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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Milan Fashion Week FW07 Wrap Up III

So far, I think these Milan shows must have been my favourites. The general message seems to be loose and casual, but the thing you got to love about the Italians is that they always manage to make it look flattering and chic.

Gianni Versace
A departure from her previous season's form fitting trimmed style, her interpretation of this season's loose and casual style is inspired. Donatella updates the Versace woman while keeping them looking expensive and chic.

Tailored yet still loose and casual. Any one of these coats will do to keep us looking chic next season. Although I especially LOVE the black double breasted one on the left. You'd think we'd be bored of them by such a classic design by now, but Donatella just makes it look new again.
I also loved how she injected these vibrant colors into the collection. Also note the use of skinny belts here.I'm thinking I really need to get a long cardigan and belt!
Some more typically Versace cocktail dress designs.
And of course, we must not miss the gorgeous dresses. While structured on top, the skirts remain a flow of elegance.
Giorgio Armani
You know loose and casual are "in" when even Armani, the king of sleek and chic, embraces it.
Of course, he still manages to make it look very Armani.
I am especially loving these three outfits. But, WHAT is with the hat and make-up? They make the models look like they are 50, which is ridiculous when most of them are barely legal.
Although in some cases, I thought he took it a little overboard. Like these one, they just look frumpy. And no matter how much tailoring you put into it, that black/white stripe (esp at that thickness) will always look like a prisoner's outfit to me.
More pretty dresses with a bubble skirt twist. It was a different from the norm collection and it isn't too bad, but I thought the collection was too big and many of the pieces just looked really similar and boring.

I am loving this collection. Although I was a bit sceptical about it at first since the first outfit looked so rigid and uncomfortable. But as I looked through the rest, I couldn't help but be impressed. The outfits are sexy and sophisticated without being too revealing, everything was very put together and just sooo gorgeous!
I especially love the first look here with the layered jackets, belt, 3/4 pants, boots and big bag. And the red and black coats accentuates the body and just looks so sexy.
Patterns, especially floral prints, seems slightly out of place in such a structured collection, but somehow Frida strikes the perfect balance and makes it work.
Fabulous, glamorous outfits for the evening.
Although I'm not too inspired by the evening gown portion of the show. Its not particularly interesting nor gorgeous.
Can't wait to see what Paris has in store for us!
photo sources: Elle

Friday, February 23, 2007

Milan Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup II

Ahh! With the excitement of the new Milan collections, I can't even fit in a slot to blog about the series finale of The OC (sniff, so sad) -I'll do that eventually. OK, onto the collections:

Fendi is supposedly known for its fur, so in that aspect, Karl delivered. I admittingly, do not know how to appreciate Fendi's asthetics yet and I usually just think Fendi as a line for mature women.

But with hemlines above the knees, a lot of the clothes didn't feel too old. I love the three outfits above -they're grownup-but-not-too-mature, girly edgy and classy.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
I've always liked Dell'Acqua's collections because I love the different ways he transforms black and white, pretty and edgy outfits. But this time, and I thought of it before I read other reviews, that this collection wasn't really him -I see traces of random designers' SS07 collections, such as that of Preen, Lanvin and even Dolce Gabanna (don't ask me why, maybe it's just me). So ya, I was a bit disappointed.

I like these dresses, but they do really remind me of a mix of Preen and Christopher Kane.

Regardless, there are still some really fab work outfits. I would love to wear the outfits on the left and middle to work -they're so pretty, put-together and professional.

In my mind, Marni's a bit like Prada -arty, eccentric and girl-focussed (in the way that the clothes don't cling onto you.) But the difference is, Marni is even more eccentric and every new collection continues nicely from the previous one. This collection is great, but I didn't find anything in particular I love. Plus note the big bags, (again).

Grey continues to be THE colour, with some muted purple and blue. Ooo, and notice the UGG-lookalikes. For some reasons, those furry boots somehow look right with the super high hemline.

Even though Marc Jacobs seems to have abandoned the layering look for his main line, I'm glad to see the Marni is still doing the layering thing.

There are looks for all ages and profession, whether you need something really business-looking, or something that is more arty and kind-of-professional.

The sporty influences continue from the SS07 collection. And of course, we have the signature Marni look -belt over the simple, slightly volumous coat.

Photo sources: Elle

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February Movies

This month has been an influx of romantic comedies- my favourite kind. Simple, light and funny, they just makes me feel so happy after watching them! Who needs complex, thought provoking plots when reality is already complicated enough? This month, the especially worth seeing ones are Because I Said So and Music & Lyrics.

Because I Said So
Featuring Daphne Wilder, the mother of three girls, it talks about how she goes about finding the perfect guy for her youngest daughter Milly- without her knowing! Nothing turns out as planned however, but after much drama, everyone of course ends up with a happy ending. It is hilarious, sweet and touching- especially the mother and daughter relationship between Daphne and Milly. Doesn't Mandy Moore's hair look fabulous here?
Not only is Diane Keaton an amazing actress, but she's also very stylish too- especially for a 60 year old. Throughout the movie, I couldn't help but admire her ladylike, cinched at the waist, perfectly matched outfits and fabulous heels. She even carried off the polka dots dresses (she was obsessed with them- even her wedding dress was polka dots!) with class and style.
Lauren Graham played one of the daughters, Maggie, who is a psychiatrist. But after so many years, its just hard to see her as anythign else but Lorelei!
I also loved how each girl's personality is so perfectly reflected by their outfits. Daphne is classy and ladylike, Milly is fun and quirky, Maggie is professional and ladylike and Mae is pretty and flirty (from left to right).

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics was also an awesome movie. Sweet, romantic and absolutely hilarious, it was perfect for its Valentine's Day premier. Alex Fletcher, a 80's has been pop singer, needs to make his come back by writing a hit song for Cora Corman, the reigning diva of the music industry. He enlists the aid of his plant water-er, Sophie Fisher to help him write the lyrics for his music.

Along the way, they (of course) fall in love. But because of Alex's unwillingness to stand up against the popular opinion, they fight and fall apart. In the end, Alex realizes that he cannot live without her and does a big thing to win her back in the last scene (in which she was wearing this black silk top that was really really pretty!).

It was wonderfully sweet and Hugh Grant was just hilarious- especially with the hip popping! And who knew he had such a decent voice? Although I thought Cora was really strange, with the whole sexual/religion theme going on and everything. Her make-up in the performance was also unusually natural. I also absolutely LOVED the songs in this movie. They were all very catchy and fun. Definitely check out their soundtrack!

So if you haven't already done so, you must all go see these two movies this weekend!

Milan Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup I

It's Milan time! While I don't care for all the collections shown in Milan, there are (exactly) five shows that I do look foward to each time.
The show that I look most foward to in Milan. I haven't seen something so fresh on the runway for so long, (granted, I've only been into fashion for a few years.) This collection makes one feel so many things, so many that I don't know how to describe this collection. It's simple, yet not so (in terms of fabric); it's not flashy, but it is still so strangely glamorous at the same time; it's a FW collection, but the colours were so fresh it felt like a SS collection; with the sober tailoring and expensive material, it's grown-up, but with the laminating colour flashes and knee-high socks, it seemed young. Can we say genius?
Simple, elegant grown-up clothes.
Weird fluffy, shaggy material jacket. And look, bright mustard yellow socks!
Solid blocks of colours -is that very 90's? Plus, the outfit with the coat without sleeves on the right -unsexy yet glamorous.
Look at the dress on Sasha (middle) -it looks like an ordinary black dress, but the skirt section is made of a different material as the top part. Plus, I really want that hat! Tada, Miuccia is already sporting her FW07 vision.
Miuccia Prada said, "simple and strange"; Suzy Menkes said, "Prada vision light year ahead". Loves it.
I have to say, the key designers have really been surprising me this season in terms of colours and direction. This Burberry collection was a departure from the previous ones. It's so dark, elegantly edgy and slightly severe. I mean, I usually associate Burberry with older rich people who favour pretty, somewhat fashionable and elegant designs. Not that this collection isn't elegant -it is -but it's just darker than one would imagine. I like dark things, so I like this collection, but what do the normal Burberry fans think?
Dark, somewhat shiny coats of many varieties, including parkas. A-line silhouette created with above-knee dresses or coats and belts.
Tights with ankle boots continue to rock next FW.
I really like these edgy-feeling, pretty, knee-high dresses. The elbow gloves make the outfit look even more edgy sleek.
Hmm, I'm not much of a D&G fan, but it's always fun to look at the more youthful collections. This collection is all about leopard prints, leopard prints and leopard prints in a 50's way.
Is it just me or does this collection seem less trashy than the past D&G collections?
The colour palette was quite neatrual -black, cream, gold, red and err, leopard prints.
Observe the HUGE bag (in the right photo).
What did you think of these collections? Can't wait to see more from Milan!
Photo sources:, Elle

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rock and Republic Pockets

I've always been intrigued with the Victoria Beckham for Rock and Republic jeans. So the other day at Sak's I finally tried on a pair for fun- and wow!

They looked and fit great! I happened to have picked the wider leg one (Victoria Beckham La Jeans), so it made me look taller and more slimming. The wash was also excellent, in a gorgeous even indigo shade with just a hint of those engineering effect. I must admit, I was very surprised. First because I didn't think much of Victoria Beckham as a designer (although she probably didn't design it completely on her own anyway....) and secondly because it is by Rock and Republic, and R&R never used to fit me so well, particularly around the butt. But alas, they are priced close to $300 and I'm not sure I'm prepared to pay that much for them. Especially when I haven't decided if those gold crowns are tacky or cool . . . . . though i guess they are better than these skulls. At first glance, I really liked the intricate emblemic design. But once I realized there was a skull...well, lets just say they are not to my taste.
I much prefer their classic logo. Simple, sleek yet cool. Although by now, I must admit, it has become a bit boring seeing it on everywhere.

The gold stitching is a good twist to make it more interesting. Although again, it can potentially border on too much.

Thoughts on these pockets?

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Big Black Shiny Bag

Hit bags always leave behind a trail. Back when the Chloe Paddington became 'it', designers everywhere (mostly highstreet brands) suddenly started adding padlocks onto their bag designs. Last season, the oversized Chanel patent leather bag hit it bag after Kate Moss was seen carrying it, looking very cool and all. Then the editors of various magazines and super styish people wanted it. And then puff, it was all sold out! The bag caught on the trend for many reasons -patent leather, oversized, simple. Now, many similar looking bags have caught on:

Technically, this bag isn't a copycat -it's from last season's Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. I was quite surprised when I first saw this bag, because believe me, it was huge! It's also available in black/navy.
Tod's D-bag is simple and practical. Plus, it gives that big, black and shiny block feel that the Chanel bag gave off, except of course the Chanel one looked cooler, and this one more basic-looking.
This bag's by Marni. It's another big black of shiny black with the added Marni twist -bug-shaped and quirky.
This Marc Jacobs shopper bag is another lovely simple black patent leather tote.
The YSL Downtown patent leather tote bag is another super cool black shiny bag. I really like this one too (apart from the Chanel one).
And finally, I know this isn't big or black, but doesn't this Bebe bag's design totally remind you of the Chanel one?
Isn't it interesting to see how different designers and brands interpret the oversized, shiny, black bag design?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

London Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup II

Sorry this post is so late people. I just got back from Barcelona and my first priority was to watch the new episode of Grey's Anatomy (SO touching -Derek was amazing; Cristina too. Who can't wait for next week?). So ya, I haven't really had a chance to look through all the collections, but I did look at Marc by Marc Jacobs, afterall how could I not?

Christopher Kane
His SS07 collection was amazing, esp since it was his debut show, so it was no surprise the buzz around this show was larger than the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. I remember when I first saw the SS07 clothes, I was like err, colourful and pretty, but how is anyone going to wear it in real life? But that collection has slowly grown on me in the past few months and I think it's mega-pretty. Now onto Kane's new FW07 collection: It was good, yes, but frankly, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe because this collection was less colourful (which I have come to associate with Kane), and I just didn't like the combination of some of the fabrics, colours and design. But anyways, here are some that I liked:
The dress on the left is fantastic in a catwalk sense, but that orangey jacket on the right? Seriously?
There were more styles in this collection than the last one.
And more dresses.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
One of the shows I most look out for each season (mainly becaues it's relatively affordable). This collection was typical Marc by Marc Jacobs -cute and youthfully styled, which is why even though it wasn't a directional collection, I still liked it, most of it. Sometimes, I think observing and learning styling techniques in Marc's shows is even more fascinating than the clothes.
Really like that coat (left.) And see that outfit on the right? There's a bit of the ladylike-style as seen in the Marc Jacobs show last week. Ooo, and see the white shoes in the middle, I want them! They're supposed to be ice-skating-inspired shoes.
Hemlines are high again. Girly girly girly.
These feel like a continuation of the FW06 collection in terms of the colour theme. Grey and navy are still prominent. And take note of the long gloves.
I love the artist look on Sasha (left,) and the dress on the right is an adoarable interpretation of the Balenciaga and ballerina style.
Photo sources:,
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