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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mischa's Recent Hits, OKs and Misses

You always see Mischa Barton in the 'who's wearing the trend' or 'best outfits' sections of fashion magazines. But she is also known to wear a few not-very-flattering outfits out and about. She's a spectrum dresser -one who has hits, oks and misses. Here are a bunch of candids from this year:
Miss -White footless tights with that black shift dress look awkward together, and that pair of green sandals is definitely a no.
OK -Maybe it's because the black dress is so casual and that cardigan isn't, but this outfit is only so-and so.
Miss -The public display of bras is not cool. This dress could have been very classy if she had worn a solid top underneath.
Hit -I really like this outfit which is weird because it's all red and lacy, but it's other details like the ruffles in front and the fit are just so right. And the nude, patent shoes is a good modern choice to go with the otherwise all red outfit.
Hit- Mischa walking around in Paris. Love this outfit. It's casual in a sophisticated way.
Hit -Yes I like boring and simple outfits, although the hat and the necklace really adds something to the outfit. And yes, those are actually jeans, not pants, (I zoomed into the pic.)
Hit -Love the boho vibe from the outfit. It's boho in a pretty, not-messy way.
OK -The coat is so lovely and everything looks casual but put-together. The problem is her shoes.
OK -Mischa's wearing a nice casual little white dress for daytime, (but I don't like this particular white dress that much.) LWDs are must-haves this season!
Controversial -Loads of people made fun of Mischa wearing that dress on the left, but I think it's actually nice because it's like a sophisticated ballerina outfit. And that all-black outfit on the right, I'm not sure what but something seems off about it. Maybe it's the shorts or the leather jacket?
Hits -OK, so these aren't candids, but she (and the outfits) looked so pretty I couldn't resist. The black sequined dress with the coat are just perfect (left). And that gold dress (right) is pretty and right-on-trend without being too metallic and shiny.

Isn't it so unfair those gold Keds actually look cool with that sort-of-formal outfit (black sequined dress; above left)?

Friday, March 30, 2007


Now this is what I call fun! Actually it was probably tiring to make and if you listen to it for too long you will drive yourself a little batty - but fun!

I thought we had spotted our fair share of invaders on our travels and especially here in Tokyo, but it seems that is not that case. Check out THIS awesome photo collection of invaders snapped around the globe. This guy even got to meet the Invader himself, this is too cool for school! And HERE is the true invader.

In other gamer type news, Masao is sitting contently in the background glued to his latest piece of handheld wonder. In what seems like an awesome selling frenzy for the clever fellows over at Yodabashi Camera, Masao was the second last person (on this planet according to the sprukers at the time of the frenzy) to get his hands on this little piece of fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Problem with the Drape Neck

Recently in the Ralph Lauren sale, I acquired this completely exquisite cable drape neck cashmere sweater for a very good bargain. And trust me, it truly feels exquisite. It looks great too.The only problem is that while the drape neck looks great and has an interesting twist compared to other classic styled sweaters, it is the devil to match it. I'm not sure about you, but I wear cashmere in cold weathers. And in cold weathers I usually wear a jacket over my sweaters to keep warm.

Unfortunately, with this drape neck, nothing looks good over it. If you wear a big coat over it, the drape neck creates a big bulge in your chest area that creates a terribly unflattering silohuette. If you wear it with a blazer or something and let the drape neck hang out, it looks strange. So the only way to wear it really is on its own. But when the weather is warm enough that I feel I can safely walk out with just a sweater on, this cashmere sweater is too warm.

So this style is actually quite a pain and I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it right. Ideas?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bebe SS07

I must say, I've been impressed with Bebe's marketing techniques lately. They've managed to present themselves as ladylike, sophisticated, stylish and chic.
Through Mischa, they also appeal to the young and trendy. These ad campaigns really makes me want to go out and buy this trench coat (unfortunately, the site says it is not available for sale. Why do they even bother to shoot this if its not even available sale??). . .

. . . and this dress. . . . . . and basically everything in the catalog as well. Even though the fashion in the catalog seems to be targeted at a more sophisticated audience, it just looks soooo cool with this jet as a backdrop!
Their website is quite well designed, comprehensive and easy to navigate too. And some of the clothes shown actually look nice.

The only problem with all this is their actual store and products. Have you BEEN to a BEBE store? Because the ambiance it emanates feels nothing like this. I've tried. I've been inside many times trying to look for remnants of this style, I even asked if they had this dress that Mischa was wearing in the ad (to which the sales people told me they have never seen in the store before)- nothing.
In reality, the actual store feels cheap, and most of the clothes look cheap, slutty and way overpriced, like these two tops shown above.

Even Eva Longoria- who always looks so chic and elegant- looks cheap wearing this Bebe top on the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan.

So kudos to Bebe's marketing and web design team, and to those in the Bebe design and store concept team- a little revamping is in order.The products have to FIT the image!

SS07 Beauty Trend: The White Eyeliner

First off, thanks for suggesting mascaras to me last week. For those who are interested, the Lancome counter that I went to told me that the much-loved Definicils has stopped being produced, so instead I bought its new Cils Design Pro. (It's a two-sided mascara.) It was only a bit more expensive than L'Extreme so I figured I'll try it.

Anyways onto today's topic -the white eyeliner. Now I am no expert about makeup so I was always thought white eyeliners weren't that versatile. I thought they were only useful in useful in doing the 60's mod look, as done in the Dior FW05 show. But apparently, there is another way to use it.
Some people (me included) feel that wearing black eyeliner all around the eyes is feels a bit heavy and 'madeup', especially for a daytime look. Recently, I read in a magazine that solved this problem. A great way to wear eyeliner but still achieve a (relatively) natural look is to wear black eyeliner along the top line, and white eye along the bottom line. I think it brightens up your eye area, (plus the magazine claims it widens your eyes.)
Check out how it was done in the Anna Sui SS07 show -Du Juan (above) looks really pretty with this makeup.
So I really wanted to try this look and made the effort to visit 3 Shu Umerura shops just to get this two-ended eyeliner, (one end is white, the other end is pearl,) but it's completely sold out! I'm definitely going to try again when I get back to London and if it's really sold out, I suppose I can try Nars.

So ya, just a little makeup idea for you all to try out!

Photo sources: and Shu Uemura

Monday, March 26, 2007

Not So Glamorous

Just in case any one of you thought that these cheap plastic check Vuitton bags seen on their SS07 catwalk were cool. . . .

. . .and then got it into your head from this spread in the recent Teen Vogue that it was a great bag for this season, I did some first hand research while I was home for spring break. I'd like to point out that while they make it look really stylish and cool on the catwalk and in the photoshoots, the actual people who uses these bags are not so glamorous.
In fact, these bags are commonly used by street vendors as storage and for garbage disposal.

Seriously, I don't know where they get their ideas from.

Chloe's Bay Bag

Months ago, BG wrote about Chloe's SS07 bags. Back then, I wasn't yet into anything SS07 nor have I seen any of the bags so I didn't pay too much attention to them. Now that we're starting SS07, I'm very into all bags SS07.
When Chloe's Bay bag arrived at, I stared at it for awhile and it grew on me. It's practical, girly and chic. Plus it's by Chloe, which usually means the leather is gorgeous. There are two versions, the first one is this quilted version, which is more lady-like and sophisticated.
The second version here is a bit more androgynous but equally chic.
Then as expected, we started seeing it carried by celebs. Mischa Barton totally had me convinced that the Bay is gorgeous and fab for all ages. I mean seriously, doesn't it look so cool on her?
But then Britney Spears started carrying it last week and honestly, it really doesn't look good on her. It's probably also because I don't associate her with good taste, (although I admittingly still love some of her old songs.)

But of course, as a fashion-lover, I'm certainly not basing my love/hate decision on photos of Mischa and Britney so I checked it out at Lane Crawford (a HK department store) yesterday and well, the bag was definitely bigger, and the material odder than I imagined it. What I mean is, the leather didn't seem like the usual soft Chloe leather; the leather seemed a bit thin and crinkled in an ugly way (unlike the beautiful crinkleness on Balenciaga bags.)

So the truth is, I'm a bit disappointed. My almost-non-existant optimistic side tells me that maybe, it just happens that those Bay bags I saw were over-tried-on by customers, or maybe it's just the lighting, so I'm going to look out for them again next time I go shopping. Maybe they will look better.
Photo of bags from


The lack of blossoms was well and truly made up for by the awesomeness of our friends!




After a long and hard day of wandering through the steets of Tokyo spying the latest fashion items and picking up hot tips we were so excited to get home and find new products had arrived.

I seriously squealed with delight when I spied the Piano Card Case and the Rock Chic Pouch. I promise you this wild city has gone musically mad, crackers over clefs and potty over pianos! Maybe it is the spring thing, music in the air? Whatever it is we love it and we are super excited to have these new Tokyo trends ready for you!

Check out the other awesome street style additions. More mirrors to add to the growing collection of groovy pocket pieces. And we simply love the sweet Pink Poodle Mini Pouch. Enjoy global style lovers, enjoy!

P.S. New Tiny Azure earrings coming VERY SOON!

P.P.S I got the most freakin pretty leopard print hi tops today - in love!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


With the guidance and help our overly generous and seriously talented friends we made a lush batch of the most decadent cupcakes I have ever had the pleasure of devouring!
I can never thank you; Nick and Lindsey, enough for the fun bake off day and the exquisite results!

MORE on the PINK PARTY soon! The hugest thank you to all of our amazing friends, new and old for a fantastic day! The BIGGEST thanks of all goes to the campers Lulu and Kat for their mighty effort - getting to the park at the crack o dawn to get the best spot in the park, right near the swans! THANK YOU THANK YOU
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