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Friday, November 9, 2007


Bowie from showing off her wonderful ta-ta's.

Also, chestpiece.

Doctor Hoot

Johnny Berrios.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

EBay Store: Trendy Outfitter

I'd like to begin by saying that I have no experience with EBay at all and that I have no idea how this EBay store works, so I make no quality guarantees about what I am about to expound on. But from all accounts and the many reviews this seller has had, it does look pretty reliable and should I ever decide to start using EBay, I think I'd start with this store. So, what made me suddenly so interested in Ebay? The Trendy Outfitter store! They sell trendy Japanese and Korean inspired apparel worldwide (they apparently ship from Taiwan, so I'm not too sure where the products originate).
But anyway, onto the fashion. This was the coat that caught my attention. When my friend first showed me, I was like, OMG I want that coat! And when I saw the price- I wanted it even more! Who can resist a gorgeous wool blend coat for $25? That, you see is the beauty of this site. I don't know why it is so cheap, but nothing you see on list is more than $30. The catch, we soon discovered, was that the delivery is the same price as the coat. But still, that makes it $50... still not too bad. As to the quality... well, you can't expect too much at that price. So I guess expect H&M quality? From the reviews, most customers seemed happy with their purchases....
More pretty coats. I'll take these two as well please.
And I absolutely LOVE this cardigan. Its so chic and girly. The perfect fashion item.
This will look soo cute on me! And you really can't go wrong with the fit of such a simple dress.
A perfectly simple sweater dress.
And I LOVE this sweater (though I'd like one in black/white). Its so simple yet trendy with the genie sleeves and the fancy turtleneck. Did I mentioned everything is priced below $30?

Personally, I am still a bit iffy about buying anything on Shopbop, let alone EBay. Especially here, there are the questions of: Why is it so cheap? Where do these clothes come from? Are they a copy of these pictures we see or the actual thing? How is the quality and fit? Is this store reliable? What do you think readers? Anyone have experience with Ebay stores?

Nevertheless, don't all these images just make you want to go to Korea or wherever these clothes originate from and have a super shopping spree? I know I do!

Image Source: Trendy Outfitter

HI_Craft Perler Bead Session

look at all that craftiness!

Kinky Hoots

Dan Trocchio


Jason Saint

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Roberto Cavalli at H&M

Whenever I think of Roberto Cavalli, I think of animal prints, lacy tops, corsets, tight and glittery clothes and Victoria Beckham -all glamorously tasteless. Obviously I am not a fan of Roberto Cavalli. I don't care that his recent collection has improved a bit. The Cavalli style imprinted in my brain is still negative.
First off, you will notice that practically the whole collection is made of animal prints. There are leopard prints (in 2 different shades) and zebra prints. Talk about animal-prints overload! I can't believe he even put the prints on trousers!
Black and white animal-printed mini-dresses. I can't decide if these dresses are fun and crazy-looking, or just tacky.
The only thing I remotely consider decent is this sweater dress.
The things that I am interested in are the accessories, especially now that it's party season.
This braclet looks really pretty in the photo. I wonder if it will look that pretty in real life.
Another thing I'm interested in (as inspired by Mary Kate Olsen) is this cocktail ring.
So that's it. Anyways, just because Roberto Cavalli isn't my style, it doesn't mean that other people won't be anticipating the H&M collection. Look out for any craziness. The collection hits stores Nov 8th -that's tomorrow!

Image credit:

Duck Hoot

Holy Owl-verload, Steve Byrne!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Weekend in NYC

Having wanted to go to NYC for the longest time (I haven't been since I was 4 years ago!), I finally went this weekend. And let me say, it is more awesome than I remember! Besides the usual Times Square, Saks Fifth and Madison, I also managed to visit Barneys, Carnegie Deli's, Korean town, W Hotel and a few other more interesting places....
Interesting place no. 1, the New York Palace hotel where Serena lives and Chuck owns in Gossip Girl. When we were planning it, we imagined lots of gossip girl-esque pictures- which we realized in the end. The place is as luxe as it looks, except for one thing- it has more traffic than one would imagine from the show. But oh well, it IS a hotel. Oh and behold the picture above of the courtyard- it is not the official xmas decorations for the hotel but for filming purposes only- expect to see this scene on GG. Next place I visited was Soho. First my friend took me to Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgium chain cafe (also available in the upper east side, amongst other places) which served the most delicious Belgium waffle I've tasted this side of the Atlantic. If you have a sweet tooth- you must try this place!
Then, I finally got to visit the Prada store in Soho. It is like the fashion mecca that I forgot to visit last time I was there. Interestingly, outside, it completely blends with the rest of Soho and doesn't look like a Prada store at all. We nearly missed it, if we didn't have the address (that is ONE good thing about blackberries)! And I find it fascinating how such small entrances can enclose such large spaces in NYC, because inside it was HUGE. And the stairs down.... it was just incredible. Definitely a fashionista's stop when in NYC.
Another highlight for me on this trip was the fact that it was SAMPLE SALE SEASON in NYC. So I visited one random sample sale in Soho on Greene St (one of the reasons I went to Soho actually), where I FINALLY found wide legged jeans which I liked! They are from Rich & Skinny and they were only $75! Score! I also went to the Helmut Lang and Rags and Bones sample sale on 32nd St. I was in heaven. Besides the already cheaper prices, there was an extra 25% off everything. In the end, I got a classic white dress shirt and black dress pants from Helmut Lang for $160 in total. I DO need more office clothes after all. And the material and cutting for these two is amazing- smooth and not wrinkly at all (which is SO important for office wear). My white dress shirt is actually slightly different from the one above. It has a slightly asymmetrical cutting, which makes it interesting and at the same time subtle enough for interview purposes. So
I thought that was pretty good for HL. There were more stuff too, like HL jeans and this Rag & Bones dress shirt that I liked.... I had to restrain myself!

I can't wait to go back to NYC! I still haven't covered the Met, Magnolia Bakery, Serenpidity.......

Image Source: ShopBop


Here is to igniting new fires (metaphorically speaking of forest burning tendencies here!!)

In the lead up to Design Festa things are a flurry of excitement, inspiration, pink fluro paint and endless trips to the DIY store.

Friends in town next week makes it all the more exhilarating.



Sometimes I take headshots for my actor friends.
Here are a few from my latest session of Karen.

I love taking shots of my friends in character.
This is Karen as as "Ember Quinn."
These are my faves.


Monday, November 5, 2007

FW07 Trend: Ankle Boots II -the Cute Ones

So last Saturday I blogged about the basic ankle boots, the ones that go with almost all outfits. This post is about the cute ankle boots, by that I mean the ones that go with skirts and dresses.
V-slit ankle boots are another 'it' thing this season. I didn't like them at first but now I'm seeing their charm. Only wear them with dresses or skirts though, because I suspect the slit would look really odd peeking from under trousers. (This pair is by Costume National.)
This pair by Urban Outfitters looks really young and casual. I picture them with denim skirts and casual dresses.
If you like the London and LA style, then you'll like these bright yellow Top Shop boots. They would totally add casual funkiness to ones outfits. Imagine them with a plain cotton, mini-dress, plus a chunky bright scarf and a bunch of crazy cocktail rings. Fun!
Even though they're not my style, these suede KG boots are feminine and can be used for casual or semi-formal days.
These white Top Shop boots have more of a 'utility' feel to them. I'm not sure how one would wear these boots. I imagine they would match black stockings really nicely.
I've seen these Marc by Marc Jacobs boots 'inspire' a lot of other high street version. They're cute -sort of like leg-warmers combined with ankle boots. Cute as they are, they are unfortunately not very practical in real life, are they?
The thing about these cute boots is that while they are certainly more eye-catching and distinctive than the basic, black ones, they're just not as practical. So unless you get to dress casually a lot, then I'm not sure if they're worth buying. But hey, if the boots are from the high street stores, (ie. totally affordable,) then have some fun with them!

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