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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cat with four Ears named Yoda

This 2 year old feline named yoda looks different from the other cat, she has 4 ears. I don't know if this cat has any specialty due to her extra ears, well here's the story about Yoda the four eared cats.

Valerie and Ted Rock took him in two years ago after visiting a bar near their home in Chicago, where he was being passed round by curious drinkers.

They named him after the pointy-eared Star Wars character and took him to a local vet who said he'd never seen the condition before.

Multi-eared cats are rare, but not unheard of. In 2004, a six-month-old cat with two extra ears was put up for adoption at an animal shelter in Germany. In the same year, Russian media reported a kitten being born with seven ears. What seven eared cats?? If you was a cat lover so you could make a funny costume for your cat using this cat tailor named cat prin.

Yoda's owners said he was a perfectly normal, affectionate, curious cat and a joy to have around. His extra ears, which are not thought to affect his hearing, are not attached to the base of his skull, with one placed slightly behind the other. They are believed to be the result of a genetic mutation. Don't forget to see another bizarre cat who love to read.

Here's another picture of Yoda the 4 eared cats.

Clown Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo that will make you sad, cheer you up and strike fear in the eyes of anyone who sees it? Then clown tattoos are perfect for you!

Clown tattoos generally consist of three different styles, the traditional happy clown with an ear to ear smile, the classic old school sad clown which is often portrayed in retro artwork, and of course the evil looking satanic clown who scares children wearing raincoats.

Enjoy this great photo gallery of tattoos and discover some design ideas.

Evil clown tattoos often have morbid characteristics and exaggerated features.

The most popular area for a clown tattoo seems to be the upper arm and lower leg.

Naturally these type of tattoo designs are very colorful with mixtures of red, blue, white and hints of yellow under certain circumstances, plus they are sometimes accessorized with bow ties and hats.

The UP - DOWN Poll of Period Dramas

Casts of Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey
With the announcement of two similar upcoming period dramas that revolve around household servants, it made me think about other dramas that revolve around the 'hired help'.

Coming up this fall, there will be an update of Upstairs, Downstairs (this time it will move ahead to 1936) as well as a new drama of Downton Abbey (set in Edwardian country house in 1912, penned by Julian Fellowes).

As much as I abhor people being treated as servants and the division of class, I find that I'm fascinated by these films which give us a glimpse of what they must have gone through in their daily lives.

Here are other period dramas that feature the hired help:

There are various films that focus on the nanny or governess:
Nanny McPhee, Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, Berkeley Square, Firelight, Jane Eyre, The Turn of the Screw, The Lost Prince and Corrina, Corrina

As well as other dramas that focus on household servants:
Gosford Park, The Remains of the Day, Driving Miss Daisy, Jeeves and Wooster

And there's also the reality series that allowed individuals to see what it was like to live in "The Edwardian Country House".

So for the Up - Down Poll, how many of these dramas have you seen?
Which ones are your favourites?
[Vote or comment below]

Gosford Park

Berkeley Square | Firelight

The Edwardian Country House (reality series)

Emma Thompson in Remains of the Day and Nanny McPhee

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins

Jane Eyre | The Turn of the Screw | Corrina, Corrina

Jeeves and Wooster | The Lost Prince | Driving Miss Daisy

Here's one that I forgot to add...
The Grand starring Susan Hampshire

my dream..

inspired by Michael Kors' article, My Dream, in the September issue of Vanity Fair

my dream collection
my dream concert
my dream holiday
my dream wardrobe
my dream dinner party
my dream meal
my dream conversation
image sources: tumblr, google

1. Vogue editors' collection of jewelry, MK & Ashley's ring collection, Chanel bags, some original pieces by Coco Chanel
2. GaGa, Jay-Z, MJ, & The Beatles - all in one (remember, it's a dream)
3. NYC, Italy
4. everyone's favorite character, Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe!
5. Audrey Hepburn, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Leo DiCaprio, Angelina & Brad,  Robert Pattinson, GaGa, Madonna, Chelsea Handler & Chuy!!! (all together)
6. Sushi feast
7. with Rob -not much of a conversation
xo Maria
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