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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake

I'm usually a fiction-reader, but after reading the description of the book and looking at the beautiful cover (the UK one on the left -yes I care about covers,) I decided to give The Beautiful Fall a try. It took me half a year to get through it, mainly because I stopped a few months during the holidays and exams, and it's also a bit thick and non-fiction.
The book is mainly about what it says on the cover: Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and 'glorious excess in 1970s Paris', but it's also a lot more. The book goes through fashion from the 50s through Yves and Karl's journey, to changes in the fashion world in the 80s and 90s. It details the people who they hung out with, their career and the atmosphere of the fashion world in that period.
As someone who hasn't studied fashion and knew nothing about its history, this book really brought me a glimpse of what the fashion world was like back then: Back in the 70s, before fashion was strictly a business and creativity was important. And as someone who grew up knowing YSL only as an established brand name and from Stefano Pilati's designs, the book really drew out the genius and significance of Yves back in the 60s and 70s. He was THE designer who all women looked upon and relied on for fashion back then. Karl Lagerfeld on the other hand, was a freelance designer for a long time, designing from unknown brands to Fendi and Chloe, and eventually shot to fame in the 90s after Chanel hired him. He is amazing at adopting current trends with a brand's heritage and always learning new things.
The great thing about this book is that the author did not favour either one of the designers and showed the genius and disadvantages of both the designers. And while it was great to read about Yves and Karl, the best thing about this book is that you see how the fashion business has changed throughout the 60s to the 90s, mainly the Paris scene but also the international scene in general. So if you're interested in a bit of modern fashion history, give the book a try!

Friday, June 1, 2007

More caricatures...I had fun with this batch.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hole-In-The-Shoulder Tops

During the Easter holidays, I started looking at spring/summer fashion in stores and for some unknown reason, I really got into what I call the 'hole-in-the-shoulder tops'. Maybe it's because I like the look with the sleeves sort of droopy and hanging. It gives the outfit a sort of effortless, casual chic feeling.

One brand which is doing these tops is Zucca.
These (Zucca) tops are so casual and easy to wear. Just throw them on with jeans or denim shorts.
Another brand which is doing this is Vanessa Bruno. The VB ones are of course, more elegant and feminine and less of the jeans-and-t-shirt look than Zucca's. Love the dress on the right.
I think this is the top that got me into this look. Don't the 'sleeves' look like wings? It's style can be casual or smart -makes it kind of suitable for different looks.
Daryl K's Doctored Dress is more of 'hole-in-the-sleeves' dress. I think the black and orange dress (right) is sort of cool, but I've tried it on and the dress is hard to pull off. (That's when I realised I should stop obsessing over this type of tops.)
Now this Ann Demeulemeester tunic is just simple and cool. It has a very effortless vibe. A similar top is the one on the right by Maria Bonita. It feels younger than the Demeulemeester tunic but just not as chic.
And here is how real life people (as opposed to mannequins) wear these tops. Isn't it so cute? And see what I mean by the sleeves dangling down?
Nicole Richie looking very casual chic in one of these tops and shorts. Loves it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alexander McQueen For Puma SS07

Hey people, my exams are over and I'm back! OK, now most days, I am all about being practical, walking fast and keeping my feet warm (during winter). And even though I love ogling at gorgeous, trendy shoes, the only footwear I have actually been wearing a lot are my tatty, 5 year old, Addidas-lookalike Sketcher sneakers. Said Sketchers are about to break apart any day now and I have started to take notice of the sneakers available around me.

To me, Nike sporty sneakers are my favourite for sports and I don't really like Nike's non-sporty sneakers. I had bad experience with Puma sneakers many years ago and I just couldn't find my ideal pair of Addidas yet. Converse is a bit too flimsy to keep my feet warm during winter and Sketchers are just too sugary for me nowadays.

Luckily on a shopping trip, my mum noticed this cool pair of sneakers and told me to try them on (mums seem to spot pretty things that we don't.) Tada... I finally found a new pair of sneakers! I love how they're sneakers with cool details and a bit of edge, (although I won't be wearing them in the rain until the novelty wears off!) I was slightly surprised because this pair is by Alexander McQueen for Puma and when the AMQ for Puma line first came out a season or two ago, I thought they were ugly.

OK, so ugly isn't the right word. It's just that the last few collections seemed a bit alien-ish. They had funny toe bits (as shown in the picture), which I'm sure is supposed to be avant-garde and all, but it just looked weird to me. Plus I didn't like the colours. (All the pictures in this post is from the SS07 collection.)

I don't like the toe bit here but leather sneakers are way cool and useful.

For those who understand this, McQueen's inspiration quoted from the site: 'For Spring/Summer 2007, the study of anatomy continues through the exploration of body ornamentation with references to the Masai tribe culture.'

This pair is quite pretty, and not as 'designed'-looking as the others too.

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festa of cuties

The little rocker wasn't the only cutie we spied at the Tokyo Design Festa.


Shotaro and Ikumi of Chapter are quite the Design Festa regulars always bringing their fashion flair, whimsical costume designs and smiles to the event. We were sure to grab a snapshot of the kawaii couple and stop for a quick chat. Watch out for their new website coming soon... And fingers crossed, if the planets align as they should we really hope to have some Chapter costumes on TOKYOMADE in the near future.


This colorful booth set up by Rieko of BLITZ kiss fame kept us coming back for more. We were slightly mesmerized by her quirky sense of style and super super esque acrylic accessories (which we are also hoping to bring to you really soon!)


And as always Machie, MACBAG designer and creator extraordinaire was there with her gorgeous smile and an ever growing range of African fabric bags. Oh and guess what?? We got to keep our favs and we will be sharing them with you any moment now. They are stunning, and it is all I can do to stop myself from buying them ALL! Machie is one of my favorite designers and I carry her creations around with me everyday! So very happy to have more in stock!

Monday, May 28, 2007

rockin the big site


There is never a dull moment at Tokyo Design Festa. We had a wild time as always this weekend out at Toyko Big Site...inspiring, fulfilling and exhausting! Two days jam packed with the hottest Japanese and international creators, exhibitors and rock stars!

Check out this rockabilly rebel's fashion label Monsters Cereal. He kept us highly entertained as we kept Cometman company in his popular and sleek Design Festa booth.

So many pics and stories to go with them...coming soon

quick wit

Jesus-freak: ... And let it be known that if you disobey the holy book and God's laws, you are eternally damned.
Queer: So, what happens to me if I'm gay?
Jesus-freak: You're going to Hell in a hand basket!
Queer: Well, that hand basket better be fucking Prada, bitch!

I stole/copied/borrowed this from was too good not to share!
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