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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley

Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley - Have you ever imagined about a luxury yacht which can fly on the sky? Phil Pauley made the awesome concept of this Flying Yacht. this flying yacht is a new paradigm in commercial and luxury private travel. Though this yacht seems to avoid ignores basic rules in its making, but it something, for sure, that takes you out from the conventional tech and lends you in future straightway. Dubbed the Flying Cruiser, it is the part of the cruiser range that offers four options to cater to individual choice. These include the Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fly Cruiser and Power Cruiser. This Flying Yacht Concept might be as good as this Halo Intersceptor Car the All in one Vehicle which can move on air, water and in the road.

The Fly Cruiser features wings with integrated jet engines. Wings extend outward from the body to accelerate the boat until it’s hydroplaning on a stability board, which it then retracts once it’s moving fast enough. Operating at the forefront of performance with aggressive yet innovative design dressed with classic contemporary furnishings, The Fly Cruiser changes from boat to a flying machine with the touch of a button and lifts you from the plain and into free air to well over 100 knots. So, if you are the one who looks for comfort and loves open air freedom, then the Power Cruiser is what you surely love.

Here's more picture of this Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley.

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Avril Lavigne- "What The Hell" [Music Video]

The music video for Avril Lavigne's new single "What The Hell" as leaked! Check it out above. I like it! This reminds me a little of her music video for "Complicated" in some parts, like the bits on the store. Can't wait to see a higher quality version of it, and on 3D. Look out for Avril's fourth album Goodbye Lullaby in stores March 8th.

Billboard Hot 100 - Top 50 Singles [1/29/11]

#49. The Band Perry- "If I Die Young" [-11]
#48. Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta- "Club Can't Handle Me" [-15]
#45. Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull- "I Like It" [-11]
#42. Train- "Marry Me" [+14]
#40. Lil Wayne Feat. Drake- "Above It" [-11]
#33. Usher- "More" [+14]
#30. P!nk- "Fucking Perfect" [+27]
#29. Flo Rida Feat. Akon- "Who Dat Girl" [+10]
#24. Trey Songz Feat. Nicki Minaj- "Bottoms Up" [-10]
#23. Kanye West & Jay-Z- "H*A*M" [Debut]
#13. Avril Lavigne- "What The Hell" [Debut]
#1. Britney Spears- "Hold It Against Me" [Debut]

Rihanna New Single Cover
Check out the official single cover for Rihanna's upcoming release "S&M" off her album LOUD in stores now.

The Black Eyed Peas' Second Single Will Be...

The second single off the Black Eyed Peas' new album The Beginning will be the song titled "Just Can't Get Enough". Take a listen to it above. Enjoy!

T.I.- "Castle Walls" Single Cover

Check out the single cover for T.I's new single "Castle Walls" featuring Christina Aguilera. This is not the first rapper to release a single featuring Christina Aguilera. Both Diddy and Nelly have done it in the past, and both singles failed to impress. We'll see how this song does on the charts.

Britney Spears on the Set of New Music Video Shoot

Check out a picture of Britney Spears shooting the music video for her record-breaking new single "Hold It Against Me". Hopefully the video is better than the song.

Period Fashion: Mourning Dress

In watching Downton Abbey, I was struck by the fact that the family members would have to wear their mourning clothes after their relatives had been lost on the Titanic. In this day and age, we wear black for a brief time to show respect but in Victorian times, the period of mourning was much longer and so would require a substantial wardrobe. By the Edwardian era, the length of mourning and the rules had eased up.

(On right: shown in the film "The Young Victoria", Victoria is in mourning after death of her uncle King William IV)

[Source] "In 19th century England, a widow was expected to remain in mourning for over two years. The rules were slightly less rigid for American women.

These stages of mourning were observed by women:
Full mourning, a period of a year and one day, was represented with dull black clothing without ornament. The most recognizable portion of this stage was the weeping veil of black crepe. If a women had no means of income and small children to support, marriage was allowed after this period. There are cases of women returning to black clothing on the day after marrying again.
Second mourning, a period of nine months, allowed for minor ornamentation by implementing fabric trim and mourning jewelry. The main dress was still made from a lusterless cloth. The veil was lifted and worn back over the head. Elderly widows frequently remained in mourning for the rest of their lives.
Half mourning lasted from three to six months and was represented by more elaborate fabrics used as trim. Gradually easing back into color was expected coming out of half mourning. All manor of jewelry could be worn.

The standard mourning time for a widower was two years but it was up to his discretion when to end his single stage. Men could go about their daily lives and continue to work. Typically young unmarried men stayed in mourning for as long as the women in the household did."

Many thanks to Evangeline of Edwardian Promenade for answering my inquiry of how mourning practices changed during the Edwardian era. She explains:
"Comparing two different editions of “Manners and Rules of Good Society”—one published in 1888 and the other in 1913—a widow in 1888 always wore mourning for two years; a widow in 1913 could wear mourning for two years, but she also had the option of only doing so for eighteen months. Crepe was also optional, with more widows choosing not to wear it by 1913. In 1888, jewelry was forbidden until eight months had past, whereas in 1913, barring gold, diamonds, could be worn after three months. Other periods of mourning (in-laws, cousins, etc) were drastically reduced in 1913 (i.e. Daughter-in-law or Son-in-law: 12 months in 1888, six months in 1913)."

Pics source: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria & Albert Museum, Abiti Antichi

~ Period fashion of mourning dress over the years ~

travelling loboutins*

by Khuong Nguyen via  fashionising

Loboutins make a speedy delivery with a rocket car, parachute or via the arctic, in the new spring lookbook.  The balloon dogs are so cute; how could I not post these? Lately, I've been having such obscure yet brilliant dreams. A few nights ago, one dream scene consisted of  me in a tram train, cruising near a rustic, historical tower (think Tower of Pisa) with thousands of balloons continuously bursting out of it (think the movie, Up). Now, now; I don't want to get all freudian about interpretations, but it was a pretty damn cool dream.

xo Maria

Return to Cranford - image gallery

Here are some images from the sequel to Cranford. We revisit Miss Matty and the ladies in the 2-part special which picked up where Cranford left off. While I had higher hopes for the sequel, it was still a worthwhile drama even though it didn't match up to the excellence of the original series. Return to Cranford introduced new characters including Jonathan Pryce, Celia Imrie, Lesley Sharp, Nicholas Le Prevost, Jodie Whittaker, Tom Hiddleston, Michelle Dockery, Matthew McNulty and Rory Kinnear.
Returning actors include: Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, Julia Mackenzie, Deborah Findlay, Barbara Flynn, Claudie Blakley, Francesca Annis, Alex Etel, Emma Fielding, Jim Carter

Thanks to Sharona at Period Films for the great photos! I've resized these to have their width or length be at most 1000 pixels. If you desire larger, visit Sharon's site but please give her credit if used!

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