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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Love With Nudes And Reds.

Each Spring I find myself in love with one particular color combination. Last Spring, for example, I could not get enough of vibrant combinations of orange and cobalt blue . This time I am discovering the beauty of nudes and reds. :-))) Meet my very fabulous new skirt from Dolce&Gabbana in flowy nude silk you see on the top picture. It arrived last week and now I can not wait for a chance to wear it. :-)
I think there is something very delicate and chic in the pallet of nudes. My latest discovery is how extraordinary well combination of red and nude work together. To me it is almost like a clean canvas touched by red splashes.
Did I mention that actually wore out this raffled Valentino top and this turban to one of the parties during the fashion week and received tones of complements? :-))) I, of course, ended up with a fever next morning - cold weather doesn't really care for color combination. We are still waiting for Spring here in new York: coats, parkas, scarves are still walking the streets. Am I the only crazy person wearing silks and more silks with a little cashmere cardigan? Well, I don't mind!
What is your favorite color combination for this Spring? I am very interested in hearing your input on color since my new Collection is just about to transition from sketches and swatch books into the actual designs.I am always looking for a perfect color combination. Wishing everybody wonderful week ahead. Sending you many kisses from New York!:-)
P.S. All pictures are courtesy of , Fashion Gone Rogue, Jack&Jill Blog and Anya Caliendo.Couture Millinery Atelier.

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