has evolved so positively fast. On a daily basis I am flooded with love and support by friends, family and strangers. What I am giving out is pouring back into my life ten fold. I am often overwhelmed at how easily my every thought and dream becomes a reality. While I know I have so many people to thank for that, I also know I have to give props daily to the hoops and my dedication to sharing the joy they create.


The emotional side effects of hooping should be obvious. You cannot be unhappy inside a hoop. Some of my friends have questioned my passion in the past, misunderstood it. Once they get their hips moving and that hoop grooving they are hooked just like me. To watch the hoop love spread throughout my growing circle of amazing friends is life giving.

The hoop has touched my family in fun filled ways too. I have a very creative sister who has her head in spin about what color and pattern to make her next hoop. While I secretly wish that she could come to Tokyo for a hoop up, I know that she will enjoy her time in the London hoop circle. I think we could put on one very fabulous family hoop tour, Mum has her very own hoop too!


Hooping continues to challenge and change me daily. I hungrily seek more, give more and in return am rewarded so very much more.

p.s. All photos in this post were taken by Masao at last night's Sky High party in The Mado Lounge hosted by the fabulous Guy Perryman. More photos of the fun filled night here.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Honey Bunny - New TOKYOMADE Sweetness

As kawaii as their accessories and sweet as their brand name suggests, Japanese creators Honey Bunny are filling the lives of Tokyo kids with delectable pieces from a yummy utopian world of sweet fashion.
Fairytale like creators Hansel and GR, as they like to be called, started whipping up batches of goodness about 2 years ago when they saw a shortage of sweet treats to wear and share. Since then the sweet accessory look has boomed in Japan and Honey Bunny has been here to bake the goodies and keep the kids sugar filled.
Naturally Honey Bunny creators spend their days munching on cookies and sweets in cafes flipping through confectionery magazines for delicious inspiration.
Honey Bunny is a brand for girls who love to dress up with kawaii, pop, fairy tale and sweetie styles.

The Pink Miu Miu Bag

Imagine this lovely white patchwork Miu Miu tote below (left) in the pink of plastic ring bag, and you get what I've been carrying (almost everyday) for almost three weeks now.
It is absolutely the perfect bag for the SS08. It's summery, feminine and fun, with the pink being just light enough that it does not clash with any color I wear. I was getting bored of the standard black and classic prints in my collection. The style is also very casual and big enough for absolutely everything I need- though it gets difficult sometimes to find stuff in this black hole. It also fits on the shoulder just fine! And if you want, they also have a longer side strap. Oh and did I mention that the leather is absolutely DIVINE? Because it is. Like a baby.

The ONLY downside though is the durability. Now I know that this is a trend bag and it will probably not last beyond a season or two anyway (and thus, me using it everyday since I got it to get the most mileage out of it while I can), so durability isn't a top priority. But the durability of this bag is seriously low. After 3 weeks of use, I fear that my bag is turning color. And not even to a color one would expect, like dirty pink or black, but blue. Yes. BLUE. The edges of the patchwork, especially towards the bottom and the bottom of the shoulder straps, are showing serious signs of blueness. I'd show you a picture, but I lost the adapter to my memory card, stupid Sony memory cards........Anyway, I suspect it might be my denim (even though I usually wear black jeans......) and thus it is all my fault. But denim is like my standard daily uniform. What would I wear without my denim? I guess I should try to desperate the two from now on........ though where would I put my bag when I'm sitting down if not on my lap or behind my back? On the floor? And besides, on the first day of wear, it drizzled a bit and I got some rain on the super soft leather and afterwards, there were blue stains on my bag! I was worried I'd gotten some chemicals on my bag while I was walking around (I mean, shouldn't simple water stains just be a shade darker than the pale pink leather?), but then, when it dried and the stain disappeared, so I didn't think much of it. Thinking back now though, MAYBE it is not entirely my denim's fault but also the leather's........... Anyone else having this problem?

Regardless, if you have something similar or plan to get something similar and want to maximize it's lifespan, remember to use it with care. Keep it away from denim, water and humidity. Because it is a MUCH too pretty bag to become weird and blue.

Image Source: Saks

Love Story 2050 priyanka harman baweja

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Cross My Hoot And Hope To Die

Another Suzi Q owl.

Achy Breaky Hoot

Daniel Trocchio

Install a Beak in the Hoot That Clucks Time in Arabic


Kevin's Favorite 25 Movies: 10 - 6

Oh we are with the top 10...pretty exciting. Well this list was extremely hard and it's taking a lot longer to put this thing together than I thought. So instead of having both parts up today I opted to wait to reveal the top 5 either one by one (read: pad my blog material) or post the top five on Monday. Either way, we are nearing the end. All of these films are must-sees and really, if you haven't experienced any of these films, you have yourself the starting point for a great DVD rental checklist. Anyway...on to the is the first half of my ten favorite movies. These are movies that are for me both extremely well made and have unlimited re-watchability. They all exceed in both being narratively and aesthetically sound. These are my favorites. Top five coming next week. Enjoy!

Click here to watch video (go to the 40 second mark to start)

10) Raising Arizona
dir. by Joel and Ethan Coen

Joel and Ethan Coen have always been two of the most interesting filmmakers of the last 20 years; their films are always a wonderful blend of comedy and tragedy. It doesn't matter what genre they dabble in, the truth remains that in all of their films you will laugh and you will think. Case in point: Raising Arizona. Their most ridiculous comedy (I refuse to count The Ladykillers as a Coen movie) is also my favorite film of theirs. Despite absolutely loving everything about Fargo and Miller's Crossing (the third best mobster film behind Goodfellas and The Godfather), or the recent existential thriller No Country for Old Men, no comedy has ever penetrated my daily life more than Raising Arizona. Only their second film, it's a spectacular example of what the Coen's would go on to achieve in their career with the aforementioned films.

I quote this movie just about every day, especially lines from the scene above ("Does the pope wear a funny hat?", "I'm crappin' you negative", "Not unless round is funny", "I'll be taking these Huggies, and whatever cash you have in the register", "I come from a long line of frontiersman and outdoors type", "You ate sand?,"T-I-G-ER!", "Say that reminds me..."), but it's not just the great quotable dialogue (a staple of all Coen films) that makes the movie one of my favorites. Look at this scene at the end of the film to see how the Coen's end the film on a thoughtful note that totally aren't expecting from a film that can only be described as zany and irreverent. Technically the film doesn't disappoint either. Cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld's a lot of fun with swooping camera shots, long tracks, and a frantic pace and shooting style that had to the films surrealness. There's also that wonderful exchange between John Goodman and William Forsythe as they rob a bank: "You hear that...we're using code names."

Yeah...these quotes may not make you laugh, but if you haven't seen this film yet then you need to do yourself a favor and rent it along with other Coen masterpieces like Miller's Crossing and Fargo. Those films are more serious, but succeed in the same surprises that can be found in Raising Arizona; an uncanny way to make you laugh amidst such violence and chaos (No Country does this as well). Raising Arizona flips it and causes you to think and ponder life, and how good it can be even amidst all the absurdity (and the film dwells in the absurd) we encounter every day.

Whichever genre the Coen's decide to work within I am always looking forward to their crooked take on life and some of the more existential quandaries. Both are found in many of their films (you have to look hard sometimes) and in Raising Arizona, they pull the ultimate Coenism with the final line of the movie (in the final scene above) where just when the viewer is beginning to tear up...they hit you with a subtle joke to end on, something to chuckle about as you sniff your nose and hold back the tears.

Click here to watch video

9) Boogie Nights
dir. by Paul Thomas Anderson
imdb was so hard not to put Magnolia here instead of Boogie Nights...but I opted for Paul Thomas Anderson's film about the rise and fall of pornographic cinema because no matter where or when, if this movie is on, I will watch it from wherever I happen upon it until the end. It is one of the most addicting films I have seen. A total homage to Scorsese's Goodfellas the film has an amazing cast and is one of those movies that I can remember everything about when I first saw it and the reaction I had after the movie was over. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Everything about the way this film was made excited me and made the most mundane (he purposely makes the porn business look boring and unglamorous) little things interesting.

The cast is a big part of it -- this is where I first noticed John C. Reilly and became obsessed with his odd comic choices. I knew the minute I had seen him in this role that all this guy needed was a chance to showcase his comedic skills (just watch the clip above, it's no mystery why Will Ferrel has picked him two share screen time with him in two of his films). Other little touches that make this film great are the movies that Dirk Diggler (Mark Whalberg) makes and the trailers they put together for them...very 70's and very awesome. The movie is a lot like other PTA films where you find yourself laughing because you are witnessing emotions on screen that you aren't usually confronted with in film. Anderson loves to make the audience uncomfortable and often times with his films (especially Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, and There Will Be Blood) all one can do is laugh, because just like in life, that's usually the only thing we can do (just like I mentioned above with Raising Arizona). The film is beautiful to look at. The reason Anderson was such a success story after this film because there was obvious talent on display here even for non-film people. The comparisons to Scorsese are justified. Notice the nightclub scene, a very obvious homage to the scene where Ray Liotta takes his date through the back way of a nightclub. The shot is one long take introducing characters that we will meet later on in the film, all the while vintage music is acting as the dialogue. Anderson's camera and his eye for great comedy and drama are the reasons the film is so hypnotic and just completely sucks me in any time it's on television.

Magnolia is the more daring film, so over the top and operatic with an ending that is beyond brilliant; but it's Boogie Nights that is the most accessible and has more of the "classic" feel to it. It's also the one PTA film I start with if I come across someone who is unfamiliar with his work. Not only is John C. Reilly great, but check out Philip Seymour Hoffman as Scotty and Thomas Jane as Todd...two of the best characters in any film of the 90's. Just a great freaking movie.

Click here to watch video

8) Aliens
dir. by James Cameron

Here is another example of a movie that was extremely hard to choose. I think that Alien is the better movie, but I wouldn't watch it as much as I watch Aliens. Plus, I have given horror a lot of props on this list, and I wanted to do the same for the action genre. The action film is a hard film to make interesting, fresh, or exciting. I hate to say it, but the 80's were a simpler times with action films, and while Aliens may seem tame to younger audiences, the sheer energy and hold-your-breath sequences are unmatched by any action film I have ever seen. Action today rely almost all on CGI and explosions; leaving behind all traces of story or character development.

One of the reasons why Aliens works so well as a classic action/sci-fi film is because director James Cameron takes his time in developing some characters -- as stock and cardboard as they may be -- he tries his darnedest to make the most out of the relationship Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has with the fellow marines and the little girl she saves (and survivor of the Alien planet) Newt. This mother/daughter dynamic adds to the dramatic intensity of the movie (consider the scene where Newt and Ripley are left to fend off a face hugger alien or when Ripley gets an injured Hicks (Michael Biehn!) to safety); also it lets Weaver show off her acting chops and show some emotion and depth from an actress that you never saw in an action film then. Weaver was nominated for an Academy Award and proved that female could open an action film and rake in the dough over the weekend. It's pretty evident that Angelina Jolie owes a lot to Weaver as it is now more common for female leads to have big openings in genres other than romantic comedies. But I digress...aside from the acting and the crazy storyline and characters, why do I place a film like Aliens so high on my list? Because I never tire of watching it. This is a phrase and a reason you will see a lot in the top ten.

I just love Aliens so much, and thanks to Encore Action, I can watch it pretty much every night, and sometimes I find myself doing just that. The film was also pretty revolutionary. No director had tried to cram as much action into a film as Cameron did in Aliens, and you can see the influence on his later films like T2 and True Lies, also filmmakers like Michael Bay who make nothing but two-and-a-half hour long action films with non-stop action owe a lot to this film. It paved the way for the overlong action film (booo), but just because it spawned something bad doesn't mean it's not amazing to watch the film today and revel in all of its bloody, violent, and insanely intense glory. Roger Ebert said the movie made his sick to his stomach, that once the action kicks in at the 40 minute mark it never stops and left him feeling sad and depressed all day; still he praised the film for its technical achievements and recognized what a marvel it was for an action film to succeed so well at what it sought to do, which was unnerve and leave you breathless. Just watch the clip's amazing how Cameron makes you feel exhilarated and uneasy at the same time. It's a one-of-a-kind action film, and one that I have probably seen at least 30 times. I never tire of watching it. It's a masterpiece in action filmmaking.

Click here to watch video

7) This is Spinal Tap
dir. by Rob Reiner

Forget for a minute that you see Rob Reiner's name on this list...this is Christopher Guest's movie the whole way. No other comedy has been as influential as This is Spinal Tap, a film that I have to thank my brother for introducing me to. I had no idea what was in store for me when I first sat down to watch this movie, but this style of humor has shaped what I think is funny. Like any good comedy there is no point in trying to give a play by play of the film, I don't want to attempt to retell the jokes or spoil it for anyone who has not seen the film. What I will say is that this movie taught me what was funny in both high and low brow humor.

It also influenced every comedy writer who ever saw it. I guarantee that if you were to ask all of the The Simpson's writers almost all of them would say that This is Spinal Tap is beneath the surface of their writing. Also, if it weren't for this film and Christopher Guest's pseudo-documentary style of filmmaking, a show like The Office would probably have trouble getting green-lighted. What's so amazing about this film is that it doesn't age, because even though they are riffing on 80's metal bands, the joke still fits for whatever is popular at the time you are watching. Just insert generic crappy music band into the title and you have their story. It's a perfect that will always make me laugh at its hilarious ad libs and asides and hysterical music numbers (Sex Farm and Cups and Cakes being my personal favorites). Another amazing thing about the film is the fact that no matter who I watch it with, they always laugh. Now that just may be because I have a weird and funny laugh, and when I watch the movie, I laugh loudly...but I attribute it more to the fact that the film is so good and so successful at its comedic moments, that it doesn't matter if you don't understand what it is that is being parodied. As is the case with almost every Christopher Guest film, the film still succeeds even if the satire goes way over your head.

That's the sign of a great comedy writer and great comedic actors. Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, who play David and Derek, the other band members of Spinal Tap, do such a tremendous job of making you care about these losers that you can't help but laugh when all the unfortunate events unfold. The surface level comedy works just as well as the more deep rooted satire, and that's one of the reasons why the film will always be funny and always make new audiences laugh at it. Aside from The Simpson's, it's about as perfect a satire as will ever be made. Like Derek's explanation of Sex's sophisticated, but relatable.

Click here to watch video

6) Touch of Evil
dir. by Orson Welles
The following is from an excerpt of a paper I wrote on Film Noir for a film class with an added edit:

In Orson Welles’ last great film, he constructed an influential crime film with all of the greatest elements of noir thrown in. We have the corrupt and seedy Sheriff Quinlan (played by Welles) and Vargas, the DEA who is committed to bringing the corruption of Quinlan’s town to an end. The interesting thing about Touch of Evil is that is doesn’t simply rest on its beautiful cinematography for it to warrant serious consideration as a great film, it is in the obtrusive and effective framing and blocking techniques, and the way the cinematography acts as dialogue that Welles best explains the themes of the film. The best example is in the virtuoso opening tracking shot that last for minutes. It is not as if Welles and his cinematographer, Russell Metty, are showing off. It’s that Welles is saying that the film does not move in the traditional sense, the film is edited together in a jarring, sometimes disruptive fashion (in particular the torment scene of Janet Leigh in a hotel room) suggesting that the film and its characters and morals also do not move in a linear fashion. Rather, as the opening shot suggests, the film moves in loops and coils, and Welles and Metty trap their characters within the same shot. The effect is two-fold: we, as the audience, are introduced to all of the characters, and all of the characters intertwined in the scene to show how jumbled and disjointed things are going to be in this town. We are strangers in this town, and ironically Vargas, a Mexican, is a stranger too, in his homeland. The theme of displacement and disorientation fit perfectly with what Welles is trying to visually say with his famous opening shot.

(Edited to add:) The opening shot has been lovingly homaged by Robert Altman in his great The Player; but it has also paved the way for many 'look at me' type scenes that do nothing but technically impress (which is alright, but Welles is saying so much more with his opening tracking shot). You can see the influence of Touch of
Evil's opening tracking shot in not-so-good films like Children of Men and pretty good films like Atonement, a film that uses the long tracking shot to not only impress you technically, but makes you feel so much emotion and is a metaphor for the theme of the film. (Just watch the scene above to see how, even in 1958 it is so much better than the shot from Children of Men)
(End of edit)

Quinlan is a nasty character who embodies many of the traditional stereotypes and clichés that are attributed to Mexican lawmen, while Vargas has many of the attributes of the stereotypical gringo. This ironical flip is another way we feel like Vargas is lost in his hometown. In one scene Vargas tails Quinlan with a radio as his partner is asking him questions. Now, watching this one cannot help but think that there had to be an easier way to go about doing this, but what is suggested again through the brilliant and beautiful cinematography is seen through the blocking and set design as Vargas weaves his way through the tangled metal of oil rigs and scrap yards and as the angles take us from high-up, from Vargas’ view suggesting authority and righteousness, to low-down angles, in which we see from Quinlan’s point of view, giving us the visual affirmation that he is the dirtiest of cops. The “tailing” scene is almost as masterful as the opening tracking shot. It is here that Welles has tremendous fun with dutch angles, obtrusive blocking and framing, set design, and lighting. Welles is using the camera to tell us what we cannot hear from Quinlan as Vargas is following him. The audio is so bad on the wire that Vargas’ partner is wearing that we have to rely on the visual language of the film to let us know what is going on; how perfect that the scene end with Quinlan in the mud.

And then there is Welles himself, playing Quinlan like a director of a movie. Orchestrating the investigation like a director orchestrates the filming of his movie. There is a sense, as it was with most of Welles’ characters, that this role is autobiographical. This is where Touch of Evil becomes something more than a beautifully shot, stylish film noir. It is in this character that we catch a glimpse of Welles himself. When one sees Quinlan the sheriff as Welles the filmmaker, the film takes on a whole new self-reflexive meaning. Welles was not that fat when he made the film, he donned tons of make-up and put pillows in his suit to make him appear bigger than he was. When Quinlan enters a room, you are aware of it because of how obtrusive his presence is – and it is not just his presence, but also his attitude – which is all captured beautifully by the framing of every shot Quinlan appears in. He is larger than life. He is the only, and often the loudest, authoritative voice in the room. Much like Welles, he is often misunderstood as a brute, and this is seen through the sympathetic loyalties of Quinlan’s cronies. Yes, maybe he is doing things the wrong way, but the result in Touch of Evil is always ambiguous. You are never quite sure if Quinlan was on to something or not, regardless of how unconventional his methods were (again used to show how he clashed with the culture of Vargas) he just might have been right. Welles loved to play larger than life characters who were brought down by hubris, and in Touch of Evil we see Welles portray Quinlan as a once brilliant detective, who is haunted by his past and has allowed his ego to bring him down. And that could be said about Welles himself.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 9 Layered Kui (Kow Tiing Kui)

Photo by Sarawakiana. June 2008

Early in the morning one can buy a few pieces of these delectable Chinese folk food in Sibu. Many of these kinds of traditional or folk delicacies have lost their original authentic tastes and exquisite touches because of economics and profit margins.

In the past,a housewife would be proud to show her skills of making this sweet delicacy. She would make sure that all the little Q's (tips) were followed to reach excellence.

Here is a checklist - the right temperature, the almost there measures,timing, when to add this or that ingredient, etc......many would keep these secrets to themselves so that they were like the Kung Fu masters who need to keep a few "chou" in order to survive and strike down their enemies.

My grandmother would make her nine layered steamed cake in the following way.

First she would soak a few cups of glutinous rice overnight and then early in the morning she would have it hand ground by her stone grinder or mill. The rice flour would then be weighted down and soon she would be able to stir in coconut milk to make a wonderful batter. Of course today one can buy a packet of glutinous rice flour imported from Thailand any time in the supermarket. So one can skip the soaking and the grinding steps.

Coconut milk would be squeezed out from a grated coconut (using a very old kitchen tool - cannot be obtained nowadays. I believe I can still take a photo of one such tool in Marudi. So watch my blog.) Today this step is made easy by the usage of packet coconut milk.

Add a little sugar and a bit of salt.

This batter would be divided into two portions, one to be coloured red.

An wooden steamer would be prepared and she could steam her layered delicacy in no time.

In those olden days even if she had to multi task, she would be ever so patient in turning out even layers of white and red in her steamed cake.

And furthermore even without any absolute scales of measurement she could turn out a tin of steamed layered cake which would be so delicate, sweet and delicious to bit into.

A wonderful breakfast treat.

Note :Today many young people do not know how to make it. One can buy it any where in the coffee shops or market. But some people do bother to make this kuih out of love.

Old Food Safes or Puong Dieu or Wan Dieu

A long time ago, when we were kids we were told that we must never open the doors of the food safes unless we were told to do so. If did not adhere to this rule,we would end up marrying a hopeless, good for nothing man.

Whenever an elder heard the creak of a food safe door opening,she would say,"Someone's peeping at the food again!!" This would deter the culprit. Those were the days when we had very little pocket money. And the next door little village shop would only have the least of sundry goods for sale. With training like that, we never ever did open the doors of the food safes. It was too embarrassing to be caught red handed.

So how did we contain our hunger? We would try to open the huge tins of soda biscuits or the hard Osborne biscuits after getting the permission from our mother or grandmother.

Actually this old saying helped discipline us, so that at no time, we would go and pick the food. Picking the food from the bowls would mean that one would be getting more than his fair share of food and mum would have nothing to cook for the next meal. Most afternoon meals would have left overs which would be just enough for the evening meal. In this way, the budget would always be well managed.

There is another Foochow saying, "Calculate carefully and you would have enough for 9 meals!!" Thus we Foochow girls were brought up to be very careful with our housekeeping money. And no wonder we have some kept away for the rainy days.

These two pictures are some of my favourite pictures of Foochow life in Sibu.

And looking at a Foochow food safe would just make me more homesick for my hometown than ever. Memories of childhood days would just come flooding!!

Elizabeth Hurley Hottest Photo

Hoop Power

Speechless but thanks to super shot taker Masao we are full of rad pics from last night at the Warehouse!

Feast your eyes on these babies

Sarawak Centenary Celebrations in Sibu August 8-9,1942

(Adapted from The Methodist Episcopal Church in Borneo 1931-1950 by Sarawak methodist Centenary Celebration Volumes, Chief Editor : Wong Meng Lei, Published by SCAC, The Methodist Church in Malaysia.)

The Sarawak Centenary Celebrations of the Brooke rule were held in Sibu on August 8th - 9th 1942. In connection with the celebration, a committee was set up, and at the same time, they took the opportunity ti raise funds for the British War Effort Fund and the China Relief Fund, under the leadership of the District Officer, Mr. J.C. B. Fisher. They raised more than $45,000.

Funds were raised from football and badminton tournaments prior to the Centenary Celebration. A Land and Water Sports and a Regatta were also organised. School students keenly competed with each other. There was even a duck catching contest which gave a lot of enjoyment to the on lookers. however, the boat races provided the best entertainment of the day. Ten long boats with sixty paddlers each for one race was considered the best event of the day. The shouts of the Dayaks provided a lot of excitement.

On 24th Sept 1942, the centenary was also celebrated in Sbiu. Methodist Schools played an important part in the day's activities.

At a Police Guard parade in the Government Grounds, the Distrcit Officer, Mr. S.G. hansom, representing the Resident, presented a Long Service medal to the Tua kampong of kampong Puloh, Haji Salleh.

The Methodist Schools studnets went out to sell Sarawak Centary Badges for the British War Effort and the China Relief Fund. They raised quite a bit of money.

A very successful lantern parade was held at night with six schools participating. Although there was a slight shower, the spirit of the public was not dampened. The Methodist Boys' School led the parade. Ong Poh tong, a Standard VI boy was the artist behind the three lanterns which featured the likeness of the three White Rajahs.

All the Methodist Churches made special efforts to hold special Centenary Services on the Sundays before or after the Centenary.

So in a way, the Foochow church leaders and members of the Methodist Churches and staff and students of the Methodist Schools, and Sacred Heart School, played a dominant role in the Centenary Celebration of the Brooke Rule in Sibu.

Emma Rigby Celebs sexy

Are Big Bows Too Cutesy?

Lately I've been seeing bows, big and small on clothes everywhere. (All the shirts below are from Top Shop simple because I'm too lazy to look through another website.) Sometimes a bow really adds some much needed adornment and girliness to a shirt or dress. But sometimes I feel like it's just too much. As with nautical-inspired clothes, the design could become overly cutesy and costume-looking.

For instance, I first saw this shirt online I thought the bow was way too big. It totally reminded me of the sailor or school uniforms that we see in Japanese anime. But then I saw my friend wear it and it looked simple and cute, but not overly cute on her. Maybe the key is to keep everything else around the shirt (ie. your jeans and hair) simple?

Moving onto more bows... I am not a fan of a bow graphic tee, or any prints that have little bows all over them. I thought the point of a bow was to add something extra, sort of like another layer or texture to the shirt.

I can't decide what to think of this bow. On one hand the top would look simpler but plainer without the bow. On the other hand, it makes a potentially versatile top into something more frilly and girly.

The silhouette (kind of Miu Miu S/S08-esque) caught my eye. The fake buttons are a nice touch, but what do you think of the bows? They seem to suit the shirt.

This is my favourite out of the shirts here. For some odd reason, I really like the huge bow in the middle -maybe it's because the bow doesn't look completely like a big puffy bow. It's very flat and the colours of the shirt (nude and white) make the top seem more sophisticated than cutesy. It looks like a nice top for work (provided you work in a casual business office.)

Anyway, I think I will stop here. I have used the word 'cutesy' way too many times within the past fifteen minutes for my own comfort!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DJ Cat's Pussy Party

Feline temptresses will be on the prowl tonight at The Warehouse in Azabu Juban. Don your cat-like prowess, slip on something slinky, elevate your mysterious factor with a kitty cat mask and saunter down the steps of the Warehouse and onto the dance floor!

Lindsey, Leila and I will be putting on our very best, wildcat performance at Midnight. I will also rock the hoops in true Hoop Lover style in an earlier show high up above the crowd of leopards.

New York City's DJ CAT brings her famous traveling party to Tokyo for one incredible night!

Performances by HOOPLOVERS and other special treats.

Photos: Tommy Hawk
VJ: David Roy
Giveaways from chief&mischief.

ニューヨークを基点に様々なパーティので活躍しているDJ CATが初東京に上陸。セクシー、グラマラスな一夜を存分に楽しんでください。

Brandon (NYC, chief&mischief/TokyoElectro)
James (AUS, TokyoElectro/Jade Music)
yUk1 (JP,
DJ Miki (Party Monster/Ms. Rock Spirit)

DOOR \ ¥2500 +1drink 
W/F \ ¥2000 +1drink     
ADV \ ¥1500 +1drink           
OTHER[ Ladies with a CAT mask ¥1500 +1drink

Hoot-Shaped Box

Dave Tedder


Unkown Owl-tline, which I saw (I think) on DeviantArt

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kathy Ireland sexy Poster

Christina Applegate Sexy Photos

Outlook Hair Loss (Alopecia)

The ability to stop hair loss most often depends on the underlying cause.

Woman Smiling with beautiful hair

Gorgeous Hair

  • If taking a certain medication was the cause, stopping the medication would stop the hair loss.

  • The most common type of hair loss, androgenic alopecia, usually follows a pattern with hair thinning in the front of the scalp first and progressing on to involve the back and top of the head. This type tends to be progressive.

  • Finasteride helps stop hair loss in about 60% of men, and minoxidil decreases hair loss in about 50% of men and women.

Hair transplant -Before and After

Hair transplant -Before and After

  • The best prevention of hair loss is early treatment. Research has shown that minoxidil is most useful for people who have been losing hair for less than 5 years.

  • A doctor who can help determine if the medications are working and who can watch for side effects of the medications should follow up with people who are being treated with minoxidil or finasteride.

Anti Aging Treatments
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