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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rossetti Costumes and Bridal Gowns

I discovered a treasure trove of such inspiring Period & Fantasy Influenced Couture Wedding Gowns at Rossetti Costumes and Bridal Gowns that I almost wish I was getting married! But then again, I would have the dilemma of having to choose which of these eras is my favourite and I cannot! For those brides who are looking for a gown that would stand out from modern styles, one of these would be a great alternative! Thanks so much Theresa for allowing me to share your creations here!

Description from site (based in UK):
Theresa Blake (formerly Jones) trained at Wimbledon School of Art in period costume cutting and construction for film, television and the West End stage (ballet and opera). Combining this early training with her later experience in several major bridal houses, couture bridalwear design was inevitable. Today the resulting bespoke quality wedding gowns, corsets and ballet costumes are of an extremely high standard, perfect finish, and fit like a glove. Enchanting couture wedding dresses and bridal corsets, inspired by Pre-Raphaelite art, Medieval and eighteenth century historical fashion, can be commissioned from a designer who also produces totally unique one-off contemporary designs.

Theresa divides her time between designing/ making bespoke wedding gowns, and constructing costume for prestigious ballet companies and award-winning competition dancers. When I inquired about her current availability for any interested parties, Theresa advised customers should provide "as much warning as possible, due to a rapidly booking diary"!

Here's just a sampling of some of the dresses found on Theresa's site...

~ The Accolade ~

~ Raffaella ~

~ Ophelia ~
(inspired by Waterhouse paintings)

~ Medieval Amber ~

~ La Belle Dame ~
(inspired by Art Nouveau)
(I though the bride's finished gown in red, gold and green is so original
and looked great with the groom's red kilt!)

~ Keridwen ~

~ Indira ~

~ Etruria ~
(inspired by porcelain china!)

16th & 17th Century Wedding Dresses

~ Restoration ~

~ Elizabethan ~

~ Charles II - "The Treasure" ~

~ 17th Century -one quarter scale ~

~ 16th century Renaissance ~

18th & 19th Century Wedding Dresses

~ Elizabetta ~

~ Rosella ~

~ Marie Thérese ~

~ Madeleine ~

~ Floral Garden ~

~ Elizabeth of Austria (Sissi) ~

~ Brocade 18th century ~




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