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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Latest jewellery fashion trend of 2011

Only God knows what trend is coming to the jewelry market in 2011. Recently, many famous jewelry designers and fashionable person is attempting to forecast the types of wholesale jewelry that will soon be popular in 2011. Now, let us take sight on which jewelry design styles that will be popular in 2011.

In themes, among the many forecast about the jewelry trends of 2011, all consider to take plant and animal as the theme still will be a trend. These types of jewelry can make people feel close with nature, and since the jewelry takes animal and plant as the theme came into vogue, it has been a constant fashion. Predicted this hot trend will be continuing in 2011.

In materials, although the price of gold and silver is soaring, gold and silver jewelry is still the first choice of many people. Looks like in many people, gold and silver or silver jewelry is not only beautiful but also has the function of value-added and hold value.
For many consumers who have not enough money, an alternative jewelry with low-cost but equally dazzling, such as Wholesale Titanium Jewelry,Stainless Steel Jewelry are better choice for them, especially the young consumers, they will be the main consumer groups of this kind jewelry. For this reason, this kind of cheap jewelry is expected to be more popular. Nowadays, cheap metals represented by titanium and Stainless Steel Jewelry have become the first choice of many jewelry designers.
In styles, jewelry has mystery and unique charm will be still a great vogue, style of represented by Pandora Jewelry or Buddhist jewelry has had a great vogue in 2010, and is expected to be continuing in 2011. These kinds of jewelry are loved by people, because they can show the unique charm of wearers. In colors, most of the fashionable person predicted blue, pink and purple will be the fashion color of jewelry industry in 2011.

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